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The Hills – Season 5 Episode 2 Everything Happens For a Reason Monday, April 6, 2009

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We start off this week at Stephanie’s.  Spencer comes banging on her door.  He says that what he has to say won’t take long.  Spencer starts yelling at her for bringing Heidi to Lauren’s party when she wasn’t invited.  Stephanie points out that didn’t mean he had to go out and get drunk and fight people.  Spencer says that has nothing to do with this.  I disagree, but ok, let’s hear it Spence.  He starts going off on his loyalty thing again and says that Steph didn’t have to show Heidi the text, and she wasn’t acting loyal to the family.  Spencer says he is no longer calling her his sister.  Oh no.  I think we’ve heard that before.  Stephanie says that he’s going to quit telling Heidi what a nice guy Heidi is.  Stephanie says that Spencer has taken this loyalty thing too far, he has nothing other than Heidi, and when he’s single he’ll realize that.  Spencer tells Stephanie she needs to get her life in order first.  WUT?  She kicks him out, but he says he was already leaving.


The City – Episode 2: The Truth Will Reveal Itself Tuesday, December 30, 2008

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Whitney lets us know Alex called her out of the blue and had something he wanted to tell her.  She goes to meet him, and says she’s still getting settled.  She hasn’t found a place to live yet, and has been staying on a couch.  Alex says he’s done that before.  Alex says he hadn’t seen her since that night, and Whitney kind of apologizes.  Alex says that he was hurt at first, but he’s cool now.  He asks what happened with Jay and Whitney says they’re still seeing each other.  Alex says that his roommates best friend used to date Jay.  This girl says that Jay told her he wasn’t seeing Whitney anymore and he was all over her.  Whitney wants to know why she should trust him, and she says she has to be careful about who she trusts.


House: Season 4, Episode 2 Wednesday, October 3, 2007

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House & KumarWhen I heard that Episode 2 was titled “The Right Stuff”, I had high hopes that it would somehow involve the New Kids on the Block. That scenario became less likely when the episode opens in the cockpit of a jet. The pilot is having difficulty navigating, and before she can voice her concerns, everything turns all psychedelic like she just flew through the poster rack at Spencer Gifts. The plane spirals out of control, crashes, and the screen goes dark. Out of the blackness, a metal door slides open to reveal that the pilot has been working in a flight simulator. She has a list of complaints that she gives the technician, everything from the gyroscope to the communication system, but she fails to mention her giant teeth. He assures her that he will fix the problems, pats her on the head, and gives her a carrot.

Meanwhile House is addressing a classroom full of potential team members, all wearing what appear to leftover race numbers from Michael Scott’s Rabies 5K. He gives them the challenge of determining why Buddy Ebsen’s makeup allergy prevented him from making movies and why this same affliction couldn’t strike Dane Cook. House is interrupted when Cuddy comes in and needs to know why he’s interviewing thirty candidates for three positions and honestly I stopped paying attention here because Hugh Laurie’s shirt is unbuttoned just far enough to conjure thoughts that involved the two of us, a crackling fire, and a jar of Nutella.