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American Idol Roundtable – Final Four Performance Recap Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Posted by Matt_T in the balls.
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The final four were given the theme of Rock (\m/) this week.  Did they rock out, or fall flat?  Join us after the jump to find out.


There is a whole lot of leather on our Top Four with rock week.  On top of that, apparently we are getting duets this week for the first time this week.  As another first, Slash is the mentor – and the mentoring is in a club.  How did Alison get in?

Also – is the band encroaching more and more on the performers every week?  By the finals, Adam and Gokey will be giving Ricky Minor a lap dance.

Adam Lambert – “Whole Lotta Love”
He may doing Zeppelin, but he has an Elvis snarl and look to his eyes.  He also looks way orange.  He is, as always, good but a tad shrieky (shock) behind his handcuff necklace.  He appeared to hump the mic stand, and the judges verbally humped him.  Kara’s comparison to a “Rock God” is probably a tad premature.

Allison Iraheta – “Crybaby”
Janis Joplin and Allison seems like an obvious match, and even Slash thought so.  She is going to have to try to top an Adam Lambert Show (TM, All Rights Reserved), which she is not predisposed to… particularly with what appears to be some lipstick on her teeth (or weird lighting).  The performance is right out of her wheelhouse, pretty much as all of us should expect.  Paula is obviously a fan of 30 Rock, telling her she should be cast as Janis in a biopic.  Allison shows a bit of spark in explaining her song choice, which the judges are not fans of, apparently.

Kris Allen and Danny Gokey – “Renegade”
Duets!  Kris Allen disease has spread to Gokey, as both are carrying the whole mic stand around the stage.  What the hell?  Gokey totally dominated over Allen vocally this week – not a big surprise – but Kris Allen was better in the solo performance parts. 

That said – duets are not exactly the thing which will rejuvenate the series.  And notice that even though Adam kicked off the show, I am betting this means he will be closing out with Allison, so he will still get the pimp spot.

Kris Allen – “Come Together”
Kris sits in the Coca-Cola seat and tells us he almost did Revolution, which means that the critics will pan him for it.  He has the guitar out, but the performance is a little flat.  He took it on, and came up short, in a “Finishing Last in the Olympics” way.  It is good, but falls way short compared to the other two performances.  Hopefully the Church Youth Groups got out the call to vote tonight.  He looks like a sad puppy, taking the lumps.

Danny Gokey – “Dream On”
Slash told him the most important thing is to hit the big note at the end, and in practice, he didn’t seem to.  Live, the slow start sounded fine, but the transition to the chorus is seriously off and flat – like he stuttered and missed the beat.  This is brutal, Gokey!  No Taylor Hicks comparison – he sounds like Bob Seger imitating Steven Tyler.  As he builds to the note, Mrs.JB* is wincing in anticipation.  I think he broke his throat with the gutteral screech on the final note.  He should be toast, but Simon thinks he will be safe.

Random side note – how awkward is the Top Ten Tour?  I mean, you have someone like Michael Sarver and Megan Joy, who are long gone, trying to mesh back in… and then whoever gets booted this week has to be a little jealous, right?

Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta – “Slow Ride”
Adam certainly sounds much more like the female here.  Ahhh – and there is the “For No Reason I Will Squeal” note from Adam.  He also is prancing to the point that some fathers would be very concerned about having him so close to their daughter.  It was great, what more to say.

I think we’re in just Bottom Two territory now, so it should be Kris Allen and Danny Gokey, with Gokey gone based on the  emotional scarring we’re all left with.


Finally a week that was fun and enjoyable, Danny Gokey’s last note notwithstanding, but I’ll get to that later.  Great choice of judges and theme for this season, since the two best performers at this point have rock inclinations.
That opening with Ryan talking about the light shattering was very strange, the way he opened it sounded like someone was hurt or died, but the tragedy was just that the singers didn’t get a full run through with the band.  Oh no! Poor contestants.  If anything that gives them a taste of what a real tour will be like. 
Adam – Whole Lotta Love is just about the perfect song for him to sing on Idol.  He can do all the vocal gymnastics on this song, and it fits.  I liked hearing Slash tell him he can bring it down a little.  Too bad Adam didn’t take his advice.  Still probably my favorite Adam performance.
Allison – Completely agree with JB* perfect song choice for Allison.  She did well with the song, and I liked the sassy comebacks to the judges.  I think Allison would be better off not winning the competition, so she doesn’t get stuck in whatever box the Idol people want her in. 
I’ll be honest, I enjoyed the duets.  It was a good way to get an extra song out of the contestants without stretching the show too long.  Kris and Danny’s was fine, they didn’t mesh together that well, but Adam and Allison’s was very good.  It reminded me of when Heart sang with Alice in Chains a few years ago.  Not on that level, but I get a Nancy Wilsonesque vibe from Allison
Kris – Come Together.  Kind of a bailout pick, but for his style that was a wise choice.  It was decent, and safe, but that’s okay at this point.  I think he’s in trouble though, because he isn’t as dynamic. 
Danny – Oof.  That was the trainwreck I’ve been waiting for.  That last note was ATROCIOUS.  Not even close to melodic, it was just a screech, like a dying owl.  And Kara, one of the judges thinks that Dream On is ‘new’ Aerosmith, and came after Crying and Crazy.  WUT?  You are a judge, and work in the music industry, that’s pretty sad.
Danny and Kris in the bottom 2 with a toss up who will go, I think it will be Kris, Danny’s awful note may have actually saved him by spurring people to vote.


I really, really wish they would do a rock week a little earlier in the competition. And it’s always good to see Slash out there whoring himself again. As always, I come in with high expectations and leave feeling meh.

Adam – Really a great song choice by Adam here. Although I also think he could have better handled Danny’s choice too. Once again, we’re treated to some not-so-necessary shrieking that either gave Robert Plant an erection or a heart attack. It’s better than I gave it credit for on first impression though and I can’t envision him being in the bottom two. Also, because its rigged for him to win.

Allison – Her song choices have been great for a vast majority of the season and that continued tonight. Like JB, I was envisioning her in the 30 Rock version of the Janis Joplin bio-pic. And, like Matt, I think she’s in a better place as a finalist than as winner. She’ll need to be giving a little freedom to make the teenage girl “rock” record that she’s got in her. Something kinda Paramore-y, no?

Kris – Blah. My fellow native Arkansas let me down with just a totally uninspiring performance. That’s the challenge of taking on the Beatles though. If you aren’t perfect and exciting, there was really no point to your singing the song at all. It wasn’t bad, but it made the mistake of not being memorable. Adam and Alison made for a pretty good pairing – and I think that’s quite possibly your final pair now that the Gokey-bot has shown serious flaws.

Danny – Awful, awful, awful. On sooooo many level. This was a train wreck from the moment it was announced if only because Gokey’s voice and 70s Steven Tyler’s voice exist in different dimensions of reality. Kara’s comments about “early Aerosmith” just about killed me. I think it’s getting safe to assume she won’t be joining us again next year.

The Duets – I didn’t hate this. Although “Renegade”, really? The recycling of songs on this show is just hideous. I realize that Chris Daughtry was several seasons ago, but I just kind of associate him with “Renegade” on Idol. Too many other songs to choose from before you need to bring this one back.

Bottom Two – Kris and Danny. Anyone else would be a mistake. So, expect Adam or Allison in there. Danny should be gone for that awful, shrieky performance, but I just have a feeling that its Kris instead.




1. JB* - Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hard to believe the “Kara is a Moron” tag had not been used before.

2. JB - Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Well called Matt – looks like someone got the vote out for Danny…

3. Matt_T - Thursday, May 7, 2009

miss u already allison :(

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