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The Black Donnellys: Paul Haggis doesn’t care about white people, character development, plausible storylines, continuity Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Posted by Holly in Black Donnellys, hatchet jobs, Holly/Magnolia, Shut Up Asshole, TheStarterWife.

gutsglory.png So I found this image on a tattoo parlor website, and now I (almost) hope the show enjoys a long and fruitful life just so I can slap it at the top of every post. Not for me, though, despite my Irish extraction. No, if I ever get inked up, it’ll be a dragon with a squirrel clamped in its jaws on my shoulder blade, while a shark circles restlessly on my lower back. Watching. Waiting.

Got me a Special Guest Star Blogger this week, in the form of TheStarterWife. Join us as we suffer through another hour of The Mooning, Preening, Compulsive Gambling, Whiskey-Dicked Fighting Irish, won’t you?