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American Idol Roundtable – Top 8 Performance Show Recap Wednesday, April 8, 2009

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YAY! I managed to get a Roundtable up this week afterall! You have no idea the amount of amazing one-liners and zingers that just sit in my inbox when I lack the ability to get one of these things up in time. If you watched last night’s performance show, then you probably have an idea of where we’re going with this. Especially if you tuned in for the liveblog.  The steaming cowpie awaits you…

We’ve got family interviews and kid pictures to open tonight, but it is only an hour tonight, so let’s hit the ground running.

Danny Gokey – Stand By Me
Apparently, someone covered the classic in 1980, which is a crap reasoning to let him do this classic. His stripped down opening rolls into peppy/jazzy version, which really was not good. In the last part, he goes into a full Taylor Hicks rendition, leaving the mic stand behind. Just a bad arrangement, but he’ll be safely through.

Kris Allen – All She Wants To Do is Dance
He’s off to the side in the same satellite stage that TimberLite used last week, so you can barely see the short guy. The arrangement had horns all over behind him, almost drowning him out, and it was this weird poppy-jazz thing, which I don’t entirely get. We’re 0-for-2 on the arrangements, and the judges are also not fans. It wasn’t good, but one of the Two Best so far.

Lil Rounds – What’s Love Got To Do With It?
Nice! Full out Tina Turner look for the performer they’ve practically been begging to do this. Her hair is a little too under control for the complete Tina Turner phase. She hits all the notes, mimics Tina’s moves and even nails a big closing. It was close to Tina’s version, which is much to the judge’s chagrin.

Anooooooop – True Colors
I don’t know what the hell Seacrest is drumming up about some drama between Anoop and Kara last week. How ironic that he talks about hating taking pictures, and then sings this song, since Kodak used it for a long time. Or maybe it is brilliance. Probably the former. He’s our first stool performance of the night, and is too slow, which doesn’t seem to be what Anooooop needed tonight. SlowSmooth hasn’t fared well for him in the past, and he is pantomiming as he goes through his notes. Nice preppy sweater and unknotted tie, dude. Since I didn’t care for it, the judges of course loved him.

Scott MacIntyre – The Search Is Over
He should have gone REO Speedwagon. Though he steps away from the piano for the first time, picking up an “axe”, he struggles to hit some of the high notes. I cannot believe ALL of us missed this in the live chat – the ending line of his song is that the search is over, since love was always there… “right before his eyes”. Well, no wonder he missed it!

Allison Iraheta – I Can’t Make You Love Me
Dear God, I feel ancient right now. This was a great choice for her, matching Bonnie Raitt’s tones. This is hands down the performance of the night, though once again she is in some sort of funky outfit. Still, with all the songs of 92 available to her, choosing this seems a bit surprising, though maybe smart – would anyone have done anything but criticize her for doing something like “One”? I would have spent the whole time bashing.

Timberlite – Part Time Lover
Jaunty Hat! Hated it! Once again, I get confused – the judges smash on Lil and others for reperforming, but here, other than dancing and a Jaunty Hat, he stays relatively true to Stevie Wonder’s arrangement, and they lube him and rub him down. I’d put it in the bottom three, but the judges are all over with praise.

Despite being at the 58 minute mark of 61 minutes blocked, they cut to two munutes of commercials… evil Fox Programming Bastards!!

Adam Lambert – Mad World
Bathed in weird blue lighting, this was decent, but not great – but I liked the original. Another person’s Facebook update read “went to watch fringe and saw some morlock butchering the song mad world on american idol……that was disturbing”, so take that for what it will as a sample. However, with Idol way over on time – almost eight minutes over, and he did not come on until after DVRs cut out. What will the effect be on him for the voting?

Not as great a night as we had hoped for, though the live blog made it more enjoyable. Pretty clear now who the judges are blatantly rooting for, too. Plus, they keep running over – just be honest with the timing!

Performance Wise, the top three were Allison Iraheta, Lil Rounds. Anoop and Adam earned my “meh” votes, while Scott, Kris, and Timberlite would be the bottom three. Not sure if they voting will follow it, but it should. Scott will likely end up going home.

Danny – I hated the arrangement and I don’t really care that someone covered it in 1980, that’s getting around it. He sounded fine, but it was a crap arrangement and was boring, he’ll be safe though.

Kris – Interesting song choice, but not all bad. Like JB said, the arrangement was bad for him, way too loud. It was a fun performance though. He should be safe too.

Lil – I had no idea that was her real name until last night. So for once, I actually learned something from the puff pieces. I really enjoyed this. She did Tina well. And afterwards we were treated to this weeks version of the judges trashing someone way too harsh. I’m not sure what the judges want, this was one of her best performances all season. I think she may actually show up in the bottom 3.

Anoop – True Colors. Decent performance from Anoop, I’m not a big fan of the song, and it was way to slow. All in all, a very mediocre performance, he could be in trouble.

Scott – Awful, awful, terrible, bad, etc. He’s reaching Sanjaya levels for me. Especially with the sassing of the judges, and basically saying he’s going to do what he wants. This was so bad it wouldn’t even be on the lite FM station in your town. And Scott, don’t ever refer to anything as your punk side. You wouldn’t know punk if Johnny Rotten punched you in the dick. He should be in the bottom 3.

Allison – Loved it. Great song choice for her, perfect for her raspy voice. She nailed it. She should be safe.

Timberlite – I enjoyed this. He brought back the jaunty hat and a funky performance. He actually looks like he’s enjoying himself and the crowd seems to appreciate that. I definitely do. I think he’ll be safe.

Adam – Well, it finally happened. I liked an Adam performance. I would have loved it, had he not gone into his usual shouting towards the middle, but all in all it worked. He should be safe.

Bottom 3: Lil, Scott and Anoop with Scott finally leaving us.

Danny – How in the hell does this qualify for 1980? The Producers never stop amazing me with their ability to bend the rules. I didn’t particularly care for his performance. His voice wasn’t great, the arrangement was weird, and it just felt awkward. My roommate called it “the worst version of the song he’s ever heard.”

Kris – Don Henley is a solid choice for him but either the arrangement or song choice wasn’t great (I’m not real familiar with the song). It didn’t blow me away but it was fine. It lacked energy and emotion and was pretty monotonous. He probably could have chosen a better song (i.e. one of mine).

Lil – I said I kind of expected this song and I didn’t think it would be a wise choice and I don’t regret saying that. Very forgettable performance and the vocals were pretty “meh.” Her voice really isn’t that great. She’s very lucky she has her niche to herself. I agreed with the judges.

Anoop – Cyndi Lauper is a very interesting choice, especially when he had so many options. And the risk paid off very well for him. Beautiful performance and very sweet. I previously hadn’t particularly cared for his slow stuff but I liked this one a lot. He rocked the Anthony Fedorov Stool tm Lady Andrea.

Scott – Props for getting out from behind the piano. I actually liked the song choice (for him) this week but it all justproves how terrible his voice is. It sounded like a bad karaoke Disney power ballad. If that makes sense. I expect him to rock the VFTW and sympathy vote this week.

Allison – Lady Andrea gets the call right on this one and it was a pretty obvious selection in hindsight. Good but it was lacking something. It was almost very good but needed a bit more emotion. I wasn’t quite in love with it as much as the judges; I’ve heard better renditions.

Matt – Disappointed none of my ’85 songs were chosen but he did a solid job with Stevie. Vocals were pretty good andhe rocked it. Well done there.

Adam – Hey! I called it (albeit one of my many options), consider me pleasantly surprised. What the hell is that giant glowing blue orb he’s sitting on? Weird. Oh, that’s a chair somehow. He kind of does the Gary Jules (another San Diegan like Adam) alternate version of “Mad World” but puts his own Oursish spin on it. He’s self-indulgent as always but it was really good and clearly the best on the night. I know the other recappers are going to hate it but it was fabulous. I didn’t care for the falsetto at the end though.

Top 3 – Anoop, Matt, and Adam with Adam FTW

Bottom 3 – Lil, Scott, and Danny with Scott to go
This week was surprisingly mediocre and the song choices were surprisingly bad given how good of options were out there. Lil’s stock is really dropping for me and she’s horribly overrated.

Just another ridiculous week that should have been better than it was? Remember a couple of a weeks back when we were all “hey! This isn’t the shit show we expected!”? Well, the shit show is here. Pop the cork.

Danny – Total cop-out. I’m sure somebody covered just about any song in any year. Doesn’t mean it belongs to that year. This is about as loose an interpretation as you can get of “songs from the year you were born” – it makes the rules for “Top Downloads” week seem like English boarding school. Meh performance.

Kris – I loved the song choice. Totally left-field there, but it was just kinda there. Not nearly upbeat enough and hardly memorable. Luckily, he wasn’t too shabby and he remains part of the handsome youth pastor vote.

Lil – I really loved the initial Tina Turner vamping. In retrospect, the whole thing wasn’t great, but I don’t think it was nearly as blah as the judges made it seem to be. Lil seems to be getting held to a different standard. She should be good enough to get through, but I think she might be Bottom 3 bound.

Anoop – I missed the whole of this performance as my damn weiner mutts were busy having a very loud “fight” when Anoop came on. I think they miss Kutner.

Scott – I’m with Doug on thinking it was an interesting song choice and not a terrible idea in thought, but the execution was all wrong. It highlighted that he is the worst remaining singer and his days should be coming to an end. Nowish.

Allison – Best of the night, I though. Then again, the youngster has really grown on me of late. I’m past the whole Junior Miss Hot Topic 2009 aspect and on to the fact that I dig the raspy voice and her apparent appreciation for good songs. Plus, it’s hard to go against a well done Bonnie Raitt cover.

Matt – Timberlite doesn’t bore me, he doesn’t excite me, and I think he might be the man to save the Michigan economy. If the Spartans couldn’t do it…

Adam – I don’t deny Adam is very talented. And there is no doubt that my personal bias against his way of performing/singing play a lot into my opinions of him. Maybe I’m just sick of the judges being so far in the tank for him. The unnecessary falsetto has got to be stopped one of these weeks, though.

Bottom Three – its probably going to be Lil, Anoop, and Scott. I’m gonna go on and predict that Lil is voted off either this week or next so that the judges can “save” her. Hopefully Scott is finally sent packing tonight.



1. JB - Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just remember to apologize to my wife in the LiveBlog comments. She was quite distraught.

DialIdol was all over the board last i looked – which was before the West coast voting finished – as to who was going home. Lots of at risk. We’ll see.

2. Matt_T - Thursday, April 9, 2009

Whoo! My prediction actually came true. See ya later Scott

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