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So Your Favorite Show Was Cancelled? Uncancel It Monday, May 21, 2007

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Time once again for the round table discussion that’s sweeping the nation — and until as our GED gets here in the mail, the floors at a Hardee’s near you — “(You Didn’t) Ask DeadOn.”

Most of our favorite TV shows have already gone through their season finale. And in some somber cases, series finale. Remember the last episode of Cheers? I was so sad when I saw it. Of course, I saw it on Nick at Nite years later, because the gravity of a sitcom set in a bar airing its final show didn’t really strike a 10-year-old the way it should.

In futile times like this, it’s best to pretend we have some kind of bureaucratic power over the television companies and give a slain show a chance. Which brings us to this week’s (You Didn’t) Ask DeadOn question:

“You can bring back one TV show from extinction for one more season. What do you pick?”

I hope I’m not ruining the suspense for anyone: Nobody said Caroline in the City. (more…)


Leaving in a Lexus: The OC Series Finale Friday, February 23, 2007

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Last night was it, the series finale of The OC, after four seasons, three school districts, two ridiculously understanding parents, and one unchanging expression on the face of Ryan Atwood. Watching the final episode was like watching competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi plow through a stack of hot dogs. You can’t believe how much shit is getting crammed in there and you have no idea where it’s all going to go. To help me make sense of it, I enlisted the help of The Fan’s Attic. So grab a hot dog and get in the U-Haul, because we’re all leaving Newport together.

The show begins with a title card reading “Six Months Later”. The entire Cohen family is now living with Raging Whore Julie Cooper and I hope they know better than to put the blankets near their faces. It’s the day before the Raging Whore’s wedding to–surprise–The Bullet because apparently her other boyfriend Kevin Sorbo as Hercules as Frank Atwood could prevent Zeus from smiting her but couldn’t do anything about the itching and burning. (more…)

OC You Next Thursday Friday, February 16, 2007

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I’ve always been a fan of The OC, a Fox offering that started as a hipper, more self-aware version of Beverly Hills 90210, the Puma to their K-Swiss. I loved it because the scripts were fresh, the pop-culture references fresher, and the viewer always got the feeling that the characters, despite their tribulations, were in on the joke. Honestly, it’s hard for me to resist any show where twenty-somethings play high school students, probably because I’m from West Virginia, where if you’re twenty-five and still in high school you obviously had a tutor.  

But The OC is down to its final two episodes and based on the one that aired last night they’re continuing this season’s prevailing theme, “Fuck It, We’ve Been Cancelled.” What started as a revisionist dramedy about overprivileged white kids in southern California has turned into a quite possibly THC-induced free-for-all where recent episodes have included a film about an inflatable orca, clown porn, and most disturbingly, Kevin Sorbo.  I’m sure that Luke Perry is pinwheeling in his grave.     (more…)