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30 Rock 3.16 – Apollo, Apollo Thursday, April 2, 2009

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Tracy has decided he wants to go into space, and holds a press conference. Dennis shows up at Liz’s door again. As part of his 12-step sex addiction recovery, he apologizes to Liz. Jack’s mom has sent him up a bunch of old movies, including one of him at his ~8th birthday party, where he’s so excited by one of his gifts that he vomits. Included was also his list of things to accomplish by age 501. He’s accomplished almost all of them. Jenna’s hooked up to a flying rig. While she’s Peter Panning it up, Liz is holding Jenna’s cell phone, on which she gets an apology call from Dennis.

Liz and Jack (“I have a Google News Alert for ‘Tracy Jordan ridiculous disaster'”) are trying to talk Tracy out of his planned trek among the stars (Wordplay!), but Tracy talks about his childhood dreams, which is enough for Jack. Or so it would seem! Actually, he wants Liz to fake a launch for Tracy.

Liz confronts Jenna over the whole “sleeping with Dennis” thing. The passive aggressiveness is palpable.

Kenneth and Jack talk about his birthday. Jack wonders what it would be like to see the world through Kenneth’s eyes and we are immediately transported to the world of Muppetvision. Jack realizes, however, that there are some empty spaces in his life.

Liz and Jenna go to confront Dennis. Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t strengthen their relationship for Liz to learn more details.

Jack has hired Adam West to MC his birthday, but Jack realizes it’s all wrong and dismisses his guests. Liz, arriving late, thinks she’s still the first to arrive, but Jack is sitting alone, fixated the image of his old birthday party, wondering what was in the box that could’ve made him so happy. He resolves to find out.

Liz is on set for Tracy’s launch. They’ve blindfolded him to prevent “space madness” and he’s prepping for launch. On the stage, Jenna is set for dress rehearsal. Liz, still pissed about her dalliance with Dennis, decides not to say anything. Jenna falls about ten feet and crushes some sort of doghouse thing. Oops.

Jack drags in IT, then gift-giver Jimmy Flaherty, then a deaf woman to read Young Jack’s lips to figure out what was in the box. The answer? “Apollo.”

Jenna has it out with Liz in the hallway, announcing that her crutches are real this time, but they interrupt their fight for Tracy’s Right Stuff walk. To punish her, Jenna cuts Liz off as her plus-one to the “Canadian Grammys” and it wounds me that they can’t just call it the Junos.

Launch time. Tracy “rockets” into “space”. Jack and Kenneth are watching in Tracy’s dressing room, Jack having brought in a phenomenal copy of the Apollo model that he received as a child. We get a chance to see the world through Tracy’s eyes too, where everyone looks like Tracy, through Jack’s (everything has a pricetag), and one last look through Kenneth’s. Actual Liz/Muppet Liz continuity is awesome.

Both Lizzes are on their way to see Jenna. As a last resort to mend their friendship, Liz tells Jenna that she can tell the crew about the commercial she did in Chicago. Jenna runs to the writers’ room. It turns out that the commercial was for a phone sex line. Frank immediately finds it on YouTube. It is a masterpiece. The “acting”, Liz’s introduction (“Hi, I’m Bijou!”), the number (1-900-OKFACE), the languages (English, German, or Polish), the “sexy” pizza-eating. It’s fantastic. Jack walks in, is told what he’s seeing, and begins laughing hysterically. He builds and builds…and…ralphs in the bin Kenneth is carrying. FULL CIRCLE!

Jack’s list of things he wants to do by age 50:

  • Go to Disneyland
  • Ride in an airplane
  • Kiss Peggy Flemming
  • Own a pair of Coca Cola pants
  • Live in a house with stairs
  • Ride in Wienermobile
  • Beat up a Russian
  • Hit Mom with a car
  • Be friends with Batman


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