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30 Rock 3.15 – The Bubble Thursday, April 2, 2009

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Liz tells Kenneth she’s going out for lunch, and Tracy has his usual demands, but Kenneth has already anticipated his needs. Tracy: “You are my Radar O’Reilly, Ken. Now get in here and rub my feet ’til you hear a chopper coming.”

Jack comes up to Liz, inquiring after Tracy’s mood. His contract is up and Jack will be re-negotiating it. Since Tracy has ridiculous coin now, it’s all about developing the personal relationship. He and Tracy have even gotten matching BFF bracelets. Liz, amused and a little touched: “You guys are best friends forever?” Jack: “That’s not what that stands for.” He leans in to whisper in Liz’s ear. Liz: “Why would you celebrate that?

Drew and Liz are walking down the sidewalk when a random woman stops him to say that he looks nice today. Then a cop sees him and decides to tear up his parking ticket. Then Calvin Klein decides that Drew should be his next underwear model.


Jack is shocked when Liz returns from lunch at Plunder. Apparently Drew’s good looks have been opening doors. Liz wonders how he managed to turn out so well after being treated like that. Jack says that sometimes the bubble can be a good thing and offers himself as an example. Liz offers a Kristen Wiig-worthy eye-roll to that, but Jack/Alec offers up a picture of himself at 25. Liz: “What?! You have a Superman chest!” Jack tells her to enjoy her bubble-proximity while she can.

Jenna has an announcement for the staff: She’ll be cutting her hair for charity and publicity. No one will be talking about Tracy when she cuts her hair off live on the Today show.

Jack meets with Tracy, Grizz, and Dotcom up in his office. Tracy agrees to Jack’s offer of a renewal of his present contract plus a 3% raise. Jack then manages to completely screw up his own deal by telling Tracy that it’s not about money, and that he doesn’t need to work. So Tracy quits.

Drew tells Liz it was nice of those guys to give up their tennis court for them. He warns her that he was a tennis pro in college. He taught kids at the Y and all their moms wanted to take private lessons from him. Yeah, I bet they did. We then get a lovely montage set to the theme from A Summer Place of Drew flailing ridiculously. An older woman asks if he gives lessons.

Back at Liz’s apartment, she tries Dr. Drew’s Salmon Bourgignon. The orange taste is Gatorade. His sketch of her is not up to DiCaprio standards. Liz appears unsatisfied by his manly prowess. And based on his Heimlich technique, he appears to have passed the written part of his medical boards through extraordinary luck and perhaps an enclosed photo.

Liz confides in Jack that Drew has succumbed to some of the dangers of the bubble. She wants to try informing him of what’s really happening, but Jack warns her of the dangers of this. “You wake a sleepwalker, you risk getting urinated on.”

Kenneth is freaking out about Tracy quitting. His accent is strangling him. Liz is entertained that Jack is the one hiding his screw-up, for once.

Jenna is talking about her haircut.

Jack’s thought of a new strategy to get through to Tracy. He calls Tracy and has a guy from Accounting impersonate noted Black Crusader Bill Cosby, but the plan backfires and Jack resorts to doing his best Billy Dee Williams to try to salvage the call.

The first stage of Liz’s plan? Forcing Drew to actually wait for a table.

Jack has decided to enlist the help of Grizz, Dotcom, and Tracy’s sons Tracy Jr. and George Foreman. Tracy Jr. is emphatic that Jack has to fix this. His dad packed him a lunch of mayonnaise and cigarettes. He set up a home recording studio in their rec room. And now he’s got an unemployed father. “You tryin’ to make a stereotype outta me? Did you even vote for Obama?”

At the restaurant, Drew decides that, even though he doesn’t see them on the menu, he wants a catfish po’boy and diet raspberry Fanta. Liz cheerfully agrees to order that for him. She covers his face when the waitress shows up and receives a decidedly frosty reception to her requests. Drew is mystified by this and the lack of complimentary appetizer sampler. Liz attempts to explain to him about the bubble. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to treat him like that anymore.

Back on the tennis courts, Liz is demonstrating basic competence and kicking the crap out of him. The comedown from the bubble is a harsh one.

Back at 30 Rock, Jack figures out the one way to get leverage over Tracy: Kenneth. He’s still been doing all his usual work for Tracy. Jack orders him to cut Tracy off. When Tracy calls in, Kenneth affects a British accent and the name “Cranston”.

Jenna. Hair.

In the home studio, Tracy discovers he’s thirsty. But there’s no one to help him out. He calls up “Cranston” for Kenneth and is surprised to hear weeping.

Kenneth goes up to Jack’s office to tell him it’s too difficult for him. Jack tells Kenneth to keep at it, as Tracy will eventually turn up at 30 Rock asking Kenneth to go with him.

On Today, Meredith Vieira is talking to Jenna about her haircut. She was turned down by Locks of Love, but her hair will instead be going to Merkins of Hope. As the hairdresser begins his first cut, Meredith turns the talk to Tracy quitting TGS, of which Jenna was unaware. After the first snip, Jenna is out of there.

Tracy comes up to Kenneth at his station, telling him he’s come by to get a few of his things. He swipes the plant off Kenneth’s desk and a box of tissues. He threatens that if he walks out that door, he won’t be calling again. Kenneth tries not to break, but it’s too much. Jack tells him that he can go help Tracy, but he’ll need to turn in his page jacket. Kenneth starts panicking, but Tracy steps in. He’s outsmarted Jack. He’ll come back to work, therefore Kenneth can stay a page. Jack: “Damn you and your meddling.”

Liz is walking back to her apartment when she meets Drew waiting for her outside the building. He’s decided he wants to stay in the bubble, but he wants her in it too. She doesn’t think that’s gonna work.



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