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American Idol Roundtable – Top 9 Performance Show Recap Wednesday, April 1, 2009

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Thanks to The Colonel for joining us in the liveblog last night. We had some technical difficulties (again) and I missed the chance to approve and let in the rest of the crew. One of these days, we’ll figure it out.  The Roundtable marches onward and upward though, so hit the jump for thoughts on last night’s shit fiesta of an episode


Yup, here we go – Seacrest gives us an attempt at drama faker than the banter between he and the judges.  Kara looks absolutely hot tonight, though Paula has chosen again to wear someone’s prom dress – and also seems to be ignoring Kara.  But I may imagining that.  Guess the economy has hit Idol beyond just the cancellation of Idol Gives Back week.

It is iTunes Top 100 Downloads week, so there should be less of a basis for comments about “non-relevant”.  This group will probably surprise us – in a bad way.


Anoop Dogggggggg!  He has brought back his high energy, performing Usher’s “So Caught Up”, and it is a good stage performance.  He is really into it, serenades Paula, and had the crowd.  The singing was not the strongest – he seemed a half a beat slower than Usher’s performance, which hurts a bit.  Randy immediately gives the first “Not sure it is the song I would have chosen for you” comment of the night, and the rest of the comments are not much more favorable.  This will not help him, especially from the first spot.

Megan Joy

Bob Marley’s “Turn Your Lights Down Low”?  I suspected she enjoyed some toking.  Those non-Mormons from Utah are naughty… and I’ll allow my mind to wander on the thought of Naughty Megan.  She may be the hot one left, but she needs to stop trying to dance; it is just distracting.  She gets one of the first Idol sweeping-circle-camera shots, which is to the benefit of several of our reviewer’s mental banks.  It is a good performance, with her normal Megan-isms (voice trembling, winking, playful looks).  The judges, though, panned her.  Of course.

Danny Gokey

Rascal Flatts’ “What Hurts The Most” – ugh.  He thinks everyone likes them, but I sure don’t – though I think I made that clear on country week.  Subtle – he doesn’t refer to the dead wife, but this song will remind people of it.  The single fiddle playing on the side of the stage is a nice touch, though.  This was actually a complete crap performance from him.  I’d compare it to Michael McDonald singing Rascal Flatts.  The crowd gobbled it up as he looked on with a smug smile, and of course, since I didn’t like it, the judges deep throated him.  Kara claims she has goose bumps, but it probably is just cold in the theatre.

Alison Iraheta

Did she re-dye her hair to an even more unnatural red-pink?  Her choice was No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak”, which she “grew up listening to.”  Remember – she’s only sixteen, after all.  That means she was three when the song was released.  Good Lord, I get older by the day.  She also pulled out the guitar to play – maybe – three strums on.  She seemed to either miss a few words or lose them in the gravel of her voice.  It was not great but not bad, and the judges commented a lot on her outfit, which was rather distracting – tights, crazy hair, twelve year old in twenty-three year old wanna-be rock clothes.  Paula also used the word “axe” to describe the guitar, distracting me from the rest of her babble.

Scott MacIntyre

He is looking to turn things around this week, he says, and will try to do so with Billy Joel’s “Just the Way You Are”. The piano and song seem in his wheel house, and a leather jacket is definitely a better choice than the pink outfit they gave him last week.  It was a solid performance, though definitely not one that would really be considered relevant.  The judges love it though. 


Wow – who would have guessed he’d do The Fray?  Shock, amaze, appall.  Playing the keyboard on an island in the crowd, his body motions look like he is dry humping the ivories.  Though to be fair, he may be getting a handjob from one of the mothers surrounding him.  The performance was kind of a wreck, as it was shouty and nasal.  The judges appeared to agree, with a lot of negativity.  Kara throws him a bone – I bet she would – saying she didn’t think he should go home no matter how much of a mess the song was.

Lil Rounds

Celine Dion?  Well, I read it was her birthday, and the song was definitely outside her comfort zone.  I understand thinking the judges had been nailing her for song choice, but “I Surrender” doesn’t seem like the way to avoid it. This was a strong vocal performance, but of all the songs available, it is not the one that I would have grabbed off the list.  No one did, actually.

Adam Lambert

This is getting repetitive, but ridiculous.  Despite telling several other people their choices were self-indulgent, they go crazy over Adam singing “Play That Funky Music”.  Really, that choice is not self-indulgent, done just to say “I can”?  Give me a break.  The random screeches, and the Tony Mareno hair, were as well.  We took some comments last week, but this once again epitomized my issue with Adam – he seems to be matching exactly what some formula says he should do to earn the praise and votes, and it is all too calculated and fake.  “True genius”, as Paula said, is idiocy, and comparison to Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler are over-the-top.  Also, Kara, for all your talk about relevancy, you make a Studio 57 reference?

Kris Allen

I disagree that there “Ain’t No Sunshine”.  This was original (as far as I know) for the Youth Pastor, and a great performance.  Having the pimp spot will be a boon as well.  The only thing that may hurt him is that it is not an ear-catching radio play ditty.  The judges love it, though.  Still wondering if anyone knows who he looks like.


·  Do they let the families/friends move to the front when their person performs?  It seemed they were always right behind Simon.

·  Gee, anyone think that Seacrest will be even more dickish than normal tomorrow, with April Fool’s Day and all?

·  Good to see they curtailed the judge banter crap. 


Anoop, Megan, TimberGiraud should be the bottom three, but one of them may be bumped by the voting by Allison. It should be TimberGiraud going home, though I fear this is probably Megan’s time.


Anoop – That was pretty rough. It sounded like mediocre karaoke. His voice wasn’t great and it was kind of boring.

Megan – Bob Marley? When has he had a popular song on iTunes anytime in the last few years? That was all over the place. Not a great song choice again. I guess she did do her own thing with it but whatever. She looked relieved to be done at the end. Heyy, Kara, “Chasing Pavement” was my choice for Lil, don’t give it away. I actually did think about that for Megan too though.

Danny – He had a couple of rough notes in there but it was quite good. Doing a country song actually worked out really well for him.  It didn’t stray a ton from the original but he put enough changes in it to make it his own.

Allison – Interesting choice from her. I’m not doubting the merits and quality of the song but how in the hell was this an option this week? It was released well over 10 years ago. She did alright but she should have gone the Pink/Kelly route. Was her outfit to remind people about the Osbournes coming up after Idol?

Scott – Ok, seriously, when the fuck has Billy Joel had a hit song in the past 20 years? This week’s theme is bullshit. It was maybe Scott’s best week so far but that’s not saying a lot. Still, this song choice is crap and the reason Scott should be gone. Fuck that. It was boring and dated.

Matt – Guess we missed on who would do The Fray but I give him credit for actually doing a song that’s currently in iTunes’ Top 100. I didn’t particularly care for his Justin falsetto but other than that it was decent. I really didn’t get the judges criticism. The Fray isn’t rock. Why does he have to commit to one side of Rock Pop vs R&B Pop?

Lil – Uggghhh, Celine. I hate this week. Her voice actually sounded off and pitchy this week. Not her style of song at all and was kind of crap. Too high and clean for her range. She should have done “Chasing Pavement.” The Producers already added in the save vote from the judges so why does Ryan need to exploit Lil’s kids to save her?

Adam – Once again, not a current song. He did good I guess but it was a cheesy ass song choice. It’s a song you drunkenly sing at karaoke or a wedding and not great for this arena. That said, he was good and did his own thing. He has entered the “I’m Keith Hernandez” zone. The fuck is Studio 57?

Kris – And another oldie. That was good. Nothing else to say.

Well, this week sucked. From the crappy execution of a good theme by the producers to a bunch of mediocre performances with terrible song choices, it frustrated the hell out of me. I could easily place most of them in the bottom 3.  Also, Kara is getting on my nerves.

Bottom 3: Megan, Lil, and the Producers with the Producers to go home

Top 3: Danny, Kris, and Matt (for at least doing something current) with Kris for the win


What a disappointment of an evening:

Anoop – I have to give him credit for picking a MODERN song and doing a decent job with it.  It was entertaining, and Anoop let the world know he wants to be an R and B artist.

Megan Joy – Oh Megan.  I love you, but Bob Marley?  Come on.  Marley is so boring.  I know you’re ‘quirky’ and have ‘tattoos’ but we get it.  Megan is in trouble

Danny – I didn’t hate this as much as I thought I would, and I really hate Rascal Flatts.  Sorry Chipper.  I did get that Taylor Hicks vibe again, but whatever, at least he picked a modern song.

Allison – Oh Allison.  I loved the song choice, but your voice isn’t made for a song like that.  She over powered it.  All while looking like an emo Rachel Ray.  She might be in some trouble again.

Scott – Terrible.  Beavis decided to go with another lame ballad.  Billy Joel?  Come on man.  You had a chance to be relevant, but you failed.  The judge hipocracy rears its head here, they loved it.  Of course, because they are old.  I thought Kara was supposed to help with that?

Matt – I do not like the Fray, one bit, but I actually liked this performance a lot.  It wasn’t perfect pitch wise, but it was entertaining, and he actually made the Fray interesting.  He gets bonus points for doing a song that’s actually on the radio right now.

Lil – Celine Dion.  Why?  There were so many other choices.  She didn’t do a bad job, but enough with the lame super power ballad song.  I think she’ll make her first appearance in the bottom 3 this week.

Adam – Total crap.  Self indulgent nonsense.  A song that was popular 30 years ago and only lives on at lame weddings.  Of course the judges loved it.  And Kara, its studio 54.  Unless there was some club next door that was lame, and that’s what you meant. 

Kris – Well this was another old song, but I didn’t mind it.  He sounded great, and he performed the song well.  He should be safe.

This was a terrible week.  The producers need to do a better job explaining what exactly the theme week was.  And they need to force them to sing newer songs.  I’m tired of hearing the same old ‘classics’

Bottom 3 guess:  Scott, Megan and Lil with Scott going home.  Megan will be saved by VFTW one more week.



1. JB - Wednesday, April 1, 2009

If anyone else is watching live, is Megan high? She just “flapped her wings” as she went to her seat.

2. angel - Thursday, April 2, 2009

I think she’s prepare to go home and she knew it. But i don’t know why would she act that way just not appropriate.

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