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My Scrubs Top 10 Friday, March 28, 2008

Posted by Shakarean Hutchinson in I don't get out much, maybe you should read a book instead, Posts that should have more humor, Reasons why I am single, SA, Scrubs, Things too long to read, Top 10 lists, TV.

So Scrubs is coming back next week. Woo hoo! As you can tell, I’m very excited about that.

But the better (or worst, depending on your perspective) news coming this week is that it looks like the show has been renewed for an eighth season and will probably leave NBC and be shown on ABC. All I can say is about damn time. NBC hasn’t given a damn about the show in a long time. They were happily going to let this season finish out and let that be that. Scrubs might not bring in the big viewer numbers like The Office, but its fans are very loyal. We had to be with all the switching around nights and time slots and whatnot. ABC seems to have a real interest in having it in its lineup and all I have to say is that it’s nice to see a network that actually cares about the show. But the most important news that comes out of this is that we’ll finally get an ending to the show. While I think having an eighth season is good news, I completely understand why some want it to end now. But I would freak out if we didn’t get a proper ending. I’ve spent seven seasons with the staff of Sacred Heart, a rush ending wouldn’t do the show any justice.

Now, with that out of the way let’s get back to the point of this post. I said in my last post that I wanted to do a Top 10 of the best songs Scrubs played during it’s tenure after the series finale. Well, now that it looks like that series finale is going to be May 2009, I didn’t want to wait that long. So I’ma do the Top 10 now. I’m sure there’s going to be songs during the rest of this season and next that I’m going to love and will personally make me want to change this list. But we’ll get there then. Hell, we can do this again next year. Why not?

So, here is my Top 10. Maybe we can make this a feature the rest of this season and next. If there is enough interest, everyone can do their own top 10 and send it to me. I can post it on Thursday and we’ll get to the recap on Friday. I am 100% sure we’re not all going to have the same 10 on our lists. So give me your opinions on the idea in the comments and let me think about this a bit and I’ll get back to y’all next week*. Now, on to the Top 10.

10. “Light and Day” by The Polyphonic Spree Season 3, Episode 19-My Choosiest Choice of All

Let me first say that I loved Sean. And I hated that Elliot dumped him for JD. Dammit Elliot. Anyway, two of the stories in this episode-the day after JD and Elliot slept together (again) and Cox having a crush on Dr. Miller-just screamed for an emo song to take it out (yes, even after we saw Dr. Cox bring in the patient’s band. They could have easily played a different type of song) and yet we got something upbeat and downright fun to watch. Even if you hate the song, you have to admit that the performance was pretty damn good.

9. “Waiting for my Real Life to Begin” by Colin Hay, sung by Jill Tracey and cast Season 2, Episode 13-My Philosophy

Before listening to Hay’s original version (like five years later), I didn’t particularly like this song. With that said, I thought the scene was amazing. I love how those little things you forget about during the course of the show (the patient saying she thought death was like a big Broadway musical) comes back at the end in a big way and makes the episode that much better. Plus, it was a great touch adding Janitor, Dr. Kelso, and Ted into the song, having it not just be the patient dying and Carla having to think about Turk’s proposal.

8. “Dreaming of You” by The Coral Season 2, Episode 10-My Monster

I said before that I hated that Elliot and JD went back down the relationship road and it all started from My Monster. After the scene though, I fucking love this song. It always makes me dance (badly) even if I’ve had a shitty day and I use it as a pick-me-up. And because of this song I automatically downloaded The Coral’s CD. Waste of money in my opinion. After this there hasn’t been a single song of theirs I liked. But hey, sometimes things go that way. Anyway, great scene, great song, and you guys got some Sarah Chalke skin.

7. Any and every song by The Blanks/The Worthless Peons/Ted’s Band

Ted’s band rocks. End of discussion. I am seriously thinking about buying their CD. For reals. Don’t judge me. As for a certain performance, I personally loved the “Underdog” one, but “Over the Rainbow” fit perfectly. Everyone has their favorite, so there is no real wrong answer in this category. And I didn’t want to just limit it to one performance so enjoy all of them.

6. “Tell Her This” by Del Amitri Season 2, Episode 11-My Sex Buddy

I know I hated JD and Elliot getting back together, but this scene is just plain sad. I felt bad for JD (for once) but completely thought Elliot was doing the right thing. Plus, the editing is just amazing.

5. “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen, sung by John Cale Season 1, Episode 4-My Old Lady

Okay, I’ll give you that this is an easy choice, but y’all have to admit that after seven seasons this is still one of the best scenes the show has ever had. Nothing I can say will do the scene any justice, so just watch.

4. “Overkill” by Colin Hay Season 2, Episode 1-My Overkill

This is my favorite use of a song during the show’s run. Probably because of how they used Colin Hay in being a patient JD sees and everyone else just kinda notices. Well, except for Dr. Cox. This is a little like “Hallelujah” in that there is almost no way you can screw this up.

3. “Question” by Old 97’s Season 2, Episode 15-His Story

Is it just me or does this scene describe Carla and Turk to a T? Carla needing to think about Turk’s proposal, Turk having doubts and maybe doing something he’ll regret later, only to have Carla save him from doing it. And after Turk gets to Carla just handing her the ring and Carla basically telling Turk to do the proposal right. And at the end JD being (somewhat) a part of it. No I didn’t have to watch the clip again to remember what happened, why do you ask? And yes I know my grammar probably sucked during this explanation. I don’t care.

2. “How to Save a Life” by The Fray Season 5, Episode 20-My Lunch

This is one of my favorite episodes during the entire series and one of the reasons why is the ending. I remember first watching it and crying because of Dr. Cox’s behavior after the third patient’s death. Stupid emotional scene making me cry over a t.v. show. This is the one and only instance where I like the song which is a little weird since most other songs Scrubs has used that I liked I usually download the minute the show ended. Maybe it’s because this one got played way too much. Either way, a great emotional scene.

1. “Winter” by Josh Radin Season 3, Episode 14-My Screw Up

Uhh, did you really think there was going to be a different #1? I became a Josh Radin fan because of this song and how it was used. And I’ll admit that I didn’t realize that Ben had died until Dr. Cox looked back and Ben was gone. Although looking back at the episode it should have been obvious since no one acknowledged Ben since JD told Cox about the patient coding. Yes, I’m that naive. Also, this is the only time I’ve enjoyed something Brendan Fraser was in. Actually, whatever happened to him? Doesn’t matter I suppose, it’s about the song. Best song the show has used.

*Ahh! Scrubs is back on!!!1!!1! I’m, uh, kinda excited.



1. Yostal - Friday, March 28, 2008

Great work SA, it’s hard to argue against any of your choices, I would, however, include:
“Half a World Away” by R.E.M.

Rick - Monday, June 4, 2012

How can you have a list of best songs on Scrubs and not Have GUY LOVE in it?

2. DougOLis - Friday, March 28, 2008

Faaantastic; most of those would wind up on my top 10 as well. I don’t get it, you want us to post our own Top 10 music choices here? Or email them? Or was it Top 10 something else?

I felt ridiculously bad for J.D. in the “My Sex Buddy” scene. grrrr

The “How to Save a Life” scene still gets me emotional and gives me chills. John C. McGinley’s performance was incredible and I have no idea how he didn’t win an Emmy for it.

3. Jerkwheat - Friday, March 28, 2008

I have to thank Scrubs for showing me what a talented dude Colin Hay is. And I’ve always supported placement of the 97s in every way possible. Scrubs’ musical director is teh rawk.

4. Rockabye - Friday, March 28, 2008

As a Grey’s fan/Scrubs convert, damn if Scrubs doesn’t do music SO much better. Grey’s wins on volume, sure, and they’ve been a bit more varied (I’ve heard Gnarls Barkley and Amy Winehouse at Seattle Grace, I think), but Scrubs makes it so much tighter. And I’m really glad it’s coming back.

Speaking of, you know what’s coming back? 1520 Sedgwick, on Monday. Look for a post sometime this weekend about the return.

5. SA - Friday, March 28, 2008

doug-no, email me. but if no one is interested then it doesn’t really matter. just a random idea i was throwing out there. this is my top 10 songs, but i know that this wouldn’t be your top 10 (like maybe my #3 would be your #7, etc.). yostal said above that he would have added a different song, meaning he would have to take out one of these. there have been so many songs on the show that everyone loved that i thought it’d be a something we could do. but no biggie.

i left off like another 11 songs. we could really do this all day.

6. SA - Friday, March 28, 2008

Rockabye-are you gonna have some Gnarls Barkley when you bring it back? I listened to a few of their songs (MSN was streaming it) and I’m unsure whether I like it or not.

7. DougOLis - Saturday, March 29, 2008

How exactly does one go about emailing you?

8. SA - Sunday, March 30, 2008

Doug-wittyhere at gmail. But like I said-let me think about it some more.

9. My Scrubs Music: 11-20 « The Monotonous Life - Tuesday, April 1, 2008

[…] Scrubs Music: 11-20 On DeadOn last week I posted my Top 10 songs the show Scrubs have used during their seven seasons (and counting! yes!) on air. I love those songs but there are […]

10. SJML - Thursday, December 18, 2008

I would add Dashboard Confessional’s “Stolen” to the list.

11. Jordon - Friday, January 16, 2009

series 1, the good life where is it?

12. Jacquie - Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ain’t No Reason – Brett Dennen when Lavern dies. So sad but soo good.

13. First Timer - Friday, July 17, 2009

What about the singing episode, “His Story IV” ?

14. LP - Monday, December 28, 2009

I agree wholeheartedly, but feel one glaring exception: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOuw2oxUYr8
“Ever Fallen in Love with Someone You Shouldn’t Have Fallen in Love With” by the Buzzcocks- Pure Joy.

15. The Todd - Thursday, March 18, 2010

“Ever fallen in love with someone” rules but what about “Carry On My wayward son”

16. JC - Sunday, February 13, 2011

Yeah I totally agree with SJML, Stolen by Dashboard Confessional just fit perfectly during that scene, it should definately be up there, I would even make it #1

17. wlahs06 - Thursday, June 23, 2011

I would add either “over the rainbow” or “hey ya” as they were the lonely peons/the blanks best songs on the show and its right to include them in it. I also loved more than a feeling by the airbands.

18. wlahs06 - Thursday, June 23, 2011

Woops IM an idiot. I missed the peons compilation :)

19. His Story III - Saturday, November 12, 2011

Scrubs – His Story III #1

Augustana – Boston #1

link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVCXv9Oajnk

20. Not too controversial.... - Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dracula from Houston – Butthole Surfers
Hold on Hope – Guided by Voices

21. Colleen - Friday, July 27, 2012

Why did they take this show off, seriously? I love this show!! I’m so mad I could scream!!!!!!!

22. Patrick Slee - Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fantastic choices there. I think I cried through about half of these :P I don’t know why but I really like “A Bad Dream” by Keane from My Long Goodbye. Judy Reyes’ acting in that scene is just amazing

But a song that has to be in there now would be “The Book of Love” sung by Peter Gabriel from My Finale. For me, that’s the final episode of Scrubs and the perfect sendoff.

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