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The Hills – Season 5 Episode 6: Playmates Bring the Drama Monday, May 4, 2009

Posted by Matt_T in the balls.
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LC and Audrina are back in LA shopping, and LC wants to know if Audrina is going to Frankie’s BBQ.  Audrina isn’t sure yet, she hasn’t talked to Brody since Hawaii.  LC heard that Brody told Jade and they’ve been fighting for days.  Jayde is also not happy with Audrina.  Rightfully so, but Audrina tries to say that she’s single.

Heidi and Kimberly walking to work and Heidi says that she found a text on Spencer’s phone from Stacie wanting to know if he’s going to the bar.  Kimberly acts shocked and Heidi thinks she might go stake out the bar to see if Spencer shows up.  I’m pretty sure whatever happens they’re going to get married.  Just a guess though.

LC and Lo head over to Frankie’s for the BBQ.  Brody and Jade are there also when Frankie says that he got a text from Audrina saying she is on here way.  But I thought she wasn’t going?  I guess someone does really like drama.  Oh awesome, Sleazy T is at the BBQ too.  He should get his own show.

Heidi, Holly (what, when did they start hanging out again?) and Stephanie go to HWood.  Heidi notices that no one is at the bar yet.  Maybe because you lameos are out too early.  Heidi thought that they were fine after going to therapy.  But Stacie is deliberately going after Spencer.  And Steph says maliciously and deliberately a few times and seems pleased with her ‘big’ word usage.  They start to trash Stacie some more when, oh what a surprise, Stacie comes in with a couple of her friends.  Stacie waves at Heidi and Stephanie and Heidi freak out about that.  Stacie walks over to say Hi.  Heidi asks her where Spencer is.  Stacie says that she doesn’t know, she told him where she was in case he wanted to come.  Stacie totally puts Heidi in her place and says Spencer is the one she should get mad at.

Back to LA and Jade is nervous, she’s all tensed up and wants to fight Audrina.  Audrina shows up while LC is playing Wii Tennis.  Did y’all see LC on Family Guy last night?  Jayde and Brody start to bicker and Brody walks over to give Audrina a hug.  Jade is pissed.  Jade grabs Audrina to talk, and one of Jade’s friends asks Audrina if she knew how long Jade and Brody had been together.  Brody comes sauntering over and takes Jade’s friends away and says that conversation needs to be between the two of them.  Audrina says that she would never go there and will never go there and that her and Brody just stayed up talking about Jade.  Jade says that if she sleeps in her boyfriends bed then something happened.   Jayde says she doesn’t even want to talk to Audrina.  When she goes to leave Brody goes and hugs her.  Bad move.  Jayde yells that he shouldn’t care how Audrina feels about this and then she starts chugging from a bottle of Jaeger.  I like Jayde.

Time for a Speidi therapy session.  Heidi tells the therapist about what happened with Stacie.  Spencer wants to know why its okay for her to look through his phone.  Heidi wants to know why Stacie can still text him.  The therapist says that they are on different pages.  Spencer says they are in different books.  They all talk over each other and this is so very stupidly fake.

Audrina is getting ready to go somewhere and Stephanie says that its ridiculous that Jade’s friends grabbed her off the couch.  Audrina doesn’t really want to back off, she knows that Brody has her back.  Steph is worried about what’s going to happen at the party.

Off to the club and Jayde and her friend are chugging out of the Jaeger bottle.  I think I want to hang out with them.  Audrina comes sauntering in and Jade predictibly freaks out.  Jade wants her gone.  Brody wants Jade to tell Audrina  that because he can’t because they are friends.  Audrina starts to yell at Jade’s friend and Frankie interjects and breaks them up.  But then Jayde and Audrina start yelling at each other.  Brody just sits there and seems amused.  Audrina storms off and complains to Steph that Brody didn’t get her back.  Jayde says that if she sees Audrina again she’s going to punch her in her motherfucking face.  Boo yah, Jayde is hardcore.  Brody goes and basically tells Audrina she has to leave, she’s pissed but she does leave.  Brody goes back in and Jayde is happy again.

Audrina wearing a jaunty hat goes to meet Lo and LC for brunch.  Audrina gives the girls the run down of what happened.  Audrina says it was so much drama.  But, she knew there would be, and she went anyways.  Audrina says that the playmates were all glaring at her.  LC says that Brody is in a tough place, because Jayde is the first girl he’s loved.  Audrina thinks that Jayde is the wrong girl because she’s crazy.  Takes one to know one, right Audrina?  LC just thinks Brody owes Audrina an apology.

Spencer goes to see the therapist for a one on one.  He says he wants to give it his all because Heidi deserves it.  Spencer says that they’ve become 1 person instead of two and he misses some freedom.  The therapist thinks that’s very insightful.  Spencer acknowledges he screwed up and he has to bring some trust back.  He knows he can’t go out, but when the therapist pushes him on it, he’s not sure if he can commit to that.  The therapist is confused with that answer.

Brody and LC go out and LC says that she felt bad for Audrina.  Brody says that he was just sitting there, not knowing what to do.  Brody still is sticking to the story that Audrina just slept there.  Brody puts the blame on Audrina for coming to his room and she decided to say.  LC completely disagrees, and thinks he should have stood up for his friend.  Brody says his heart lies with Jayde and he’s going with her.  LC says this wouldn’t be the first time someone gave up a friend for love.  Aww poor LC, her friends all suck.



1. Rockabye - Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Matt, you might be interested in this incredibly long post about internships and watching The Hills.

You might not, too. Whatever.

2. jason - Tuesday, May 5, 2009


3. thecoconutdiaries - Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My cable is out so I hope you plan on watching “The Real Housewives of NYC”!

4. Top Posts « WordPress.com - Tuesday, May 5, 2009

[…] The Hills – Season 5 Episode 6: Playmates Bring the Drama LC and Audrina are back in LA shopping, and LC wants to know if Audrina is going to Frankie’s BBQ.  Audrina […] […]

5. Yayy - Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Did you see MTV added a tear on audrina’s eyes? lol.. what a fake. Look closely, you can see they put effect that.

6. Yayy - Wednesday, May 6, 2009

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7. Yayy - Thursday, May 7, 2009


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