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House “Joy” Recap Tuesday, October 28, 2008

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There are some who might tell you that World Series Game 5 is postponed due to inclement weather. Those of us on the inside know what the truth is: “House” will not be denied. This week’s episode brings us significant events from the Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) wants a baby story line that began in Season 2. She has been so desperate that she tried to adopt all of the world’s underprivileged children and homeless pets. I kid, but glance at those, that woman is all sorts of admirable. Meanwhile “Huddy” shippers (that’s jargon for fans who hope/predict that certain characters in a book/show/movie are going to bang) around the world are rejoicing because House and Cuddy share an on-screen kiss.

Also some guy is having massive blackouts and sweating blood but honestly, no one cares about that this week. More fun after the jump.



House, M.D. “Birthmarks” Recap Tuesday, October 14, 2008

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Hello DeadOn readers! My name is Robert Sean Leonard and depending on the reaction to this, I’ll be doing weekly “House, M.D.” recaps. OK, so I’m not really the actor who plays Wilson, but I’ll try to provide some good insight anyways.

For instance, on this week’s episode the Chinese translator said, “Is there a doctor in the house?” right before the intro credits started. A doctor in the house. You see what they did there? Probably not, because you probably don’t speak Cantonese and neither do I, but that’s what I’m here for, to find this stuff out through diligent research. Alright there was no research, I just asked my wife who speaks Cantonese and Mandarin to translate for me. But enough small talk, let’s get to the main plot points of this week’s episode. (more…)