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American Idol Roundtable – Top Seven Performance Show Recap Wednesday, April 15, 2009

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Well, that happened, didn’t it? I’d also like to echo the comments of the blogosphere when I say that the two judges at once thing sucks. Hire a director who can reign the show in, ok? And stop pissing off my fellow “Fringe” fans – that’s a show we should have been recapping since the start – and no more running late! Speaking of running late, the Roundtable isn’t! We’re up and live in plenty of time yet again. So jump with us for the Tarantino night recappage



What the hell – Quentin Tarantino opens Idol and no one bleeds?  This is not going to be a good night.  Well, except for seeing Carly in the opening credits still.  After making a big deal about running over last week, these guys are still blathering through a bunch of crap.  It takes seven of the sixty minutes, but finally it is performance time.  Also, I suck at picking songs.  But you knew that already.

Allison Iraheta – “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”, Aerosmith in Armageddon
For the second week in a row, this seems like a real good choice for her voice.  She starts out a little too breath-y, taking away from the performance, but by the chorus, she is full power and has the crowd eating from her SIXTEEN! YEAR! OLD! hand.  I have no idea what Paula means by Allison and Adam both having special sauces.  Simon should remember, though, slobbering all over her is probably illegal.

Anoooooooooooooooooooooooop! – “Everything I Do (I Do It For You)”, Bryan Adams in Robin Hood
I flinched at the first note – God, I got so sick of this song when the movie was out.  It still affects me.  What the hell is wearing, though – leather sleeves on a suit jacket?  Shame, NoopDawg.  He performed well, but his chorus lacked punch.  I bet Paula’s panties (and those of the Delta house at UNC) are sopping wet from the Tender Touch of the Soulful Sounds of Anoop. 

Adam Lambert – “Born to Be Wild”, Steppenwolf in Easy Rider  
He told Tarantino he was going to electrify it, and he did something all right.  Prancing and jazz handing across the stage, he seemed like a slightly bicurious version stepchild of Zac Efron and Frank N. Furter.  Too much shrieking too, but that doesn’t stop Paula from giving him a verbal tongue bath, before Simon also makes a Rocky Horror Picture Show reference.

TimberLite – “Have You Ever Really, Really Really, Really, Ever Really Ever Really Loved a Woman” by Bryan Adams in Don Juan De Marco
Two Bryan Adams performances?  Is this Canadian Idol?  And if so, where is Our Lady Peace?  C’mon!  Another song which got overplayed and makes me think of high school prom, though I cannot recall my date’s name – just that she hated the song.  JAUNTY HAT!!!!!! Darn, only in practice.  For our live performance, he is behind the piano again.  This was probably my favorite TimberLite performance – it was solid, until he tried to jazz-rock it up in the final third and dropped in a high pitch note for no reason.  Randy was not a fan, and Kara is on the fence.  

Danny Gokey – “Endless Love”, Lionel Richie in Endless Love
Is he wearing a lilac jacket?  Ahhh – Danny gives us the Stool Treatment, without the normal extra $50 charge the Germans will charge you.  His performance is like a bigger voiced version of Michael McDonald performs Lionel Richie, but all I can think of is his microphone looks way to dainty.  As Paula spouts on, Simon looked nauseous. 

Also – too many jelly beans make for an Ill JB*.  I am also disappointed Ford never had Scott driving one of their cars in the Ford Music Video – I would have bought a Focus had they had the guts to do so.  Maybe.

Kris Allen – “Falling Slowly”, Glenn Hashard/Marketa Irglova in Once
A great performance, but the pacing of the song and the likely unfamiliarty for most of the audience may hurt him with the voting public.  Randy found it pitchy and Kara agreed with me, so maybe I am not a total idiot.

Lil Rounds – “The Rose”, Bette Midler in The Rose
Pimp Spot!  She looked visibly uncomfortable, and hit a nasty pitch problem as she went to make the song bigger about a minute in.  She never got to a BIG vocal, and closed out really rough – and looks like she knows it.  And she started to talk back at Simon, but my DVR turned off.

Round Up
Bottom three – Lil Rounds, TimberLite, and Kris Allen.  I don’t think YouthPastor deserves it, but the voting may play out that way.  I’d put Adam Lambert in the bottom myself.  Lil Rounds bites it but they do NOT use the save – remember, it has to be unanimous, and Simon was pretty harsh last night.


What a terrible week.  I didn’t realize Idol goes the Movies meant cheesy ballads.  There’s many fantastic movie songs, but most of the Idol wannabes went with cheese  I can’t even say I’m disappointed, because that’s what I expected. 

Allison – She did go the cheesy ballad route, but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.  Really weak beginning but she sounded good towards the middle and end.  She probably has the most potential out of any of the contestants.

Anoop – Come on.  There’s no excuse for this.  I expect more from the Anoop Dogg.  I know he wants to be an R & B singer, but Bryan Adams is not that.  

Adam – Typical Adam performance.  Overly camp version of a good song.  In such a crappy night, this was decent because he actually brought some entertainment value other than just standing there over emoting. 

Timberlite – Boo for more Bryan Adams.  Still I agree with JB, this was one of his best performances.  He’s in trouble though, he doesn’t stand out, and the fauxtimberlake will only take him so far.  I’d like to see hiim do an upbeat song

Danny – Of course.  Sappy, weepy song.  I’m completely bored with Danny.  Nothing wrong with the performance, but it was snoozy.

Kris – I’m embarassed to say I don’t know this song.  But it worked for Kris, you could tell he liked the song a lot and that came through in his performance.  He’ll be in trouble though, because he chose a song that a lot of people (including the judges) didn’t know. 

Lil – Ugh.  I competely agree with Simon.  Lil doesn’t get it.  At all.  This is one of the lamest songs ever written.  It needed Nappy Dynamite behind her doing the hand motions.  She’s done Celine and now Bette Midler.  That doesn’t fly.  I’m sick of her ego too.  Time for her to go.

Bottom 3:  I wish it could be everyone, but Kris, Anoop and Lil and I agree with JB, Lil is gone and they don’t save her.  She hasn’t saved herself.


Allison – Her smokiness does the song well and it was a nice choice for her but it lacked some bit of power. Her voice was a little flat and she couldn’t hit Steven Tyler’s high notes (which is ironic since she’s a girl) but it wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t great.

Anoop – Had a few rough flat notes in there. I didn’t hate it but it was pretty boring. Simon looked pissed for some reason.

Adam – So rock opera eh? It would be fine as a showtune but that’s about all I’ll give it. His “born to be wild” chants kind of sucked. I didn’t particularly care for it but it was probably the best so far.

Matt – This is a pretty boring and cheezy song but it was alright. I don’t think it was a total trainwreck and there were spots I liked but it left me feeling pretty “meh” and confused.

Danny – He looks better without glasses. This is a really mopey night. His voice was probably the best on the night but I couldn’t wait for it to end.

Kris – Best song choice on the night. Why didn’t he play the guitar? Could he not learn it in a week? It’s not that hard of a song to play. Oh well, he was by far the best on the night. His voice suited the song very well and it was great. Randy’s an idiot and what is Kara talking about it being obscure? Pfftt, just cause you didn’t write it and it came out within the last couple of years. He did a pretty straight version of the song which is fine by me but if the judges would have known the song they would have said, “he didn’t make it his own.” But I’m glad he didn’t stray too far from the original though.

Lil – So damn pitchy. This is terrible. It got better as the song went on but it was not good at all and ended horribly.

Bottom 3 – Anoop, Matt, and Lil with Lil to go


I really don’t know what to make of last night – the bad far outweighed the good, and there really wasn’t that much good to begin with. Just a big old pile of meh. Which we’ve all come to expect from this, the least compelling season of all.

Allison – This seemed like a really good idea when it was announced and I think we all kicked ourselves for not considering one of the biggest movie songs ever. THANKS DIANE WARREN! But, ultimately, it wasn’t much at all. I don’t know if it was her inability to hit it high or if the band was just flat, but it was just kinda there. No reason for her to be gone, nothing compelling either.

Anoop – We sang this in my 6th grade chorus class. That’s my lasting memory of this song. Anoop did a passable rendition, again it was nothing memorable. Perhaps its the source material. This adds fuel to my thought of Anoop’s time potentially being up tonight.

Adam – I know the dude likes to show off his “range” and all, but if he could provide just one up-tempo performance that didn’t involve screaming banshee high notes, I’d be mighty appreciative of it.

Timberlite – The lack of Performance Jaunty Hat was greatly disappointing. I expect more out of K-Zoo at this point. His Practice Jaunty Hat even matched his shirt! COME ON! Another blah Bryan Adams ballad that I had forgotten even existed. So many great movie songs out there and Bryan Adams gets picked twice? I’m Bottom 3-ing him just for that.

Danny – Friends listen to “Endless Love” in the dark.

Kris – As was established by both the Colonel and myself last night, this song turns many of us into raging pussies. By far the best song choice of the evening, even if the execution wasn’t 100%. I will acknowledge that “Falling Slowly” wasn’t exactly mainstream popular, but it did win an Oscar and was an iTunes stud for a long time – it’s hardly “obscure”. Obscure would have been if Kris had stood there and done an Explosions In The Sky track from “Friday Night Lights”. Of course, there wouldn’t have been any singing. But it would have fucking ruled. And taken 10 minutes.

Lil – This was, uh, not very good. Again. Lil had us all fooled and after her (justified, in my opinion) tirade against the judges, I no longer am certain they’ll save her if she’s voted off tonight. Although the prospect of having only one female left for the top 6 makes me think she might still get a reprieve.

Bottom 3 – Anoop, Matt, Lil. I think Lil goes and I’m 62.4% certain she gets the save to create uber-drama for the unveiling of the Top 5 after next week. TWO PEOPLE GO HOME, OH MY!


Lil and Matt seem to be our favorites for the Bottom Two with the opinion of, well, pretty much everyone sans DialIdol being that Lil is heading home tonight. I still think she might get the save just to keep more than one female on the show heading into the last month. 




1. DougOLis - Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What the hell’s up with DialIdol? Danny #1. Lil #2. and Kris to go home? None of those make sense.

My thoughts on who the judges might use the save on:
Adam – yes, of course
Danny – yes
Allison – yes
Kris – probably
Anoop – maybe, they already kind of used a save on him once so I don’t know if they’ll do it a second time but he has shown signs of potential at times
Matt – I doubt the boys would want to save him.
Lil – I hope not but with they hype and expectations on her they might. She was one of Simon’s picks early but he has seemed to sour on her lately.

2. DougOLis - Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I just realized what song Adam should have done: “Live And Let Die”

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