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24 on 24 – Day 7 – 10:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M. Recap Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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The Following Takes Place Between 10:00 P.M. and 11:00 P.M.

  1. Moss tells Kanin that Jack killed Senator Red Foreman and that Kanin is responsible because he’s the one that allowed Jack access to Burnett. Kanin looks depressed.
  2. Jack calls Tony and tells him about what happened and the situation at the port. They’re going to meet up.
  3. Hey, the First Gentleman’s alive and updated about the recent events.
  4. Kanin tells the President that Jack killed Senator Red Foreman; she seems incredulous. He turns in his resignation for obvious reasons.
  5. Tony and Jack are at the port
  6. A harbor cop is on the phone with his wife when he hears something in a shipping container. He investigates and is confronted by Jack. Jack wants the shipping manifest for the port.
  7. Jon Voight wants to push ahead even though they have a good idea that Jack knows of the weapons.
  8. Jon Voight dispenses “Facts” like Dwight Schrute. Some guy Doug (the chairmen of the board?) wants to accept a plea bargain with the President regarding Starkwood’s impending federal indictment. Jon Voight obviously doesn’t and wants to use the day’s events to improve their position.
  9. Jack and Tony are trying to find the container in the shipping yard.  The harbor policeman tells them the terrorists are coming to pick up the container and he was helping to clear the process. The terrorists arrive and Jack sends the policeman out to let them in.
  10. Carl, the harbor policeman, lets the terrorist guys in and he’s nervous but surprisingly calm.  The terrorists make him come along and Jack is bummed while Tony is pretty blunt about his inevitable death. Is Renee wearing off on Jack?
  11. Olivia apologizes to Kanin for having to see him go and for the things she said. He gives her some words of advice about doing what’s right for the American people.
  12. She throws Kanin under the bus to her press contact and tells him that Kanin resigned because Jack killed Senator Red Foreman. Turns out she’s the leak and the reporter’s got a crush on her. Naughty naughty
  13. Moss sees that the files on Foreman’s computer were accessed recently and wonders why there were stray bullet slugs in the hall.
  14. Moss is starting to think there might be a 3rd party involved in the death of the Senator and he wants Renee’s guidance.  She reluctantly provides it to him.
  15. The terrorists collect their containers off the ship and prepare them for pickup.
  16. Jack wants to save Carl but Tony tries to talk him out of it. As one of the guys gets ready to shoot Carl, Jack snipes him.
  17. The terrorists realize the guy they sent to kill Carl is dead and they get in a firefight with Jack and Tony.
  18. The truck with the weapon on it gets loaded and drives off in the middle of the firefight while Jack lays chase.  He jumps on the roof from a stack of other containers and takes out the driver.
  19. Tony is captured by the terrorists and they recognize him as Jack drives away.
  20. Jack calls in to Moss and tells him that he has the weapon and he needs a CDC team at a specified spot ASAP. Moss believes him.
  21. Jack notices a warning light and alarm going off on the cargo and stops the truck. He realizes the container was damaged in loading and holds his breath and runs into the container and fixes some lever on the device.
  22. He makes it out but an attack team shows up with a helicopter and shoots at Jack. Jack makes a run for it and the helicopter airlifts the weapon away.
  23. Jack calls it in to Moss and tells him the terrorists have the weapon and redirect their attack towards Starkwood’s facility nearby.  Jack says the CDC has all the proof Moss will need for a warrant at the truck because he was exposed to the biotoxins.
  24. Is Jack going soft? Will either he or Tony live? Is Renee going to be released? Will Kanin be redeemed and Olivia taken down when the truth comes out? Was this episode kind of boring?


1. Matt_T - Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Was this episode kind of boring?

Yeah. But we were due for a dud after how good hte past few weeks have been.

Is it possible Olivia is on the side with Starkwood?

2. DougOLis - Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yeah, I think it’s definitely possible and it would surprise me; especially with her consulting business to defense contractors. What does she do anyway? The thing that makes me reluctant is that she probably wouldn’t have been cool with her brother and father being killed (her vendetta is against Kanin and her mother), and why would she rush back to the White House and stick around when she knew it was going to be attacked?

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