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American Idol Roundtable – Top 11 Performance Show Recap Wednesday, March 18, 2009

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COUNTRY WEEK, Y’ALL!! You’re missing out if you aren’t joining in on the Tuesday Night Idol Liveblog. Phrases are being coined left and right and we will now be referring to Michael Sarver as Fat Dale, Jr. Grand Ol’ Opry week wasn’t as awful as we anticipated and it left most of us pleasantly surprised. Except for one particular performance. Join us after the jump for the weekly meeting of the post-performance Roundtable…


The laptop has died – Blue Screen of Death and Fatal Disk Error – and the DVR failed to work, but caught the recaps last night.

I hope:
• June Carter Cash – not even Johnny – rolls over and out of her grave to kick Adam’s ass
• That the Fat Dale Jr moniker catches on
• Megan keeps on being hot
• Someone from Idol apologize to me for them not making Scott cover Milsap
• Alexis recognize my correctness in calling her Jolene performance


Well that wasn’t as much of a trainwreck (except for Adam) as I thought it would be. I actually enjoyed quite a few of the performances. And Megan. What a babe. Randy Travis was fantastic as a mentor, if only to see his expressions when some of the singers gave their choices. And what he said about Adam was priceless.

Michael Sarver – Ain’t Going Down: I didn’t hate this, but I didn’t love it. It was boring, and karaokeish. He’s in danger of going home, especially being in the first spot.

Allison Iraheta – Blame it on Your Heart: This was an enjoyable performance. For such a youngster, she has a great stage presence. Lots of energy and she sounded good too.

Kris Allen – To Make You Feel My Love: Kris goes without the guitar this week. Nice job turning this into a ballad He’s safe, the girls loved it.

Lil Rounds – Independence Day: As always Lil sounded great. The judges are harsh on her saying she shouldn’t ‘do’ country, and she should do what she’s good at. I know I say this every year, but the judges are nuts. They contradict themselves on this weekly. Sometimes they hate it when people go out on a limb, sometimes they love it. She’s safe anyways.

Adam Lambert – Ring of Fire: Absolutely horrid. He butchered a classic. There are some things you don’t do, and ruining a Johnny Cash song is one of them. He should be sent to Folsom for his crime. Simon blasts him, thank goodness. He’s safe though. Unfortunately.

Scott MacIntyre – Wild Angels: ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. He’s behind the piano again, and Paula doesn’t like it, she wants him to be out there alone and the piano is a crutch. Simon blasts her saying there’s nothing wrong with him using the piano. I agree with Simon, but I dont’ think Scott will be around much longer. He’s just not contemporary enough, and that’s saying something for Idol.

Alexis Grace – Jolene: This was one of my favorite performances of the night. Maybe because I like the song, but Alexis did a good job again, she has a good voice for country. She should be safe too.

Danny Gokey – Jesus Take the Wheel: So cliched, but Danny can sing, so no real harm there. Nothing much to say about this performance, other than he did a good job. He’s safe.

Anoop Desi – Always on My Mind: Now this is how you cover a classic. Great arrangement, and Anoop Doggy Dog sounded great. Simon backs off of his criticism from last week. He should be safe again.

Megan Joy Corkery – Walkin’ After Midnight: Swoon. Seriously, this girl is gorgeous.
Another sleeveless dress, hopefully the middle american and old people voters can look past that. She did a good job with this classic other than the odd dancing. She’s sick with the flu too, that should earn her some sympathy votes. I think she’ll be in the bottom 3, but she should be back next week.

Matt Giruad – So Small: Another guy doing a Carrie Underwood song. He’s out with the piano again, and yet Paula doesn’t say anything bad about him. This was a boring performance. Nothing wrong with it, but it just didn’t stand out. Randy says he sounds like Buble, and I guess that works.

Overall a pretty good show. I think our bottom 3 will be Scott, Michael and Megan. It should be Adam going home, but my guess it will be Michael.


So disappointed in the lack of train-wreckery. Why did it have to go and actually be, you know, not that bad? It’s really unfortunate that the one truly hideous performance came from the one person who is probably not in danger of going home until roughly the finale.

Michael Sarver – Fat Dale Jr gave us what was probably the least memorable performance of the night and he was quickly forgotten by virtue of his batting leadoff last night. I don’t see anyway that he doesn’t land in the Bottom Three tonight.

Allison – I do tend to agree with the idea that her growly vocals stand a chance of wearing thin sooner rather than later, but she was surprisingly capable here last night. I’d still love to hear her take on some less mainstream country songs sometime. Definitely safe.

Kris – Dylan via Garth. Really surprised that he ditched the guitar here as it’s a perfect sit and be wistful with the guitar kinda song. Solid performance once again from my fellow native Arkansasan. Safe.

Lil – Randy telling her to have done “I Will Always Love You” after the fact pretty much flies in the face of their “Don’t Do Whitney” mantra. Every week seems to lead to someone getting criticized worse than the performance really deserved. Lil fell victim to that this time. She did a fine job with “Independence Day” and will certainly be safe. Also, MEMPHIS WHUT WHUT.

Adam – So, Adam’s take on “Ring of Fire” was inspired by another awful reality singing contest “Rock Star:Supernova”. Dilana did the whole middle-eastern vibe on “Ring” back then and Adam aped it to the best of his abilities last night. And made the late June Carter roll in her grave no less than 47 times. But, he’s as safe as could be none the less.

Scott – No Ronnie Milsap = FAIL. I have no beef with Scott and I’m sure he could make a nice living in the CCM “inspirational” singer world, but he’s not gonna get it done as a pop star in 2009. I think he has a specific voting base that will keep him around longer than he should be, but he should probably land Bottom 3 tonight for blandness.

Alexis – “Jolene” is a classic (check out Mindy Smith’s version from about five years ago if you get the chance) and she did the song right. No complaints here, she’s safe. And MEMPHIS WHUT WHUT once again.

Danny – In spite of my pleas for “He Stopped Loving Her Today” we were given the “Jesus Take The Wheel” treatment instead. And, naturally, because dude is talented, he did a solid job. We’re not losing Danny anytime soon and he’s super safe tonight.

Anoop – Our favorite had a very good performance last night and even got Simon on his side. Well done, Noop Dog. However, I get the feeling that Anoop doesn’t have much of a voting base outside of bloggers and I have a feeling that he’s going to be a Bottom 3 regular until he leaves us. Should be safe, but his lack of a voting bloc concerns me.

Megan Joy – At least one person is sick with the flu or something similar every week at Idol. This week it was Official Idol Object of Lust Megan Joy. It looked like a punk/greaser version of the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance, but she did a good enough job to remain with us another week. Carly was able to hang around last year for a long time with a sleeve tat and hopefully Megan has enough sympathy votes this week to keep her in the running a little longer. She and Anoop are my either/or for the Bottom 3 though.

Matt – Timberlite keeps rolling along. The Buble comparisons are interesting and I suppose I can see them. We’ll need a Standards Week though before I buy in. The teen girls will keep him around and he’s super safe.

Bottom 3 will come from Michael, Scott, Anoop, or Megan. It’s probably Fat Dale Jr leaving us tonight.


Michael Sarver – Stuck pretty close to Garth with “Ain’t Goin’ Down Till The Sun Comes Up” but he seemed to do a low growl thing on what should have been the high notes. I didn’t really care for that because it robbed a bit of the excitement of the song. It was okay; not horrible but not great.

Allison Iraheta – “Blame It On Your Heart” is definitely a fun song and she captured quite a bit of that emotion, nice choice. I wish she had a bit of a higher register and the vibrato thing still annoys me but it was good.

Kris Allen – Not exactly a typical Garth song you would hear and I’m not sure about getting him twice already. I suppose he made it his own versus Garth but Garth covered it himself (along with a bunch of other people) so it really shouldn’t have been an option this week. That said it was good and sweet but whatever, I don’t care for him or the song choice. Should be perfectly fine because I bet the girls panties are wet.

Lil Rounds – Glad she decided not to do “I Will Always Love You” and I’m not surprised she did the other big ballad in “Independence Day.” It was fine and got a lot better through the song, but she should have put more of her own R&B spin on it (i.e. Whitney on “I Will Always Love You”). I don’t think the song choice was bad and her performance wasn’t bad but it was lacking something. Karaokesque

Adam Lambert – Oh shit, this is going to be horrible. Ummm, well, he did his own thing with it but Johnny and June Carter Cash have to be rolling in their graves right now. I kind of agree with Kara; it was very strange but I kind of liked it and I hate myself for that. It actually reminded me very much of the band Ours; he should really do one of their songs. I’ve been trying to figure out who he reminds me of and I think it may be them. I’m so conflicted right now; somebody kill me.

Scott MacIntyre – And another Martina McBride song, these people are boring. I hate this; his falsetto is horrible, he missed some notes, doesn’t have Martina’s voice, and it was all together boring. Very forgettable.

Alexis Grace – Ahh snap, starting from the stairs. Good but she was missing the power and emotion of Dolly. It seemed like she was just singing it rather than fucking owning it. She missed some notes in there too that fell flat. She’s sweet. I feel dirty thinking about her getting dirty.

Danny Gokey – Well I guess Danny’s the idiot who’s going after Carrie Underwood. I really didn’t think it was bad and he did make it nicely into a male version while sticking to the original, but he did miss some notes.

Anoop Desai – Willie! Maybe the most inspired choice on the night and he definitely took advantage. He owned that shit and proved he can sing.

Megan Joy Corkrey– guhorgeous, damn, holy breasts. Marry me Megan! It was an interesting twist on the song and I liked it. Didn’t love it but I liked it. Her high notes in the middle were kind of strange and I’m not sure if she did that on purpose or not. It kind of reminded me of someone else. Amy Winehouse? Other than being ridiculously hot, her stage presence is kind of lacking.

Matt Giraud – This is the only song I’m not really familiar with on the night but I liked it. Almost very good but he missed that last note. Still a bit douchey and I’m not totally sold on him, but he’s going to be fine.

Lame choices all around with 3 repeat artists but it wasn’t the trainwreck that many predicted. A lot of preformances that I’m pretty “meh” about with only a couple I hated or liked and 2 that conflict me (Adam & Megan). Top 3 were Allison, Danny, and Anoop with Anoop for the win. My bottom 3 are Lil, Scott, and Alexis with Scott to go. Also, Paula seemed to be strangely lucid tonight.

In Conclusion:

The whole night wasn’t too bad, was it? We all agree that Adam should be strung up in the town square for doing that. And we all agree that Megan is our punk rock princess. I think Doug might have driven to LA under cover of the night to put her in a sack and marry her. Consensus seems to be that Scott was weak, but majority opinion holds that Michael bids us farewell tonight. Tune in and find out…



1. Rockabye - Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Congrats on doing this right for once, all.

Don’t make a habit of it, because then we’ll expect it.

Speaking of: No Confection Corner today.

2. Allthewine - Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My god who is this Adam character?
What did I do to be punished by him?
I’m a Timberlite fan, and mostly cause looks like Buble, not sounds like Buble, sorry if you can’t tell the
difference Randy Dog.
Can’t believe I’m watching this show!

3. DougOLis - Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I appear to be the outsider of the group this week. I suppose I underweighted Michael going first but I didn’t think he was one of the worst 3. Am I supposed to go with who I think it will be or who I think it should be?

4. Jerkwheat - Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Either/or, Doug. It’s not like we’re being taken seriously here. I usually go with who I think it will be, with an explanation of who I think it should be in my recaps.

5. Jerkwheat - Wednesday, March 18, 2009

And how did I just now catch the reference you made to Ours? I can see Adam as Johnny Gnecco. “Sometimes” is the jam.

6. DougOLis - Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ok. I guess I was still the outsider on how I perceived most of the performances though.

The similarities between Adam and Johnny Gnecco are very striking (vocal and aesthetic styles) and when I think of him in that way I see potential. Ours is a pretty damned good band and Precious Lullabies is one of my favorite albums from the early 2000s.

7. JB* - Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I usually try to do both, Doug, especially once we get further in – who I think the Bottom 3 were, and who should get bounced, but who likely will.

8. wingman - Sunday, March 22, 2009

I will vot efor Megan just to keep fantasizing about her breasts

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