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DeadOn’s 411 on 90210 – “Life’s A Drag” Wednesday, April 1, 2009

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After a long, long time away (including, evidently, two episodes my DVR didn’t get), everyone’s favorite zip code is reopened for business in episode 17, “Life’s a Drag”.

This week, Naomi tries to snake her way into new guy Liam’s life, Silver gets carried away with looooooooove, and Hip Teacher Ryan finds himself in another awkward spot. Or so the previews would lead us to believe. Let’s see, shall we?

What Happened to the Main Cast
Harry Wilson
Parenting drama, as he and Aunt Becky try to figure out how to handle Annie’s quitting the play. He is also concerned by the barrel fire in his front yard.

Debbie Wilson
Aunt Becky is loving seeing Harry lift heavy objects – prepping for the post-50 years, perhaps? And she doesn’t like the ideas of being accused of women being crazy. And she wants to work more, evidently.

Annie Wilson
Boy trouble with Ethan! She quits the play over it, in fact. And once she finds out from Adrianna about Ethan kissing Coach’s daughter, she flips over it. Weird, how things work that way.

Dixon Wilson
Dixon’s getting freaky in the Media Room with Silver, after the bleachers and cafeteria. He just wants to try a bed, though gets a bit too much shock when Silver shows up at his house in the middle of the night, parents down the hall. He also does not enjoy seeing a sex tape of him and Silver on the big screen – who would have thought?

Naomi Clark
Naomi’s all hot for the new guy, Liam – Secret High School Bartender – and is even fantasizing about him as the show starts. She is going to tutor him in math, but she is not very good at it. However, she gets the same fantasy rush off the speed of the racecar, a bit of fright when Liam bashes a car window in her honor, and the passion kiss she was craving.

Ethan Ward
Ethan is apparently bothered by the fact that Annie is a very good actress, making him question if he knows her. It sounds like someone is just looking for excuses to not feel guilty for macking on Coach Taylor’s daughter. I wonder what Saracen thinks of that? He gets confused when Coach’s daughter tells him they are no longer friends, since she wants his lacrosse stick.

Silver got a nasty streak in her, trying to convince Dixon to get naughty in places like a rose garden. She also is all sorts of inspired by Lord Byron’s love poems, and will cover it in film. While filming, she and Dixon get it on in the Peach Pit storage room. She gets hopped up on coffee and natural rush about renting a theatre for her video. Her film debut is met with a smattering of enthusiasm – last minute invites and all – which is probably for the best, since it involves some sex scenes from the storage room. Once again, she is left stunned when Dixon doesn’t react well to the reveal. She flips, going pyro and burning everything related to the tape in front of his house. The last scene is her having broken into Teacher Ryan’s house in a frenzied state, blaming him for setting her up and ruining her relationship all to extract revenge – all because both Ryan and Dixon asked if she were out of her mind.

This reminds me of a crazy girl from Texas I broke up with, who then cut everything of mine into perfect 1 inch by 1 inch squares in retaliation.

Adrianna Duncan
She is a secondary character, mostly existing to move story lines (Naomi’s infatuation, Annie’s concern about her man) along tonight.

Navid Shirazi
Poor guy doesn’t even get screen time tonight.

Kelly Taylor

Secondary Characters
Ryan Matthews – His poetry course has everyone thrilled. No, wait, that is sheer and utter boredom.

Tabitha Wilson – Still off filming Red Coats and Blue Bloods, which we’ll never to get to see, sadly.

Brenda Walsh – Absent!

Liam – Apparently, Secret High School Bartender appears a bit slow in the math department, so he gets tutoring from Naomi. He also evidently drives a Wanna-Be General Lee, and is quite a bit smarter than Naomi in the mathematics field. He is also all Mr. Fast & Furious, evidently.

If I see one more Hannah Montana commercial, I am going to go stabby. To combat American Idol, they certainly came with a lot of sizzle – sex, drama, and insanity. Good combination!

Next Week
Silver goes off the rails, with everyone hunting her and vague insinuations of suicide.



1. DougOLis - Wednesday, April 1, 2009

uhoh, didn’t realize this was back on. I had actually kind of started to forget about. How long has it been? Guess I have something else I need to watch now.

2. JB* - Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I think they threw two random episodes in, but it has been since late January.

The big problem is the main characters – the Brenda/Brandon – are just rough to watch. I haven’t decided yet if it is the actors or the writing, though I suspect it is more of the latter.

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