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American Idol Roundtable – Top Five Performance Recap Thursday, April 30, 2009

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A little late, but nonetheless witty, charming, and most importantly, accurate, this… is your DeadOn American Idol Round Table for the Top 5 – Rat Pack Week.

Farewell, TimberLite.  May your jaunty hats serve you well in the future.

Following week after week about artist relevancy, of course it makes sense that the Top 5 would be performing songs of the Rat Pack.  No doubt they are great and classic standards, but radio-playable, as Kara often references?  I am going with a not really.  Plus, I think Kara and Paula used this week to order new dresses from the Stop Staring Clothing, which I am all for.

Kris Allen – “The Way You Look Tonight”
Dressed quite dapperly – actually, darn near identical to Seacrest – he is solid.  True to the song’s form, Simon called it a “Wet” performance.  I would say the only thing wet was the Youth Group Panties, and Kara’s.  I really have no clue what he meant.  He seemed very comfortable, though, which is confusing to me because of the way he was carrying the mic stand – not just the mic.  He should be safe this week.

Allison Iraheta – “Someone to Watch Over Me”
Simon (maybe Randy) compared her look to Brittany Murphy tonight, which is rather spot on.  Now, though, she is SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD!  Her performance was good but felt a bit overshadowed by the band.  I was all over the board on what to expect from her – it could have been bad (she is the rawk chick); it could have been good (she does the blues voice thing); it could have been what it was – good, but not great.

Matt Giraud – “My Funny Valentine”
Ryan got Matt to say this was a week he has been looking forward to all season, but I cannot recall them other doing a Rat Pack week in the past.  They did American Classic I think in Season 4, with Tony Bennett, but not quite the same.  Oh, and JAUNTY HAT!!!!  He does a TimberLite performance here, proving I know nothing at all, since I thought it was a normal mediocre performance, but Simon is going crazy for it.

Danny Gokey – “Come Rain or Come Shine”
Ooooooh – a new entrance!  Danny comes on stage after the music (not singing), the first time we’ve seen that this year.  Another Michael McDonald/Taylor Hicks/Michael Bolton performance.  You know what you’re getting here.

Adam Lambert – “Feeling Good”
Okay, this is ridiculous.  I think this is his fourth appearance in the pimp spot, and this time he has a white suit to match the pimping.  We couldn’t even see him for the opening part of his performance since the backlighting left him washed out as he uses the Billie Jean staircase like a stripper.  I love this song, but feel a bit dirty watching this.

I think every single contestant was told they could be in the Finals, which is, of course, impossible.  Especially given the continued fawning for Adam Lambert means there is only one spot open.

This will be the week they put the groups in two and then ask Adam to pick one group – who is safe, who is the Bottom Two.  Then he will do something like sitting in the middle of the stage and they’ll all laugh over how witty he is (despite this happening every year).  The Bottom Two should be TimberLite and Adam Lambert.  Yeah – I said it.  I just didn’t care for his performance at all.  The Bottom Two will likely be TimberLite and Kris Allen, due to his Opening Performance.  TimberLite to Go.

Kris – nice, sweet performance but I didn’t love it. I could maybe hear it on the radio and I wouldn’t turn away but it also wouldn’t be a hit. I think “wet” meant “not dry,” which I think is a compliment. But I could be wrong.

Allison – I thought it was okay at best for most of the song but the ending was fabulous. It seemed like she didn’t really know what to do with the song for most of it and I didn’t have much of an idea as to where it was going, but the end was a pleasant surprise.

Matt – booo Western Michigan. Go Eastern! Jaunty Hat! Was his performance great? No, but it wasn’t horrible. I kind of liked what he did with the song but there did seem to be a disconnect with the lyrics. It did put me in a nice place though. He was kind of off pitch and flat at times.

Danny – well, he’s got a great voice and this is easily my favorite performance by him and favorite performance on the night (not that I loved it that much). This week was made for him and I’m not sure he entirely nailed it. He’s a second rate McDonald/Hicks/Buble.

Adam – It was an Adam performance so if you like him then you probably liked it but if you don’t then you probably didn’t. I’m clearly more on the like side but I didn’t love it. It wasn’t bad but it was over the top even by his standards.

Why was Jamie Foxx the judge this week? He really has nothing to do with the Rat Pack. I was never sure if he was being helpful or full of shit with his mentorship. For this being “Rat Pack Night,” how many of them actually did Rat Pack songs? Just Matt? I shouldn’t be too disappointed given the producers’ willingness to fuck with theme boundaries, but there were so many great true Rat Pack options. Overall there really weren’t any performances I really loved or hated. It was kind of a boring week with all slow songs.

Bottom 2 – Matt and Kris with Matt to go

What a lame boring week.  I know these songs are standards, but as usual not really at all relevant to pop music.  Odd that this was the theme the week Taylor Hicks is performing on the elimation show, considering how poorly his post Idol career has been.

Also, Kara is bothering more week to week.  It seems like she writes out what she’s going to say ahead of time (like Kornheiser on MNF) So she has these really long monologues rather than reacting to the performers.  As ridiculous as Paula and Randy sound from time to time at least they are reacting to the actual performance rather than practices or what they think the performer should do.

I honestly didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to the performances this week.  They were all fine, but nothing really stood out.

I agree with Doug, I think its Matt and Kris in the bottom 2 with Matt leaving.

Doug chimes in again:
I agree on Kara. Nice to look at but I’m often hitting myself in the head when she talks. This experiment was a bad idea.

Much like Annabelle Wilson, we obviously all have “The Gift”, at least for dud talent this week.  The top four come back next week with Slash as their mentor to rock and/or roll us.  We’ll even attempt to be timely as well.



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