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24 on 24 – Day 7 – 1:00 A.M. to 2:00 A.M. Recap Tuesday, April 14, 2009

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What happened tonight? Quite frankly a lot and it was one of the best and most emotional episodes of 24 ever. I was completely stunned while watching the end of the episode. Not even the return of Kim could ruin it. Follow for the recap.

The Following Takes Place Between 1:00 A.M. and 2:00 A.M.

  1. Tony sees a fuel tanker start filling up at some pump station and he gets word from Jack and Renee that the airstrike was called off. He wants to know why because his intel was good, and then he notices that the tanker is filling up a fuel tank with “RP7” which is only used for surface-to-surface missiles.
  2. National Security Advisor guy Tim tells the President that the Joint Chiefs are questioning her withdrawal of the attack. He wants to know why there won’t be any military action. She says that Jon Voight is coming to meet her soon and she says to keep it on the down low.
  3. Jack calls out her bluff on the reason for stopping the attack and she admits that Voight has 13 missiles armed with the bioweapon. Jack says that she must not negotiate with Voight because Tony can blow up the tanks and take out the bioweapons at the same time. She doesn’t authorize Tony moving in but she gives Jack a wink and nudge to go at it covertly by asking how long he has to live and trusting that he’ll do what’s right. Jack shows signs of the toxin acting up again and Renee seems to notice.
  4. Jon Voight thanks Slater for his dedication and putting himself in harm’s way. He reacts kind of strangely and I sort of wonder if he tricked Tony or it just worked out that way. This guy is still pretty shady.
  5. Renee tells Moss that they’re going to go at Starkwood rogue and he surprisingly complies. He’s looking forward to getting them back for drawing on his team.
  6. Jack tells Tony that he has a covert go ahead and tells him to do it undetected or Voight will launch the missiles.
  7. One of the fuelmen calls into the doctor that the fueling is complete. Tony takes the 2nd fuelman hostage and threatens the 1st guy. He knocks out the 2nd guy and has the 1st guy lead him down into the bunker.
  8. Voight and Slater meet with the President. He seems to have his feelings hurt by her not including him in security discussions because he used to meet regularly with President Daniels. He says he’s only interested in protecting the country and she says all he’s done today is kill innocent Americans. He says he had nothing to do with Juma and would have stopped him if he knew. He says the country isn’t safe and look how easy it was to sneak bioweapons in. Ha! This guy is an evil genius. He wants to be deeply involved in national security and wants to make Starkwood the 5th branch of the military. Why? I can’t imagine they’d be better off financially public rather than private.
  9. The President says he’s trying to blackmail her and he responds with, “well, that’s putting it in the worst possible light.” Best retort of the night (season?). They have a staredown as he wants her to pick up his plan and put today’s actions behind them.
  10. Tony lays the C4 and they exit the bunker. Tony gets jumped by the other guy he previously knocked out and he drops the detonator down a grate. The 1st guy enters in a code to alert of the breach and the doctor starts the launch sequence. The scientist who’s supposed to do the launching won’t do it and the doctor throws him out of the way and enters the launch codes. Tony gets to the detonator as the missiles are about to launch and he sets it off. Tony dives out of the way as it blows up around him and his fate is unknown. Moss’ team moves in.
  11. The President is looking at Voight’s proposal and he wants higher clearance than the Vice-President. Tim comes in and tells him she needs to speak with him immediately.
  12. He tells her that someone blew up the Starkwood compound and it is unlikely that anything survived. She arrests Voight and he tries to attack her and says that he was just trying to protect his country and he’s only a small cog. There’s much more to it than just him. This is getting quite Lostish.
  13. Renee tells Jack that all traces of the bioweapon were incinerated in the explosion. They still have no word on Tony.
  14. Jack takes a call from the President and she says that Voight has been taken into custody and she thanks him for his service. He says it was all Tony and to please take his actions into account. Jack starts blacking out and gets disoriented about where he is and what’s going on.
  15. Moss has Tony in custody and he’s doing fine. He calls into Renee and updates her on everything. And oh boy, Kim’s at FBI. Tony seems confused as to this revelation. Moss thanks Tony for all he’s done and doesn’t like arresting him. Tony said he’s ready to pay for his actions.
  16. Jack meets with his doctor and she says it’s setting in faster than expected and there’s not much they can do. He seems resigned to his fate.
  17. Renee finds Jack and tells him that Kim came in to help and he’s pissed. He says he’s done and he didn’t want her dragged in to the middle of it. She says Kim’s been trying to see him all day and she flew in for his Senate Hearing.
  18. And it’s Sean Avery’s sloppy seconds. She says she’s been trying to track him down for a long time and he says he thought he was protecting her by keeping her away. “Daddy I’ve missed you so much.” Awwww. They each apologize for the mistakes they’ve made. Like the cougar?
  19. He doesn’t want her to help with the experimental procedure because there’s a risk to her as well and he doesn’t want her to watch him die. His reactions start acting up again and he makes her leave. They say their goodbyes and Jack starts breaking down in tears.
  20. An FBI agent gets in his SUV, calls in that his area is clear, and then is promptly shot by a Starkwood operative.  Another FBI agent takes him into custody and realizes that the operative was trying to smuggle out a canister of the bioweapon. He calls it into Moss and then the operative breaks free and shoots him. The operative takes off in the SUV as Moss gets ready to follow in the helicopter with Tony.
  21. Janeane Garofolo locates the vehicle on GPS and Renee reroutes Moss and all Swat teams to his location.
  22. Moss’ helicopter locates the Starkwood operative and the operative pulls to the side of the road. Moss has the helicopter land and the operative shoots out the pilot. Moss and Tony make a run for it and return fire but Moss takes a shotgun blast to his bulletproof vest.
  23. HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Tony was playing them all along and suffocates Moss. I am seriously fucking stunned. Did not see that coming. Nooo! I didn’t want Tony to be bad and don’t kill Moss!
  24. Tony checks out the canister and tells his friend to take off and hide. He’s going to take care of the FBI and find him a way out.

Was this one of the most intense episodes of 24 ever? What the hell is Tony doing? Is he working for someone? Is Slater somehow involved? That guy is still pretty sketchy. Is Jack going to live? (previews seem to indicate he’ll be fine) Will Kim help? Is Moss dead? How will Renee respond? Does Tony have anyone else on the inside? Janeane Garofolo? Where are: the First Gentleman, the Vice-President, Chloe & Morris, Sean, Ethan, and the President’s daughter? Who was Jon Voight referring to as being above him? Former President Daniels? Was I right about Jack’s father?



1. Matt_T - Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I’m so confused. I don’t understand why Tony would blow up most of the bioweapons but keep one. Or were the missiles just a cover? And Tony risked his life for the FBI but then turned on them? There better be some good answers.

Daniels being behind it all makes sense. I wonder if Jack will finally let Kim help? I’m assuming so, or how else will he be fine for next season?

If Moss really is dead, that sucks, I was starting to like him

2. DougOLis - Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I dunno, I guess it may have been a cover and means for him to get his own bioweapon. Having all of the rockets seems like it’d probably be a bit out of his capabilities so maybe he just wanted a small amount. If he really wanted to get the government back he would never have came to Jack with the bioweapon plot and just let it happen, so I have no idea what’s going on.

Daniels does make a lot of sense given how bitter the handoff of power was in 24:Redemption. He did seem to have something to do with Hodges and Sangala at that time too. So now we’re looking at two 24 ex-Presidents (Daniels & Logan) with terrorist plots against America? greeeeaaattt

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