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The Hills – Season 5 Episode 7: Keep Your Enemies Closer Monday, May 11, 2009

Posted by Matt_T in the balls.
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Lauren, Audrina and Lo are out and Lo is excited for her new job at Smashbox.  Audrina worked there three years ago, and she’s excited for Lo.  JustinBobby heard about Hawaii and he’s pissed, but Audrina isn’t answering his calls.   LC is proud of her.  I’m sure it’ll last…

LC and Stephanie are out to eat and Steph is wearing heels to impress Kelly, but Lauren says she can do flats.  Steph is so0000oooo stressed about work, her fake job, that she needs to go on a manhunt.  Lauren laughs at her and sez she shouldn’t quit stressing about work and a manhunt is nice but work is more important.  I guess Lauren did learn her lesson from Jason.  Stephanie says she met some guy named Rrrrrroberrrrrrto, yes she pronounced it like that.  Steph spaces out, and she says she was thinking about him and she really likes him.

Kimberly and Heidi are at lunch but they only have 12 days left on the project.  But I guess they have time to have lunch.  Whatever.  Heidi says that Stacie texted her and wants to meet to talk.  Kimberly says that Heidi should meet her and try to end it.  Heidi calls her the devil or something stupid like that.

At People’s Revolution Lauren is steaming clothes while Steph gets pen on herself.  She asks LC about the shoot tomoorrow.  Its at Smashbox and Lauren is nervous, but excited about working with Lo.  Aww, bff!  LC wants Stephanie to help her get her stuff ready for the show but Steph keeps getting distracted.  Then her cellphone rings.  And No Diggity starts playing in the office and some other girl looks over pissed.  Stephanie starts laughing to herself and answers and its Roberto.  Steph is so overly bad at her job its like she’s trying to look bad at her fake job.  While Steph starts cooing at Rrrooooberrto Lauren has to leave.  I bet Steph screws up what LC asked her to do.

Audrina’s working a showcase for the band The Script.  Her boss comes running in and she’s happy with how Audrina has handled things.  Its a big showcase for them.  Audrina promises a big crowd.  She makes sure the lights are properly trained on the stage and gives the band some words of encouragement before they go on.  Audrina does seem good at her fake job.  Well until she  just answered her phone during the concert.  Whoops.  And what do you know, it just so happens to be JustinBobby.  So awful.  Audrina tries to get off the phone but JB wants to talk, she says she’ll jsut see him tomorrow.

Off to Smashbox for a photoshoot.  Lo is working.  And she welcomes Lauren from ‘People’s Rev’  Lo’s boss wants 4 looks from them.  They start to open the bags and what do you know, something is missing.  And its Steph’s fault.  She calls Steph, and she’s on her lunchbreak with Rrrroobberrrto.  Lauren wants to know where the stuff is.  Steph wants to know if she should have someone bring them to her, but she’s having her lunch break.    Lauren says no, don’t worry about it I’ll just figure it out.  Nice guilt trip.

Heidi goes to meet Stacie at the bar.  Stacie wants to make amends, and says its stupid.  That they were so mean to each other and didn’t know each other.  But Heidi doesn’t want to hear it, she said if Stacie did want to do that she shouldn’t have been texting Spencer.  This goes down really fast and they start insulting each other.  And they are both done with each other.  Or something.  I don’t know or care.

Joaquin Phoenix lookalike JustinBobby is waiting for Audrina.  She plops down and launches into this speech and tells him its completely over.  She starts to leave and JB follows and says she can’t say what she wants and he can’t respond.  They start arguing.  And this is even stupider than the Heidi Stacie fight.  They yell at each other and storm off.

Audrina goes to meet Stephanie and says they fought the whole time and she was so upset.  I’m lost but why is she mad at JB?  Stephanie says she’ll go back to him, she always will.  But Audrina says no way, she keeps picturing all the bad shit he’s done.  Steph asks Audrina how her work is and Audrina says its fine.  And Audrina wants to know about Steph and People’s Revolution.  Steph says that yesterday wasn’t her best day.  Well at least she realized she screwed up on her fake job.

Off to Speidi’s place and Spencer is playing with his phone.  Heidi wants to know what he’s doing.  He’s twittering.  TWITTER YALL.  Heidi tells him that she went down there and talked to Stacie, and then they start yelling at each other, and whatever, they’re married now, so it will work out.

Off to People’s Revolution, and Steph comes in and apologizes.  Lauren says that she missed a rack and the client needed those neutrals.  Steph says that she’ll tell Kelly it was all her fault.  And LC says that it doesn’t matter, its on Lauren.  And Kelly comes in at that point.  And she asks to see Lauren, Stephanie pipes up and asks if she should come.  Kelly gives her a curt No.  Kelly asks LC what happened, and Lauren says that they were missing a couple pieces but they had them messaged over.  Kelly wants to know why Steph didn’t do it.  Lauren says that she was on her lunch break.  Kelly laughs and says she hasn’t had a lunch break in 5 years.  She tells Lauren that someone has to pay and Lauren has to fire Steph.  Lauren looks sad.  I don’t know why, its in the script.  Lauren comes out and Steph goes OMGGGGG HOW BAD WAS IT.  Lauren doesn’t really say much.  But Kelly said she had to go by the end of the week.  Oh no!  What’s gunna happen?



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