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DeadOn’s 411 on 90210 – Off the Rails Wednesday, April 8, 2009

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People are going crazy – or as one may say, “off the rails” – so let’s see if anyone gets stabby. Or plays with a gun and accidentally shoots themselves in the belly, setting into motion the ascent of Brian Austen Green. Dear Lord, let’s hope it is not number two.

This week, Silver goes full bore loopy, and Adrianna realizes she may not be terrible at this kid thing. Plus, Brandon is back… just behind the camera. Tease!


American Idol Roundtable – Top 10 Recap Thursday, March 26, 2009

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We’ve survived yet another Motown week on Idol, and once again, nobody was tragically murdered while in the D. Heartbreaking, I know. As always, your Roundtable is here to discuss the events of last night with the usual detailed run-down on what transpired. The usual formatting errors and shenanigoats await you after the jump… (more…)

Momma’s Boys: Episode 6 – Oedipus Finale Tuesday, January 20, 2009

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Our show, which has sent many a psychoanalyist into a Freudian-tizzy about Oedipus complexes, is coming to a wrap with the Final Decisions. Will the Boys act like Men or will they give in to their mother’s wishes? And what stunt will Mrs. B pull out this time? Find out… after the jump.

DeadOn’s 411 on 90210 – Love Me or Leave Me Wednesday, January 14, 2009

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Last week, the return of 90210 had teen pregnancy, theft, illegitimate children who were not actually legitimate children, and the promise of someone passing out in chemistry class, making West Beverly High very similar to rural Iowa. This week, secrets will be revealed and boyfriends get mad when their girlfriends are knocked up by someone else… also similar to rural Iowa. And everywhere else in the world.

Join me, after the jump, to get DeadOn’s 411 on 90210 for Episode 13, “Love Me or Leave Me” (more…)

This show needs a shrink… Thursday, June 12, 2008

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In honor of the Final Five, a haiku in the renga style –

Farmer Wants A Wife
Lisa got bounced, name in lights
Ashley’s date went flat

Amanda is still my pick
They’ll light a bonfire this week

After the booting of Lisa and the Awwwwk-waaard Date between Matt and Ashley, I am on the Big Brown Couch hoping to stay above water and you can join me… after the jump. (more…)

Flake Off Thursday, June 5, 2008

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Now this is a story all about how
one farmer‘s world got flipped upside down
Ten women from the city came into his life
And one may get lucky, ’cause this Farmer Wants A Wife

Portage-Des-Sioux, Missouri is where the show’s set
Last week they had a hoe-down, the most painful thing yet
After pickin ears of corn out in some guy’s field
Brooke was sittin’ pretty thanks to her yield

When a couple of Bible Gals seemed up to no good
Started doin’ stripper moves on the dancin’ wood
Stacey’s cups flowed over but her Mason Jar was dry
and now you’re caught up on Farmer Wants a Wife

With that out of my system, join me after the jump for this week’s installment of tears, beers, and a very special episode of Farmer Wants A Wife where Matt says “Out here in the country, everyone helps everyone” for the one hundredth time. Balloons optional.


Tied to the 90s (Birthday Edition): 30 years, 30 songs–Part I Wednesday, August 22, 2007

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Tied to the 90s

Welcome back to “Tied to the 90s“, a not-very complete guide to a decade that was. I’m your host, Yostal, and once more, I’ll be taking you through the pop culture landscape of the 1990s. If you have any suggestions for future columns, please email me at GoinYostal@gmail.com or leave me a comment.

This week’s post is perhaps the most self-indulgent effort I have ever made with Tied to the 90s, which I know is saying something. I warn you now, because, well, it’s what I do. But this is the first really good idea I have had for a Tied to the 90s since June, so I’m running with it. I also want to warn you that after the completion of this two part special edition, I’ll be taking a month off. With school starting back up and college football season, my efforts will be needed elsewhere for a little while. Don’t worry, it’s just a hiatus, and I may still post some random other things as the month goes on. So, with all of that out of the way.

At the end of this month, I will turn 29 years old, meaning that I will have been on this earth for 30 distinct calendar years (OK, technically that happened at the beginning of the year, but just roll with me here.) I was struck by that notion and wanted to look at my favorite songs from each of those 30 years. Now, please note I said “favorite”. Not best, not most significant, not most influential, just my favorites. Why they’re favorites can be as simple as I just really like them to having good memories associated with them to something larger. It doesn’t matter. These are just my favorite songs from each of the last 30 years. Now, as always, I can never make this simple, but I did make the rule that once I had used an artist, I could not use them again. I based “year” off the year that the album from which it came was released, and beyond that, I went to town. There’s going to be some crossover from previous columns as you might expect, but I’m going to write all new material about each song, at least as best I can. I fully expect that you will disagree with many of my choices, but it just gives you something to discuss in the comments. So, with no further ado, part I of 30 Years, 30 Songs.

Guilty Pleasures: Soundtracks to bad movies from the mid-90’s Wednesday, March 7, 2007

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Let’s face it – the compilation movie soundtrack is a bit of a cop-out when it comes to buying music. Flying in the face of the concept of the coherent album, the movie soundtrack (the compilation variety, mind you, not the Morricone or Vangelis type) is usually little more than an amalgam of songs that may or may not be played during the movie for more than a few seconds each. When you buy a soundtrack, you’re usually just submitting yourself to the director’s musical tastes or placing yourself at the mercy of a record label exec with the word ‘synergy’ tattooed over the part of the frontal lobe normally responsible for conscience.

And yet, by my estimate, I own at least 30 compilation soundtracks, and probably another 15 instrumental ones.

So there are in fact two sources of guilt to this post (double the guilt, double the fun, right?).

First is the fact that I like some of these compilation soundtracks more than the CDs by the artists found on the soundtrack.

Second, although some (though not all) of the movies I’ll discuss were utterly craptacular, they could also be considered guilty pleasures.

Enough of the movies, I’ll warrant, are probably beloved by various DeadOn readers, something I’ll argue is largely in part due to the soundtracks, so I’m looking forward to some lively invectives in the comments. Don’t disappoint me.

Join me after the break for guilt and cookies.

Okay, maybe just guilt.


Gilmore Girls Recap – Feb. 20, 2007 Thursday, February 22, 2007

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I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to anybody out there I convinced to watch Gilmore Girls last week. I highly doubt there was anybody who decided to watch on my account, but I still need to apologize. Most. Boring. Episode. Ever. (more…)

Guilty Pleasures: Thirteen Days Monday, February 19, 2007

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(“Editor’s” note: From time to time, DeadOn bloggers will be sharing something that they consider to be a pop culture “guilty pleasure”. There’s no formal rules to this exercise, save that the author has to feel “bad” about liking it. There’s no shame in this, we’ve all got them…)

Guilty Pleasures I am Willing to Admit in Public: Thirteen Days
by Yostal

For those who know me, they would understand that most things in life for me are guilty pleasures because I spend most of my days fighting a never-ending battle with guilt. It wasn’t how I was raised, it was just how I turned out. Now, there’s nothing wrong with guilt, and once you own it, it can actually work to your advantage by preventing from doing some epically stupid things for fear of who might get hurt, mentally or physically. However, there are some things in pop culture that I do like in spite of myself, in spite of knowing better, and in spite of everyone else knowing better. One of these things is the 2000 film Thirteen Days.