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My Chief Concern-Was…Interesting Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Posted by Shakarean Hutchinson in SA, Scrubs.

I honestly don’t know what to think about the second to last episode of Scrubs. It wasn’t that funny nor was it that emotional. It was just a, as I call it, classic setup episode. But with that said I never find any of the episodes Zach Braff direct funny so who knows what the reason was? All I know is that it was a epi that was just…there and a bit all over the place. So let’s just dive into the review and figure things out as we go.

I guess there were three big stories going on this week: JD/Turk, Janitor, and Elliot/Cox. Let’s start with JD/Turk since that have repercussions with the other two. JD finds an apartment near Kim and after picking up Sam one day after work meets her Chief of Staff and, after laughing at his name, the CoS offers JD the residency director job at the new hospital and JD takes it. He tells Turk (along with Carla and Cox and Elliot who knows already) and originally Turk and JD say they’re fine with it, that even though they won’t work together anymore JD is only a 37 minute drive away and they’ll still see each other. After having some disagreements over a patient they drive over to JD’s new place. But come the next morning Turk decides to go ahead with his decision of treatment (surgery) for the patient and they end up mad at each other. Carla and Elliot trick them into spending time in the On Call room and they talk about what’s really upsetting them-that because of new jobs and families and with JD’s move they basically won’t be able to spend as much time with each other anymore. But they vow to at least make time for each other now and again. And even though they make this vow it doesn’t work out as at the end Turk had to cancel plans with JD because he had to take care of Izzy. I always thought that the JD/Turk relationship was going to be the tougher one to iron out after JD decided to leave Sacred Heart and I guess it was okay. You expected them to be upset and you could definitely tell from that start that they weren’t mad at each other for disagreeing on how to treat a patient or Turk saying “as Chief of Surgery.” But with that said, their conversation in the On Call room was one of the most mature and adult conversation they’ve ever had. Yes, it kind of sucks to know they won’t be able to spend time with each other because of their responsibilities now, but how good was it that they acknowledged that? Sucky and sad, but still good. And yes Turk, I totally imagined the two of you running Sacred Heart one day as well. Sigh.

Next story was concerning Janitor. After finding out about JD he starts getting upset not because JD is leaving but because his leaving is change and he doesn’t like change. So he goes about trying to stop things changing like telling Ted to not ask Gooch to move in with him. But the more he wants things to stay the same the more things start to change-Ted does ask Gooch to move in and she says yes, Elliot seriously thinks about moving in with JD (which is stupid cause doesn’t she have a house? insert eyeroll here), Kelso thinks about doing small private practice type stuff, and Carla thinks about being a part time nurse instead of being full time with a new baby on the way. Eventually Janitor excepts this (or gives up) and tells JD that his last few weeks at Sacred Heart will be full of surprises. I guess someone had to be upset with things changing (isn’t that the first sign a show is going off the air? everybody is changing) but I am surprised that it’s Janitor not okay with it. I don’t know why. I guess for me I would think someone like Carla or Elliot would be a bit more likely to be upset by that. Especially since at the end of season four Carla was upset about Elliot going to a new job. But maybe this was a way to get the Janitor involved this week? I dunno.

Last story actually has a patient y’all. Denise tells Elliot and Carla about how crappy a week at Sacred Hear she had been having (explaining away why she keeps doing Derek) and while doctoring on a new patient does something wrong and the patients start to internally bleed (sorry but I honestly forgot what she did wrong here). After Cox and Elliot discover the problem Elliot tells Cox that she’ll tell Denise about it and make her tell the patient her mistake. However just as Elliot is telling the patient that she (Elliot) made the mistake and that’s why she was bleeding Cox walks right behind her and here everything. Cox gets mad and after chewing out Denise starts in on Elliot. She asks him why isn’t he protecting the interns like he use to and he says it’s because once they find something better they’ll leave the hospital. Elliot immediately realizes this is about Cox actually being upset about JD leaving (and not as excited as when he tried to back flip earlier in the show) and tells him to tell JD how he’s feeling. But of course that’s not Cox so instead, when JD tells him goodnight, he just glares at him. Now, I gotta say I should have seen Cox being upset about JD leaving just as I saw the reason JD and Turk were upset with each other, but for some reason I didn’t. Maybe I got caught up in the back flip. But it does make sense because for all the times Cox has said that he doesn’t like JD we’ve seen enough instances where he actually does. And now I’m wondering if that’s going to be the most emotional goodbye JD will have tomorrow. Even if they have little time for each other eventually he will be seeing Turk (and Carla), Elliot is going with him (even if it’s just to move in), but Cox has been this massively important person in his life and he’s almost cutting off all ties now.I mean, I know it’s not going to be tears (at least from Cox’s side) but emotional nonetheless.

Other little parts that I liked-Gooch’s song was so cute. I love her. I wish we would have seen more of her. The Todd being in a threesome with a couple at the hospital isn’t that surprising and at least he’s actually getting some now. I hope we get to see Doug next week, although funny scene between Todd and the overly feely orderly. I always love seeing Elizabeth Banks and I’ll admit that I became a 13 year old boy when I laughed at the CoS’s name (Mantoots, right?) And I think that’s it. Series (despite what every article is saying) finale is tomorrow.

Again, sigh.



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