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24 on 24 – Day 7 – 12:00 A.M. to 1:00 A.M. Recap Tuesday, April 7, 2009

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The Following Takes Place Between 12:00 A.M. And 1:00 A.M.

  1. Jon Voight confronts Moss and says he needs to get off his property and release Slater because the order from the President gives them the authority to search the one warehouse. He gives a speech about faithfully serving the country for 30 years and being betrayed by the government. He gives Moss 5 minutes to clear out.
  2. Jack discovers that the Chairmen of Starkwood’s Board, Douglas Knowles, was the leak whom was helping Senator Red Foreman. He calls up Knowles and Doug is willing to help stop Jon Voight.
  3. Starkwood’s team of mercenaries starts moving in on Moss’ team and Moss passes off his ear-piece to Tony. Jack wants Moss to retreat while having Tony sneak out and stay behind so he can contact Douglas.
  4. Moss makes his move to retreat and punches Slater creating a distraction for Tony to slip through the mercenaries.
  5. Doug finds Tony and they hide behind some bunker. Janeane Garofolo helps give directions while Jack starts tweaking out from the bioweapon.
  6. Jack calls the President and tells her that Moss’ team was confronted by the Starkwood mercenaries and she’s incredulous they would take on the government.  Jack says a surgical airstrike can probably take out the weapons once Tony and Doug locate them, but the President wants visual confirmation by Jack. She thanks him for his service and expresses regret for his exposure.
  7. Olivia sneaks off to take a phone call and her reporter hookup wants to know why the Joint Chiefs of Staff were called in and somehow knows about the port authority cop that Jack saved. The reporter blackmails Olivia into meeting him and giving more details.
  8. Jack pulls up an infrared satellite to try and see which building the weapons might be in. He notices a coldspot that Voight be blocking with some sort of shield. Why didn’t they do this before they raided the other warehouse?
  9. Tony gets into the building with the help of Janeane Garofolo while Doug distracts some patrolmen around the building. Doug is taken into custody.
  10. Jack collapses on the floor and starts going into a seizure.
  11. Jon Voight instructs his patrolmen to take Doug to his office and make sure he stays there.
  12. Olivia meets with her reporter and confirms the presence of a WMD. She tells him everything about Starkwood and the bioweapon. He blackmails her into sleeping with him by saying he won’t run the story. She actually does seem to care about the attack on the base not being leaked and it looks like she might actually not be all bad.
  13. Jack meets with a doctor and she gives him something to temporarily help him. She says there’s an experimental procedure that might help cure him by using the stem cells of a relative.
  14. Jack makes a run for it at the mention of Kim and he doesn’t want her involved. Renee tries to convince him otherwise.
  15. Tony continues moving in with the guidance of Janeane Garofolo and Jack. He takes out 2 members of the security detail.
  16. Tony steals their gear and drops into the basement via an elevator. He provides images of the weapons and Jack verifies what they are. He tells Tony to get the fuck out of there now so they can bomb it.
  17. Jon Voight comes to see Doug and Doug tries to convince him not to take on the federal government. Voight kills him in cold blood with a whiskey bottle and throws him off a balcony.
  18. Slater tells Jon Voight that a squadron of F-18s is headed towards their base and Voight wants to be connected to the President.
  19. The reporter used Olivia for the sex and he intends to run the story anyway. But little does he know that she was videotaping their sex and says she’ll send it out if he ever tries to cross her. Badass.
  20. The President convenes the Joint Chiefs and they are going to drop bunker busting weapons on Starkwood. Risk of contamination is minimal.
  21. Jon Voight meets with Slater and a doctor that Tony met in the elevator and calls it a historic day and gets all smarmy about killing Doug.
  22. Some Admiral (I think) says that the attack squadron is in route but Starkwood knows they’re coming. He doesn’t think they have anti-aircraft artillery that can stop them though.
  23. The President receives a call from Jon Voight and he tells her to stand-down or he will launch missiles that are armed with the bioweapon at various East Coast cities. He gives her a 30 second ultimatum and she orders the Joint Chiefs to abort the airstrike and does not look happy.
  24. So who’s ready for Kim next week? Will she help Jack and will she let him? Are Renee and/or Tony going to be the lead next season? What does Voight want? It can’t be as simple as the Senate dropping the investigation right? Is Olivia evil or awesome?


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