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48 on 24 – Day 7 – 6:00 A.M. to 8:00 A.M. Season Finale Recap Wednesday, May 20, 2009

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Hello all, welcome to the 2-hour season finale recap of 24. I know you missed me the last couple of weeks but I’m sure you got along fine. Without further ado, your final 24 recap here on DeadOn:

The Following Takes Place Between 6:00 A.M. and 8:00 A.M.

  1. Olivia gets questioned by the Deputy Attorney General (not good enough for the actual AG?) about the death of Hodges and gets defensive.
  2. Woods tells the President that the leak on Hodges had to have come from within the White House. Dundundun. Cue the scary movie music.
  3. The President convenes her cabinet and the joint chiefs of staff and tells them that the FBI obtained the last canister of the bioweapon, but there is still a group at large who orchestrated the attacks.
  4. Jack’s RUNNING OUT OF TIME DAMMIT as Hot Bad Girl tells him he needs to spring Tony soon.
  5. The guy watching over Kim is forced to move his laptop (didn’t anyone at the airport find the webcam on Kim to be suspicious anyway?) and she gets a bit curious. Exhibitionist there much Kim? She notices a cut on his neck and his “wife” makes a lame excuse, but Kim gets even more suspicious.
  6. Jack commandeers the transport van without much of a fight from 3 other FBI agents. WTF? That was far too easy. Jack tells Renee that they have Kim and Tony gets testy when he starts giving up details.
  7. They break off from the convoy and meet up with Hot Bad Girl. Tony cuffs Renee and the 2 other FBI agents to the van and takes Jack with him. He wants to use Jack to harvest new bioweapons. Ummm, okay? That seems somewhat infeasible.
  8. Kanin meets with Aaron Pierce and Aaron tells him of his suspicions that Olivia ordered the hit on Jon Voight. Kanin agrees to help him access the secret audio recordings of her conversation with Martin. I really hope Aaron doesn’t go down for this.
  9. Olivia gets out of her questioning with the Attorney Generals’ offices and confronts Kanin in her office. She acts like a giant bitch to him and then gets even bitchier when she realizes that her conversations were being recorded and Kanin took them. Shouldn’t she be grateful that he could be helping?
  10. Kim is alerted by Renee that she’s being watched and in danger. She runs a bit of cover but then the couple realizes that they’re being closed in on by airport security. The woman takes Kim hostage and the man begins a shootout. Kim stabs the women with a pen to her leg and then security kills her. The man makes a run for it and Kim follows after him. Old habits die hard?
  11. Ha, Kanin says the same phrase to Olivia in the next scene. Olivia tries to force him to hand over the data card with the audio recordings and he resists. She gets even more bitchy and has him arrested and searched saying that her mom shouldn’t be involved due to her relationship with him.
  12. Aaron escorts him out and it looks like Aaron was holding on to the real card; the one Olivia has is a fake. He passes it back to Kanin who says he’ll let him know what he finds.
  13. Jack is taken into a triage facility in a warehouse and strapped down and given a sedative. He looks so sad and pathetic lying immobile on the table. Tear.
  14. Tony tells Hot Bad Girl that he wants more responsibility and a higher position in the organization. He says that nothing that day would have happened without him and he wants a meeting with the head dude. Maybe Tony’s actually good and he’s doing all this just to get to the head guy? I continue to hold on to hope that Tony’s actually good.
  15. Jack gets a spinal tap. Brutal.
  16. Olivia calls Martin and he says everything is going to be fine as long as she stays cool. Woods interrupts and says the President is requesting her to go over the Tony/Jack situation, but he also seems quite suspicious of her.
  17. Renee and the FBI team show up at the airport and a shot security guard is pretty much worthless in providing information.
  18. Kim follows the bad dude into a baggage storage container area. Why didn’t she bring a gun? She finds a policeman and she tells him that she needs to speak to Renee.
  19. Bad husband/stalker steals a car and drives at Kim and the 2 policemen while shooting out the window one handed. He kills one of the policemen and seems to hit the other one as well. Pretty badass actually. The surviving policeman shoots erratically all over the place and happens to land a shot in the bad guy’s jugular. He crashes the car.
  20. Kim pulls his laptop from the burning vehicle and catches on fire a bit herself. She proves herself not entirely worthless as she tells Renee how they can use it to track Tony.
  21. Kanin loads the real data card into an audio player in his car and miraculously fast forwards to the exact incriminating audioclip.
  22. Tony asks the doctor about how long Jack has to live and if the virus can survive once he’s dead and what it will take to destroy it. I get the sense that he may actually be worried about Jack; I am forever the optimist.
  23. Hot Bad Girl calls the head bad guy (Alan) and tells him of the developments and she thinks they should give Tony more responsibility. Alan agrees to meet with him at their warehouse.
  24. As the doctors remove Jack’s restraints in order to put him on a gurney, Jack wakes up and attacks killing all 3 doctors who were attending him. Jack makes a run for it and makes it outside. Tony and Hot Bad Girl follow.
  25. It got light outside really quick there. Renee tells Kim that they don’t have any progress. Kim says THEY’RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME.
  26. Jack tries to steal a cab (and I think blow himself and Tony up at the same time) but Tony gets to him first and takes him back into custody.
  27. Aaron brings Kanin back in to see Olivia and you can see the disappointment in her on his face. She actually does seem a bit sad to have let him down too.
  28. Kanin tells Olivia that he wants her to bring the details to her mother and let her decide how to proceed.
  29. Jack gets angry with Tony.
  30. Woohooo, Tony’s not so bad afterall! I was kind of right about him using this just to get to the head guy (albeit different motives). Turns out Alan was the man behind Charles Logan, the assassination of David Palmer, and the death of Michelle. Big news but not all that surprising.
  31. Tony goes off on Jack saying that he’s the one that saved all the lives today and not Jack, and Jack nearly screwed it all up. Jack begs to differ, especially since Tony almost launched a biological attack on the train station. Tony straps a bomb to Jack and tells him that he’s going to be the one to kill Alan. Copout there Tony. Be a man and do it yourself.
  32. Alan shows up and Tony and Hot Bad Girl go to meet him. His security team frisks them (I was frisked longer at the airport in Germany) and then finally approves the meet. Alan forces Tony to stay at a distance as they bring Jack out.
  33. As they start to discuss Jack, the FBI raids the warehouse compound. Alan and the Hot Bad Girl go off into hiding in one direction, Jack hides in another, and the FBI team and Alan’s security team have a gun battle.
  34. Renee rides on the side of an SUV shooting people like she’s on a Roman chariot. She does a somersault off, kills another guy in the process, finds Jack, and disarms the bomb. Pretty badass. They chase after Tony, who in turn is chasing after Hot Bad Girl and Alan.
  35. Tony catches up to Hot Bad Girl and Alan and when she runs up him in joy, he puts a bullet in her gut.  Tony takes Alan and confronts him about what it took to get to him and him ordering the hit on Michelle. Awww, it turns out Michelle was pregnant with a boy at the time she was killed too. Poor Tony. Gut wrenching scene by him there.
  36. Renee and Jack rush in just as Tony is going to kill Alan, and they shoot him in a couple of peripheral limbs to stop him. Tony is taken away and I actually feel pretty bad for him. He yells at Jack basically calling him a pussy for running away and not taking out vengeance. Maybe he wasn’t acting in the holding cell way back towards the start of the season when he got Jack to spring him free.
  37. Alan is taken into custody and Renee gets upset with him about Moss. She says if he gives up the names of his other co-conspirators he might be able to save himself. He says he knows nothing of any conspiracy. Renee is pissed.
  38. Jack gets treated by some medics and then Renee visits him. She says that Alan is denying everything and it’s possible they won’t be able to create any strong evidence. She says she can do something to make him talk and he says he would do whatever it takes. He says he regrets nothing he’s done that day, but he also doesn’t work for the FBI and he didn’t take an oath to uphold the law. He tells her that he would do anything to save as many lives as possible and to make choices she can live with. He’s wheeled away from her as she starts crying. Fabulous scene there.
  39. Olivia gathers her parents and tells them that Hodges is dead because of her. Mommy dearest is pissed at Olivia but the First Gentleman wants his wife to be lenient and help protect her daughter. He basically says that Roger is dead because of her and she shouldn’t let another one of their children be punished as well.
  40. The President is taken off to probably get word about Alan, Tony, et al.
  41. Chloe and Janeane Garofolo make up, thanking each other in their own awkward ways. Chloe’s shifty eyes and saying “it was, uhh, interesting” was pretty hilarious. Damn Mary Lynn Rajskub is tall; either that or Janeane Garofolo is really short. Just realized they probably knew each other from the Mr. Show days as well. Farewell Chloe
  42. The President looks at a picture of her family and starts crying.
  43. Jack is in a hospital bed at the FBI and gets the bad news from the doctor about how little time he has left.
  44. Jack gets a visit from the Muslim spiritual leader from earlier and he starts crying while showing regret for everything he’s done. He gets comfort from him for showing his regret and they pray together. Jack says, “It’s time.” Fuck, I hope not.
  45. The President comes back to Olivia and the First Gentleman and hugs and kisses them. She apologizes for the burdens that the job has provided but she still refuses to help cover up Olivia’s actions. Aaron escorts Olivia into federal custody.  The First Gentleman is pissed.
  46. The President begins crying in solitude and gains some comfort from Kanin. She brings him back on as her Chief of Staff and asks for his help with the issue of Alan Wilson.
  47. Alan is taken into a FBI holding chamber but Renee has trouble signing the official transfer papers. Janeane Garofolo tells her to do it and let justice and the courts finish the process. She refuses to and handcuffs Janeane Garofolo to a pole. She hands over her badge and goes in to visit Alan. Wait, what the fuck is going on? This is weird. Why’d she make a motion to the door with her head? Did Alan’s disposition change because he knows her or because he just realized she’s reached Jack levels of crazy?
  48. Kim rushes to see her dad but they induced him in a coma. The Muslim guy tells her he has accepted his fate, but she says she hasn’t. She asks the doctor if they can still do the stem cell treatment. Yes, they can. She goes in to see him and says she’s not ready to let him go.

 Um, wow, so that was eventful. And inconclusive. Way to leave us on multiple cliffhangers 24; you were always the one show that wrapped things up (for the most part). So I guess we’re left with the following questions: Where does the show go from here? Is it going to start out immediately from where it left off? Will Jack live? Will Kim live? What is Renee going to do Alan Wilson? Is she not the heir apparent to Jack as it was seemingly being setup? Will CTU return? What happens to Tony? Is Olivia going down? Do I care? Is the President going down? Is anyone else in the cabinet involved? Woods? Did we ever actually get who the member of her inner circle was?

Thanks all (just Matt?) for reading along and I hope you enjoyed this season as much as I did. It’s been a blast. Thanks to Jerkwheat for letting me write these things even though it was probably a big factor in the blog’s demise. Farewell and see you around the other parts of the interwebs. DougOLis out.



1. Matt_T - Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tony straps a bomb to Jack and tells him that he’s going to be the one to kill Alan. Copout there Tony. Be a man and do it yourself.

I thought he did that because he knew Alan wouldn’t get close to Tony, and would take any sort of weapon he had, but he had to check Jack out.

Other than a couple moving scenes with Tony and Renee, I hated this finale. Like you said too many loose ends, and we never found out who the mole was.

It was so predictable that he’d be in a coma and Kim would go for the treatment too, that one was telegraphed from a mile away. But still nice to see Kim taking control.

It was a good season for the most part, but the past few weeks have been weak. Although, this does set up next season well if they just jump back into it, and explain the loose ends.

2. DougOLis - Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You are correct that Tony knew he wouldn’t be able to get too close to Alan, but I’m sure there’s something else he could have done other than bomb him. It may have been suicidal but it probably was the Jack way as well and I don’t think Tony would have cared too much.

Yeah, weird finale. It was kind of good in that there was stuff going on all the way through the end, which often doesn’t happen on 24 finales, but so much was left open-ended.

The Jack in a coma and Kim saving him was ridiculously predictable. From the time he got poisoned and it was known that Kiefer Sutherland was signed on for another season, that was obvious the way it was going to go down. I was kind of hoping (in a weird way) that the producers would surprise us and actually kill him off. Not that I want him gone but that was the only way it wouldn’t have been predictable.

I thought the season was pretty good but recapping it actually took quite a bit of the enjoyment out of it for me.

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