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The Hills – Season 5 Episode 8: Father of the Bride Monday, May 18, 2009

Posted by Matt_T in the balls.
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We start out this week at Speidi’s place.  Heidi’s dad, not her stepdad, her real dad Tim is coming in town.  He’s a ‘real deal cowboy’ and he’s never met any of her boyfriends before.  He was mad when they got fake married before.  Heidi jokes that he’ll probably be bringing his gun.  Spencer is worried, rightfully so

The White Tie Affair is shooting a video and Audrina and her coworker are there to help out.  Audrina reminds us that the guitarist hit it off with Stephanie and Audrina thinks Chris the singer was cute.  Audrina tells Chris that Stephanie is coming by and he says the guitarist will be happy.  They look like some pop emo band.  Audrina says that band guys are so promiscuous.  Steph comes boppin in and the band comes over.  They are staying in town for the weekend and want to hang out with the girls.  Of course they do.

Time for Spencer to meet Dad.  And Bill comes in wearing a cowboy hat and a fantastic moustache.  He gives Spencer a big hug when he meets him.  Spencer retells the story that Molly Montag told him about Heidi.  Heidi had an 8 year old boyfriend and told her Dad, and her Dad told the 8 year old he’d rip out his esophagus if he hurt Heidi.  Charming.  He wants to know about the elopment and Spencer blames it on the Al al al al alco hol.  Bill asks when they are going to get married and Spencer says he wants his approval first.  Smart move, especially once Bill says that he brought his shotgun with him.  Spencer brings up Darlene, and Heidi says that Spencer reminds Darlene of Bill.  Spencer says that Darlene got mad because of his fight with Cameron.  Spencer tells Bill what happened and Bill approves.  You gotta stand up for your family.  He wants to take Spencer out shooting guns and killing rattlesnakes.  I bet Bill is a big Chipper Jones fan.

Brody and LC are out to eat and he asks what’s up with Steph at her job.  LC gives him the low down and OMG she has to fire Steph.  Brody says that’s another I TOLD YOU SO.  Nobody likes a know it all Brody.  He tells Lauren this is going to ruin her friendship with Stephanie.

Audrina and Steph head out to meet Chris and Sean the guitarist.  They ask where they live and Audrina says The Hills.  wocka wocka.  The guys love LA and want to move in with the girls.  Audrina goes to the bar with Chris, and Sean asks Stephanie whats up Audrina, if she’s single and Steph says that she never really knows with Audrina.  He asks if Steph is, and she says she’s dating.  When she asks Sean, he says that he has something going on, but there’s temptation on the road, and when Steph presses, he admits that he has a live in girlfriend.  Whoops.  Steph is creeped out, so as soon as Audrina comes back, they leave.

Bill and Spencer go for a walk along the beach.  They make some small talk and Bill wants to know what Spencer’s intentions are.  He cakcles and says, WORLD DOMINATION.  No, not really, he wants to have happy ever after with Heidi.  Bill says that’s good, because if he hurts Heidi, that’s why God invented Colt 45s.  They have a nice chat and Spencer asks about marrying her.  Bill does give his approval, but reminds him again that he owns a big gun.  (that’s what she said?)

Off to People’s Revolution, and Stephanie is still employed…for the moment… and she’s late, she says there was a big wreck.  LC gives her the patented eye roll.  And Lauren then looks around and gives Stephanie some long winded speech about firing her.  Right in the middle of the floor.  Not even in a conference room.  I guess this makes for better tv.  Stephanie starts crying, and boo hoo, I lost my fake job.  LC pretends to be sad, and gives Steph a hug when she leaves.  Well that was awkward.  And predictable.

Stephanie called Heidi to meet her and she’s boohooing.  Heidi wants to know why, and Stephanie says that Kelly had Lauren fire her.  Steph also told her about the creepster dude in the band.  Heidi says that she’s sorry that Steph is having such a bad time, because Heidi is having such a great time.  Nice!  She’s so happy that Spencer is getting along with Bill.  Steph asks Heidi how Lauren firing her was going to affect her friendship with Stephanie.  That’s an odd question.

Flash to Lo and LC out talking about it too and LC is surprised that Stephanie cried, she doesn’t think she’s made anyone cry before.  Lo tells her not to worry, she let her down and so LC had to do what she had to.

Off to some park and Spencer and Heidi go on a Ferris Wheel.  It looks like they are the only ones in the park.  They stop up at the top and Heidi wants to know why.  “Because your man knows people babe”  BARF BARF.  He tells her that he asked Bill if he could marry her.  Heidi is shocked, and Spencer wants to know what she thinks about it now.   Heidi says things got worse when they got fake married.  And Spencer has steps to take before then, apologize to Mom and LC and she wants a princess wedding and blah blah blah.  Spencer says he is ready to apologize to Lauren and her mom.  He says the only thing they are missing is a ring, and woah he has one.  He wants to know if she’ll marry him.  She says, with this ring, yes.  Oh lovely.  Its her favorite thing ever now.  She’s all OMG, and I’m all BARF.

That’s it for this week.  And according to the commercials, Lauren only has 2 episodes left.

But I am done.  DeadOn is retiring from the internets.  Thanks everyone who read, or just wanted to know what song was playing.  And thanks to Chris for allowing me to do this.

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1. Raeynah - Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Aww I can’t believe you’re not gonna be posting these anymore. Your summaries have kept me going on dark rainy nights when nobody has put the episode up yet. Good Luck and Take Care. xoxo

2. Rob I. - Tuesday, May 19, 2009


3. wait!! - Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hey I need you to write two more episode for the hills, please. Your site is the best. There’s no english subtitle :(

4. Top Posts « WordPress.com - Tuesday, May 19, 2009

[…] The Hills – Season 5 Episode 8: Father of the Bride We start out this week at Speidi’s place.  Heidi’s dad, not her stepdad, her real dad Tim is coming in […] […]

5. Mo - Saturday, May 23, 2009

Watching the Hills Aftershow, everyone seemed almost sympathetic about Stephanie’s bad day. I think it’s more… karma.
Chasing boys is probably WHY she was fired. If she wasn’t so obsessed with getting a boyfriend or lunching with hot accented guys, maybe she would have kept her internship. It’s just common sense.

6. S. - Sunday, May 31, 2009

hey i just wanted to know the song that plays between spencer’s conversation on the beach with heidi’s dad and stephanie being fired

7. sarah - Sunday, June 7, 2009


8. sarah - Sunday, June 7, 2009


9. :) - Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the song is:
Maino ft. T-Pain – All of the Above

10. mariah - Tuesday, November 3, 2009

good not ha ahahahahaha

11. C - Friday, April 15, 2011

Just to let you know, the sister is HOLLY not MOLLY and u wrote Tim instead of Bill at the top. Sorry, I’m an english major so these things kind of jump out at me.

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