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24 on 24 – Day 7 – 2:00 A.M. to 3:00 A.M. Recap Tuesday, April 21, 2009

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The Following Takes Place Between 2:00 A.M and 3:00 A.M.

  1. A hot attorney is being sent to represent Jon Voight. As she’s leaving her house she’s gassed by some dude and she passes out on the floor. He and some other girl, who looks like her, poison her with something, steal an ID badge, and copy her fingerprint.
  2. Tony shoots himself in the arm to make it look like he was attacked. He gets a call from the dude who stole the canister and he’s having doubts about the operation but Tony says the people he’s working for will pay a lot of money for it. When the FBI team shows up he acts confused and in shock.
  3. Kim says goodbye to Renee and says she’s heading back to LA. She thanks her for giving her the chance to say goodbye to her dad and says that no one can change his mind about getting the treatment.
  4. FBI Agent Park is with Tony and he tells Renee that Moss was killed. She is stunned and her eyes start tearing up. Park tells her she’s the ranking officer and asks what to do. She orders a sweep and says she’ll be there soon to run the operation. She maintains her composure through the shock but her eyes don’t lie; nice bit of acting there.
  5. Jack is giving his debriefing about the events of the day and he starts repeating himself and gets confused. He notices a FBI team assembling and asks Renee what’s going on. He’s more shocked about Moss being dead than she is.
  6. Tony’s getting medical assistance from the FBI team and he overhears the sweep plans. He calls his man, Galvez, and gives him instructions to lure the FBI team to a warehouse and blow it up with C4.
  7. Renee gets in a helicopter and Jack joins her refusing to get out.
  8. Olivia tells the President that Galvez stole the canister but they have him cornered. She also tells her that Moss was killed. The President wants Jon Voight taken to the FBI for interrogation. The President implies she’ll give Voight a deal and Olivia’s pissed because he killed her brother. Wow, totally forgot about that. A lot’s happened recently.
  9. The imposter lawyer shows up at the White House and they let her through. She is brought in to Voight’s cell and they are given privacy. He recognizes her and he says he was betrayed by whoever she works for with the Senatorial Investigation and she says he would have been fine but his actions today jeopardize all of their plans. He was supposed to build the bioweapon for them and not his personal use. She passes him a pill to induce cardiac arrest and he accepts in order to preserve his legacy.
  10. Olivia comes in and has Voight taken away as she has a staredown with the fake lawyer. Fake lawyer calls into her boss who says he hopes Voight does the right thing. He asks about Tony and she says she has faith in Tony because “he’s been the one bright spot in an otherwise dreary day.”
  11. Tony gets a call from Galvez and Galvez says he found a location to setup their trap. He starts to setup the C4.
  12. Jack consoles Renee saying he lost 2 partners as well and he took it hard. He says it’s okay to feel upset and show her emotions but don’t hold it in today. She says leave her alone and don’t tell her what to feel.
  13. Renee and Jack show up and Renee is shown to Moss’ body. Jack seems to know something is awry when looking over the wound but doesn’t say anything. Tony offers his condolences to Renee and she asks what happened. Tony is describing the firefight and Jack says Larry was hit by a high ordinance shotgun with armor piercing shot. Some other FBI Agent says Tony was shot with a 9mm and Jack knows something is wrong because they have .45 caliber casings in evidence and there wasn’t enough time for the shooter to go through 3 weapons. He says there must have been help provided.
  14. Kim is on the phone with her husband/fiancé (is it Chase? Doesn’t look like it) and tells him that Jack was exposed to the bioweapon and is dying. Oh wow, looks like Kim has a daughter and she named her after her mother.
  15. Jack points out a building that hasn’t been swept yet and he starts acting up again. He takes another shot of stuff to calm his nerves. Tony asks why he’s still in the field and Jack says he wanted to help Renee out after she just lost her partner.
  16. Galvez calls in on a FBI walkie talkie and pretends he’s an agent. He says he’s spotted [himself] and the canister. Renee sends her team and herself out to check on Galvez. Jack stays behind and says he’ll monitor the situation and tells her to watch her back for a 2nd conspirator.
  17. Voight is escorted out by a Marine and he recognizes a tattoo on his forearm as relating to a mission that Starkwood led in Afghanistan. He asks if the Starkwood men were professional and the Marine says they were professional and well trained. He seems content and he takes the pill and immediately goes into cardiac arrest.
  18. Jack gets a call from his debriefing officer asking for further clarification on a name that Tony provided earlier because they don’t have anyone by that name. Jack puts him on hold and notices the walkie-talkie locator frequencies.  He gets an overlay of the map of the building and realizes that Galvez isn’t in the building. He calls into Renee that it’s a trap but they don’t have time to get out before Galvez blows the C4.
  19. Jack orders all FBI agents to stand fast and hold their line so the perimeter is maintained because Galvez was trying to create a distraction and a hole in the line. Jack meets with Agent Park at the warehouse and asks how many men were in the building and if Renee has been found.
  20. Tony rushes into the building and finds Galvez. Galvez rubs blood all over his face and Tony acts like he’s helping carry him out.
  21. Jack finds Renee and she’s alright. She asks how he knew it was a trap and he tells her about the walkie-talkie map but then she wants to know how Galvez knew the sweep pattern. Jack rushes off because he knows something is wrong.
  22. Jack calls his debriefing agent and the agent tells him that Tony’s supposed contact was picked up an hour ago at the Canadian border. He showed no signs of torture and couldn’t have been Tony’s contact.
  23. Jack sees Tony carrying off Galvez (he doesn’t recognize him), and he confronts Tony and pulls his gun on him. Tony tries to lie his way out of it and says Jack is just paranoid from the toxin. Jack starts going into a seizure and Tony admits his involvement and says Jack should have stayed out of it. He calls over some paramedics and takes off.
  24. Galvez kills the paramedic who was attending him in an ambulance and then holds the ambulance driver hostage.

Questions: Will Jack live? Is Kim going to turn around and go help him? Will Jon Voight live? Is he being brought the same hospital as the First Gentleman? Will Tony escape? Who does Tony work for? What’s their plan?



1. Matt_T - Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It still seems like Tony wants to make sure Jack isn’t hurt in whatever it is that he’s doing, or maybe he was worried that if Jack was there his cover would be blown.

I’m withholding judgement until the season is over, but Tony being on the bad side still doesn’t sit well. It doesn’t make a lot of sense.

The part where the fake lawyer used a silicon finger print to get through does work, I saw it on Mythbusters, and they actually got it to work on a similar door.

2. DougOLis - Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I was thinking it was more that he didn’t want Jack blowing his cover but it could be a mix of both. He did say something about not wanting to get Jack involved and he should have stayed out of it. Yeah, I really hope the writers know what they’re doing because I really don’t get what Tony’s doing or what the hell is going on. I have faith though because it has been a solid season.

Nice, I’ll have to remember that in the future.

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