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The Hills: Season 5 Episode 4 – Crazy in Love Monday, April 20, 2009

Posted by Matt_T in the balls.
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We start out this week with Audrina and Lauren at Big Wangs.  No really, that’s the name of the bar.  They talk about some good times they’ve had there in the past.  This leads to them talking about boys and Audrina says she hasn’t been dating since JustinBobby.  Oh man, I hope we get to see Justin Bobby this episode.  Audrina says that she always jumps from relationship to relationship and she’s happy with being single now.  Lauren tells her its okay for her to date, and Audrina asks Lauren if she sees any boys that are her type to send them over.  I’m guessing Lauren will send a JustinBobby over

Off to People’s Revolution and Lauren and Stephanie are sorting some clothes and putting them into boxes.  Steph wants to know if this is what Lauren does most of the time.  Lauren sez that they do whatever is needed.  So, when People’s Revolution wants to be on TV, they show up and pretend work.  Yay!  Stephanie is wondering what this has to do with handbags, her ultimate life goal.  Kelly Cutrone comes waltzing in, doing her impression of that lady in the Devil Wars Prada.  She barks at Stephanie about leaving her drink up out, and then she turns over the box of clothing and says they need to redo it.  They need to think about what it will look like when the client gets it.  Kelly says sending it back like that says they eat crackers over their client’s sweaters.  LOL WUT.  Kelly says they sound like simple tasks, but they are important for their clients.  Steph asks some dumb questions and Kelly says she’s got her eye on her.  Lauren starts to leave and Steph asks where she is going.  Lauren lolz at her and says she’s going to do her work, hands her the lint brush and says welcome to People’s Revolution.  Boom, roasted by LC.

Off to Bolthouse, and Spencer calls Heidi and says her favorite stalker is in the alley.  Heidi comes down and Spencer asks her to get in the car for a talk.  That sounds like a murder set up.  But Heidi gets in anyways.  Spencer says that he’s under 25 and he doesn’t want to feel caged in.  He wants to be able to do other things, see other girls.  Heidi sez WHAT OTHER GIRLS?!? LIKE STACIE.  Spencer says that Stacie isn’t even his type because she’s a brunette and Spencer is into blondes.    Nice, Spencer.  Heidi again sez they have to go to therapy or else they are totally over.  For real this time.  Not like the other 4 times.

Lauren, Lo, Holly (Heidi’s sister in case y’all forgot) and Audrina are out at a bar and run into Frankie and Brody.  Brody and Frankie talk about their Hawaii trip and Lauren wants to know why they weren’t invited.  Brody says it was a guy trip they’re going to surf, and he asks LC if she surfs.  Of course not, but she does know how to lay out.  Brody says maybe next time, but they need a break from the girls.  Off in the distance…is that…could it be.. it is!  JustinBobby.  Captioned as Audrina’s ex by MTV.  LC sees him and makes a stank face.  She tells Audrina, and she throws something at him.  JB takes this as his cue to come over looking rather homeless, and doing an odd dance.  Audrina gives him a hug and JustinBobby says don’t pat, nobody pats anymore.  And he wants to know if she wants to burp him.  And that’s why we love JustinBobby.  Audrina gets emo and after JustinBobby leaves Brody comes over to console her, and he tells her she’s beautiful and she should go have fun.  Then he turns around and makes out with some other girl.  Lulz.

Stephanie is over at Audrina’s and she’s so excited about the pickles.  Audrina says that usually happens when you’re pregnant.  Stephanie says that’s definitely not happening right now.  Audrina gives her the run down on what happened with JustinBobby, and Stephanie mumbles something.

Off to some other club, and that girl  Brody was making out with is identified as Jayde.  And she grabs Brody’s junk.  She tells Audrina that its because Brody grabbed her boob first.  Classy!  Brody turns and says hello to Stephanie, who is with some weird guy and Audrina.  Just at that exact moment, which I’m sure is not a coincidence Brody calls Spencer to invite him to Hawaii with the boys.  Spencer looks at Heidi and says that he’s in Las Vegas.  Heidi wants to know why he lied and Spencer said it was easier than trying to yell over the bar noise to tell Brody why he can’t.  Heidi says that if he wanted to go hang out with Brody and his boys, he should go.  Spencer sez he’ll just discuss it with the therapist, and Heidi can’t wait to do the same.

So the weird guy isn’t with Stephanie, his name is Sleazy T and he’s Brody’s friend.  I think Sleazy T is my new favorite name.  Brody decides to call JustinBobby over at that time.  Audrina is talking to Sleazy T about JustinBobby, while JB talks to Brody about Audrina.  They’re both still not seeing eye to eye.  JustinBobby comes over and mumbles some odd things about how long life is.  Audrina says that she wants to feel special and JustinBobby doesn’t do that.  They bicker and Audrina says she loves someone who doesn’t love her back.  Brody and Jayde, look on awkwardly, and Stephanie tells Audrina to quit talking to him.  JustinBobby walks off laughing to himself.

Back to People’s Revolution and the phone is ringing and Lauren looks at Steph and asks her to answer the phone.  Stephanie picks up and says People’s Revolution and then hangs up.  She was trying to transfer them.  I’ve been there Steph.  The phone rings and Lauren picks it up and transfers it appropriately.  Lauren asks her about checking in some clothing, and Stephanie says she did it in excel, but Lauren needed it in something else.  Stephanie isn’t even sure if she checked in clothing yesterday.  Lauren tells Stephanie when she’s at work she needs to start focusing.  Stephanie is doodling while LC says this and Lauren asks her to stop.  Steph says she’s not good with confrontation.  Hmm.  Why work for Kelly then?  Lauren says she’s not confronting her, but she needs her to pay attention and do her work.  Lauren points out that if Kelly was having this conversation she’d be fired.

Off to see the therapist and her name is Dr. Mansbacher.  Dr. Mansbacher asks what’s going on, and Heidi gives this really long run down of the Stacie drama.  She says that she thinks Spencer is having an emotional affair.  Spencer says that he trusts her but she doesn’t trust him.  Dr. Manbacher says that it sounds very high schoolish to her.  Boom, roasted by Dr. Manbacher.  She asks them to face each other, and wants Spencer to look into Heidi’s eyes and say something he feels.  He looks deep into her eyes and says he’s in a living nightmare.  Lol @ Spencer.  He says he said what he was feeling.  Heidi flips and says that he’s not even trying and he’s checked out and is in some stripper land.  Dr. Manbacher asks Heidi why she’s with someone that’s checked out.  Double boom roasted.

Lo, Lauren and Audrina go to eat and they talk about the guys trip.  LC thinks its because Brody has been spending all his time with Jayde and wants to chill with the bros,  y’all.  Lo thinks that makes sense, and if they invited his girl friends, then his girlfriend would come.  Lauren says its funny how Brody is a ball of love around her.  Audrina jumps in and spouts off all this stuff about how Brody is cute and looking into his eyes is like getting lost or something.  Audrina says she’s done being serious and just wants to have fun. Lauren’s eyes gets really big.  I think she knows, Audrina is into Brody.   Lo says that they should go on their on vacation in Hawaii.  The girls all agree, Audrina says, it will be a no drama trip.  LC says those are famous last words.  Foreshadowing y’all!



1. DougOLis - Tuesday, April 21, 2009

“Welcome to People’s Revolution, bitch.” See, it’s all circular. We gone back to The O.C. now.

I realize that the Boho style was in during the winter in LA, but JustinBobby seriously looked like a fucking hobo.

Brody called Spencer by the way.

Sleazy T for NOTY ’10

I started a slow clap when the therapist called them out for acting high schoolish and it developed into a full on clap when Spencer said he was living a nightmare. I have decided I’m on his side from now on.

2. DougOLis - Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh yeah, Big Wangs is where TSW and Holly used to (still?) go to watch NFL games on Sundays. I only know this because they used to blog from there.

3. Matt_T - Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thanks – I fixed that.

I thought Big Wangs sounded familiar. That explains where I knew it from. Maybe there will be a cameo in the future for them?

4. DougOLis - Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One can hope

5. Top Posts « WordPress.com - Tuesday, April 21, 2009

[…] The Hills: Season 5 Episode 4 – Crazy in Love We start out this week with Audrina and Lauren at Big Wangs.  No really, that’s the name of the bar.  They talk […] […]

6. Thanks! - Wednesday, April 22, 2009

To author, thanks for writing the hills’ episodes articles. I cant find english subtitle for the hills, your site is the best. i wish theres subtitle :(

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