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My Cuz-Yay Sean and Kim Are Back! Thursday, April 23, 2009

Posted by Shakarean Hutchinson in SA, Scrubs, the balls.

Okay, so I can’t hold my excitement. I really liked Scott Foley and Elizabeth Banks when they were on the show. I’ll give you a lot of that was because they kept JD and Elliot apart, but I did like their characters. And them as actors. So yeah.

Oh, and like hi. Here we are again with another review. I know I should have been keeping up with these, but, well, I got lazy. And missed a few shows. Like, I just saw last week’s show yesterday. By the way, I loved Sam Lloyd’s cover of “Hey Ya.” Seriously, I need to go and buy The Blanks’ cd. Anyway, it’s three (including this one) episodes left and I want to do the last three recaps of the series. So let’s do this. 

This episode was a blast from the past in that it had three different stories and all the main characters actually on and interacting within one another. Let’s start with I think the third main story. Kelso is admitted into the hospital after eating a muffin from CoffeeBucks after it had been shut down for a food virus. Or was it something else? I gotta be honest here I didn’t hear what exactly CoffeeBucks was being shut down for. Well, I didn’t hear the health reason that is. Anyway, he’s admitted into the hospital and Sunny is his doctor when Carla seemingly assigns her to him. She’s like a typical intern-spooked when Kelso scares her and can’t place an IV-and Kelso starts to doctor himself. Carla threatens him about it and he realizes that he misses being a doctor. All the while giving advice to Cox (more on that later). I liked this third somewhat minor story. I think it (and the other two storylines) sets up what’s going to happen with the last two episodes of the series (if you’ve read any spoilers you understand what I’m talking about) and it gave Kelso something else to do besides just giving out advice to everyone. Yay for Kelso having a story.

Second story was Turk and Cox. Cox had to hire a new Chief of Surgery and, of course, Turk wanted the job. He told Cox so and originally Cox had told him no. So Turk basically gets the entire hospital to recommend him to Cox and still Cox won’t hire him. I think you know what happens from here-Turk talks to Carla who thens talks to Cox and tells him that he’s not hiring Turk not because he’s the best surgeon at Sacred Heart (which he is) but because of his history with him. Cox then talks to Kelso who says that yes, he’s not hiring Turk for personal reasons, and after a while (at the end of the epi) Cox then hires Turk to be Chief of Surgery. I like that Turk has an increase in responsibility and a better job as SH, but I wonder why they skipped over Dr. Mickhead. I mean, I know the show writes for the leads so that means one of main characters get the job, but still. At least have him be a candidate or something. Otherwise yay for Turk.

The most important story of the show this week dealt with, what else, JD and Elliot. When the two of them take Sam back to Kim’s place they meet her new boyfriend-Sean. Elliot introduced them a year ago before her and JD started dating again and thought that at the least they’d be friends. Of course JD isn’t exactly comfortable with this and while the girls air out their grievences with each other and seem to put things in the past, JD picks him with his snotty atitude with Sean where he left it in Season 3. (Yes, I remember these things and I kinda hated JD that season because of it.) When JD and Elliot pick up Sam from the hospital nursery Sam starts to cry and doesn’t stop until Sean holds him. This continues and JD starts to think that Sam doesn’t like him. Kim reassures him that he’s a good father and it’s nothing he’s doing, it’s just that babies are sensitive to new things. JD remembers he started using a cologne to make Elliot jealous (so she’d have car sex in front of a bicycler) and after washing it off Sam stops crying in his presence. Elliot goes over to Kim’s and while they all watch videos Kim took of Sam JD realizes that while he’s a good father he’s only a part time father and decides to move to the town that Kim lives to be more involved with Sam. Okay, I stated above that I love Scott Foley and Elizabeth Banks so I’m very happy to see them again. I knew we were going to see EB but SF was a nice surprise as I loved Sean and thought he was perfect for Elliot-someone other than JD who could deal with her crazy and love her because of it. Him being with Kim is a surprise. I’m not sure if I like it or not yet. I guess what got me down on this story wasn’t so much JD’s attitude again towards Sean (dude, you got Elliot at the end. What’s your fucking deal?) but what happened at the very end with JD deciding he needed to be closer to Sam. Look, I get he fears being like his father and not being there all the time for Sam and quite frankly if JD was a real person I’d applaud it. Hell, I applaud JD the character. I mean, remember where he was the first let’s say five seasons to where he is now. I’m proud of JD for growing up. But, to be a petulant child for a second, I WANT MY SACRED HEART CREW TOGETHER. I like the contrast of it-Cox with the Chief of Staff job, Carla as Head Nurse, Turk with his new Chief of Surgery job, all of them kinda settling down career wise and JD (and Elliot surely) going off and starting a new job, basically being on his own. It’s the ulitmate grown up JD in action here. But, well, I always had this vision of JD being the new Cox (which he was getting to be), Cox being Chief of Staff, Elliot with her good endocrinology job at the hospital, Carla being HN, and Turk rising as one of the best surgeons on staff all at Sacred Heart at the end. And, well, it isn’t coming true. At least that’s the way it’s looking. So yeah, I’m kinda upset. I mean, I love me some Carla/Elliot best friendship and JD/Turk full on bromance. What happens to those two relationships when they leave? I guess we’ll see.

Not a lot of Janitor this week nor any major supporting cast member. So there isn’t that much more to talk about. And I guess that’s it for this week. We got two more episodes (one being an hour long) left of the series and that’s it. I can feel myself already starting to get teary eyed. Damn favorite show.



1. DougOLis - Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sam Lloyd’s cover of “Hey Ya” was fantastic last week.

Is Turk a better doctor than Dr. Wen? That guy’s gotta have a ton more experience than him.

JD wearing the cologne was retaliation for something else (I forget what, must have been pointless, Elliot setting Kim and Sean up?). The sex was about Elliot being jealous of whenever Kim touched JD.

Isn’t JD just moving a half hour away? That’s a pretty easy commute and no reason to leave the show. I mean, my commute everyday is at least half an hour.

In all fairness, Sean was kind of a dick right back at JD. I was never really a fan of him and glad he didn’t get together with Elliot. I liked Keith far more and he was way better for her. What happened to him anyway? I do like Kim a lot though.

2. metschick - Thursday, April 23, 2009

Is Turk a better doctor than Dr. Wen? That guy’s gotta have a ton more experience than him.

I’ll fanwank that Dr. Wen was the Chief of Surgery and it was his vacancy that Dr. Cox was filling.

I liked the epi, but really, I don’t think there’s one episode of Scrubs that I don’t like.

At this point, I’m just anxious to see the remaining two episodes, to see how the story ends.

DougOLis - Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ahh, that makes sense.

Has ABC officially said that this the end of the show?

3. SA - Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nothing is official until the network make their show announcements next month. I forgot what the official event is called, but it’s basically when they announce what shows they’ll renew and what new shows will join the network next season. But even if they do renew Braff, Faison, Reyes, and Chalke have basically said that they aren’t coming back. Not to mention Bill Lawrence not coming back. So the Scrubs we know for the last 8 seasons won’t be there.

We haven’t heard from Dr. Wen since I think Season 5, but it could be Season 4. So I have no idea what happened to him.

I would think the same thing re: JD leaving as well Doug, but all spoilers are saying that JD is leaving Sacred Heart and moving closer to Kim to be with Sam more so yeah. Maybe Elliot doesn’t leave, but I still think if one leaves so does the other. And I know Sean was a dick to JD in last night episode. But JD has been a dick to Sean for longer. And I liked Keith as well. I totally wanted him and Elliot to get married. But we know what happened there.

4. JB* - Thursday, April 23, 2009

I echo the earlier comments – if he could ride Sasha to see Sam, he shouldn’t have to leave Sacred Heart to move closer to them. No matter where he is, as a Doctor, I would think he’ll always be slightly reduced as a parent (no offense intended, but the hours commitment and all).

Anyway – great episode. My poor DVR is going to get to rest next season, without ER and Scrubs and sadly, possibly Chuck.

5. JB* - Thursday, April 23, 2009

Second note – that guest star list is awesome.

Colin Hay, Nurse Roberts, Alex, Slagathor, Hooch, Coffee Nurse, and Rex!

6. DougOLis - Monday, April 27, 2009

Hooch! What about Franklyn? Will Masi Oka make a return before the show goes away?

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