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American Idol Top 9 Roundtable Preview and Liveblog Tuesday, March 31, 2009

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Hey, it’s Tuesday already. Whaddyaknow. If you’re here for the liveblog (the both of you) then it will be going live at 8pm. You can access it by clicking below:

Click Here

If you are here for the weekly Roundtable preview, then I highly suggest that you click this here jump button…


This theme week is usually my favorite of the season.  We get to see the singers do something current rather than Barry Manilow week.  Although some people coughTaylorHickscough, wouldn’t know current if it punched them in the face.

These are my wish picks for each contestant:

Megan Joy:  Lily Allen’s cover of Womanizer.  If she does this, I will vote 10 times for her.

Scott:  You Found Me by the Fray.  Not that I like this song, but Scott can stay behind the piano and it works for him.

Kris:  I’m Yours by Jason Mraz..  Too obvious?  Yeah probably.  If not that, how about Come on Get Higher by Matt Nathanson

Allison:  A rock version of Love Story by Taylor Swift. 

Adam:  Either Sex on Fire or Use Somebody by Kings of Leon.  I think he could actually do well with either of those.  If he was feeling especially hipsterish, maybe Kids by MGMT?  He’ll probably end up doing Don’t Stop Believin’ 

Lil:  Disturbia by Rhianna.  There aren’t a lot of songs in her wheelhouse on the top 100 right now.

Timberlite:  Give you Hell by the All American Rejects.  He needs to do something different than a ballad this week. 

Danny:  I’m On a Boat.  Just kidding.  Thinking of You by Katy Perry.  Its sad y’all

Anoop Dogg:  Chicken Fried.  Zac Brown Band.  If only to hear Zac on Idol and for Anoop to do something completely out of left field.

I’m sure none of my wishes will come true, and we’ll get a night full of Nickleback


I am one of the last eleven people in the States without iTunes (Napster Unlimited FTW!), so I do not have access to the Official Top 100 List to make complete predictions.  I do like Matt’s list, though.

That said, I can almost guarantee the following:

·  Simon will criticize someone (Scott?) for taking a current song and making it “not relevant”

·  Paula will applaud at least four people for looking beautiful

·  Three people (Scott, Anoop, and Kris) will be told they chose songs that were not the best choice for them

·  Adam and Megan tear it up – this is their best possible week

·  Kara will attack someone for failing to connect with the audience, but gush over someone else for connecting.  We’ll all disagree.

·  There are at least six references to bewbs in the LiveBlog

·  I lose my mind if anyone covers Nickelback

Bottom Three – Scott, Alison, Kris.  Scott’s time comes to an end.


So how does anyone not know yet if it’s iTunes Top 100 or the #1 Downloads from the past 5 years (or however long Billboard has been tracking it). Anyway, I’m lazy and the iTunes list is a lot easier for me to see so I’m going to go off that (I have a feeling it’ll be the Billboard #1 Downloads though).

Let me say that if anyone does “I’m On A Boat” I will automatically vote for them and call them the greatest thing on this planet, no matter how bad or good it actually is. Conversely, if it is the Billboard #1s and someone does “You’re Beautiful” I will boo your ass for eternity.

Allison – The obvious song choices for me are Pink’s “So What” or “Sober” or Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You.” I guess Katy Perry is possible too but slightly less likely.

Lil – Adele’s “Chasing Pavements” would rock

Megan – “Poker Face” by Lady GaGa. I hope not because it’s a terrible song but it sounds like something she would do. Other options: Lily Allen’s “The Fear” (yes please!) or Britney’s “Womanizer”

Adam – I honestly have no idea but maybe “Viva La Vida.” I feel like that’s probably showy enough for him.

Anoop – “Jai Ho.” Cause I’m racist like that

Danny – Well, obviously he’ll go sad with his grandfather dying this week. I’ve never heard the song but by the title perhaps “Don’t Forget” by Demi Lovato

Kris – “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz seems totally obvious Matt. Other options are The Fray or Matt Nathanson, but he could mix it up and do Kings of Leon.

Matt – Any song that Justin Timberlake shows up on. “Love Sex Magic” by Ciara?

Scott – What’s the most terrible song on the list? He’ll do that. I actually don’t see a lot on the list that’s his style (since it’s current music and all). He might have to mix it up. “You Found Me” does seem like one of his few options that are pretty close.

Will this be the 1st week someone uses an Auto-Tune on Idol?

My bottom 3: Scott, Megan, and Matt with Scott to go


So, we’re all in agreement “I’m On a Boat” needs to be handled. Maybe the group sing. Also, it still confuses and frightens me that Matt Nathanson could conceivably be an Idol song choice since he has a hit. The world is a scary place sometimes.

Allison – agree with Doug. It’s gotta be Pink.

Lil – would kill on the Adele song. Also needs to happen.

Megan – will rebound this week, but I have no idea which way she’s gonna go here. I don’t think it’s GaGa or Spears, though.

Adam – this is where the GaGa needs to come into play. I’d high-five him for embracing being fabulous and singing “Just Dance”

Anoop – “Jai Ho” makes me laugh so hard. There’s gotta be like a John Mayer song available to him somewhere on this list though, right? He’s our Desi John Mayer!

Kris – if its not “I’m Yours” I’ll eat Matt’s shit hat. (I will not eat a shit hat)

Danny – Realllllly hope we don’t get much soft focus on his latest family tragedy. I’m sorry for the guy, but he doesn’t need more sympathy votes. I’m expecting ballad here though.

Scott – again, I go with Doug here. The Fray are a natural fit for him. Delightfully boring.

Matt – if only there were a solo Timberland song for Timberlite to tackle.  Is Thicke available for him perchance?  He’s going blue-eyed soul. He’s gotta.

Not sure on whom the whole Bottom 3 will be, but I think Scott’s time is nearing. He’s not contemporary at all and this is not the week for that to be the case. Not considering whom all is left.



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