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DeadOn’s 411 on 90210 – Off the Rails Wednesday, April 8, 2009

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People are going crazy – or as one may say, “off the rails” – so let’s see if anyone gets stabby. Or plays with a gun and accidentally shoots themselves in the belly, setting into motion the ascent of Brian Austen Green. Dear Lord, let’s hope it is not number two.

This week, Silver goes full bore loopy, and Adrianna realizes she may not be terrible at this kid thing. Plus, Brandon is back… just behind the camera. Tease!

What Happened to the Main Cast of Characters
Harry Wilson
I almost hear a hint of approval to the idea of his son being filmed knocking boots, but he goes into full Dad mode as he tries to protect all the kids.

Debbie Wilson
More shocked by the tattoo than the sex or the filming of it, she first leaps to an assumption that Silver is on drugs. Kansas Side of her freaks out further when she tries to hack into Dixon’s computer, blaming morals of Beverly Hills.

Annie Wilson
While Dixon deals with CrazyEx, Annie is in full-out Catholic mode, guilting Ethan about the end of their relationship. She leaps into Family Mode when she gets the call about the bonfire from the end of last week’s episode. The rest of the episode for her is yo-yoing between being mad at Ethan or Naomi or herself. She’s a little more cracked up than everyone else, it seems.

Dixon Wilson
What is worse – your sex buddy losing her sense of stability, or having to tell your parents it was your magic stick that made it happen? Dixon gets to try both on for size tonight. After Silver calls him with some cryptic messages, he becomes firmly detached from the situation. His big scene comes at the end, as he confesses that his mother was bipolar, up and down, and he can understand why Silver is feeling this way.

Naomi Clark
Naomi, coming off her own high of Liam’s Fast & Furious racing and deep throat kissing, gives the best logical explanation of why someone would make their own porno – “to study your own moves, like an athlete watching replays.”

Ethan Ward
Ever the guy every parent wants their daughter to date (save for the whole schoolyardhead thing from the premiere episode), he takes Annie to her parents to help with the crisis, then to hunt for Silver. Remember, not awkward unless we let it BE awkward.

Silver is full-out-of-her-mind as we open the episode, screaming at teacher Matthews in his place, asking him to make it right. As she comes down from her freaked out high, she just sobs about not knowing Dixon before bolting. She later calls Dixon, saying life isn’t worth living without him and she was going back to the source. We next see her at the train station, babbling on about connected moments and sources and how she has to go to Kansas. All of this is said to Creepy Loner Guy with Chunky Glasses, who we later see stealing from her purse. But, oh, wait – he took her cell phone and called the last number, all to help her out. Maybe he wasn’t so Creepy.

Oversleeping past her train, Silver ends up standing on the tracks as she melts down even more. She darts in front of a train, then hides behind a sign, revealing herself only as Dixon spills his secret. Hugs and hearts and tears.

Adrianna Duncan
The pregnant rehabbed junkie actress feels she’d rather be searching drug-infested neighborhoods than babysitting Kelly Taylor’s kid, but that is where she is. Despite her fears, she does a good tractor voice, though the book she reads involves a red tractor, and everyone knows tractors should be green, damnit.

Navid Shirazi
He apparently has the parental touch, able to get Kelly’s kid to fall asleep right away, and can set up Adrianna to do embarrassing voices.

Kelly Taylor
She’s feeling more and more like her own mother and a failure, not knowing what is wrong with Silver. Once reunited, she takes Silver to a hospital.

Secondary Characters
Ryan Matthews – After dodging the wine bottle Silver throws at him and trying to get her bandages in her ruse, he joins in the hunt. He apologizes to Kelly for the behavior of sleeping with Brenda and being a douche.

Tabitha Wilson – Sigh… still not guesting.

Brenda Walsh – Absent!

Okay, there was a fun scene almost four minutes long, of interspersed conversations, picking up each other’s sentences between the Wilson family, Kelly, Ryan, Navid, Adrianna, and Naomi, including a laundry list of drugs. Also, the not-so-subtle advertising for Dr. Pepper is bold.
The story line moved along a bit quickly – in the span of one night, they go from totally lost and unsure, to Silver breaking into a house, to now everyone being okay and not questioning what will happen with her.

Next Week
Donna Martin!



1. used bobcats - Monday, April 20, 2009

I don’t normally respond but I’ve been a lurker long enough. Great post – keep it up!

2. daizan - Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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