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24 on 24 – Day 7 – 11:00 P.M. to 12:00 A.M. Recap Wednesday, April 1, 2009

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The Following Takes Place Between 11:00 P.M and 12:00 A.M.

  1. Jack updates the CDC on the weapon and what he knows about it’s container, the leak, and his knowledge of testing in Sangala
  2. Jack strips down butt naked and we get a nice view of all his scars. He’s then scrubbed down by a team in hazmat suits with giant elephant brushes.
  3. Moss tells Janeane Garofolo about Jack and the bioweapon and has her prepare for an assault on Starkwood.
  4. The weapon makes it to Starkwood and Jon Voight has Slater interrogate Tony. He also has another guy get the weapons ready and wants it done in under 2 hours because the FBI is going to come with guns blazin’.
  5. Voight and Tony have a strange interaction where Voight seems to have a bit of a mancrush. He wants to offer Tony a way out but Tony says he doesn’t want anything.
  6. Olivia and the President are discussing new Chief of Staff replacements and Olivia suggest someone from the private sector that the President doesn’t seem thrilled about but she wants Olivia to be interim Chief of Staff. Oh boy.
  7. The National Security Advisor guy we haven’t seen in awhile comes in and connects the President to Moss. Moss tells her about the bioweapon, Jack being framed, and Starkwood. She wants the Cabinet and Joint Chiefs assembled. Olivia does not look too thrilled.
  8. Moss tells Renee that Jack was right about Starkwood but he was exposed to the bioweapon. He apologizes and has her reinstated because he wants her to debrief him. She starts crying and looks devastated about Jack being exposed.
  9. Olivia asks Aaron to stay on and be her security detail when she’s named interim Chief of Staff.
  10. The Cabinet meets and the Director of the CDC tells them that the bioweapon is a pathogen that attacks the central nervous system and leads to death within 1-2 days.
  11. The Cabinet doesn’t have any good options for containing the threat. It would take multiple bombing runs without guaranteed success, or an illegal (without Congressional approval) large scale invasion against 1,500 mercenaries.
  12. The guy guarding Tony prepares to execute him for no apparent reason (Redskins tickets? Really?) but Slater shoots him in the back before he can do anything. Slater frees Tony and wants immunity to help stop the attack.
  13. Jack makes it back to the FBI in a quarantined vehicle and says he’s not feeling any different. Apparently he’s okay because the CDC doctor attending him exposes herself. No, not that way.
  14. Oh. That’s no good. Jack is positive for the bioweapon but it was engineered not to be contagious. He’s patient zero and they don’t have a cure. Sad Renee
  15. Renee walks in on Jack when he’s changing and sees his scars.  She’s absolutely devastated. She says he did the right thing in saving the port authority cop though.
  16. Slater takes Tony back to his office and he gets a call from Jon Voight who’s pissed. He wants Slater with him and Tony dead soon. Slater tells Tony he doesn’t know why Voight is doing the attack; he says he was a patriot and it’s complicated.
  17. Tony calls Moss and they’re going to setup a secure conference call with the President.
  18. The President and Olivia watch footage of Juma testing Starkwood’s weapons on their people.
  19. Moss tells the President about Tony and Slater and gets her pardon and the ok to raid the Starkwood compound.
  20. Moss gets the location of the weapon and prepares the FBI team for the raid. Jack wants in but Moss won’t let him and Jack reluctantly agrees. Renee is still sad.
  21. Tony and Slater sneak into the section of the compound where the weapon is being held. Voight is getting impatient and knows the FBI is coming.
  22. How shitty is it that Moss and the FBI had to alert Starkwood’s Air Traffic Control and gain clearance before entering the base? That kind of ruins the suspense.
  23. The first wave of men that Moss’ team confronts lays down their weapons and they blow a hole in the wall in preparation for the raid. The raid the warehouse but it is completely empty. Slater used them to distract the team from the actual location of the weapon.
  24. Moss’ team heads outside and they are completely surrounded by a team of well armed mercenaries. Their leader gives a speech about Moss being a team of oppressive government agents invading private property and they are willing to defend it with force. He says they will fire if Moss moves any closer. Tony seems to recognize the guy from somewhere.


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