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24 on 24 – Day 7 – 9:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. Recap Tuesday, March 17, 2009

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The Following Takes Place Between 9:00 P.M. and 10:00 P.M.

  1. Morris is looking for Chloe and is pissed they won’t let him see her
  2. Moss calls Janeane Garofolo and tells her that Burnett is dead and Jack is free. Renee is inquisitive but is pushed back by Janeane Garofolo
  3. Jack somehow came into possession of a computer and hacked into the hospital’s surveillance. All while driving down the road. Doesn’t seem real safe but he has visually identified Quinn; no one can question his productivity. Renee agrees to help Jack.
  4. Slater is still a bit disturbed by the imminent arrival of their weapons and whatever attack they are going to do. Jon Voight says he feels forever whatever soul that might die as well, but they have a moral cause worth fighting for and there will be collateral damage.
  5. Renee identifies Quinn and reveals that he is a mercenary for a defense consultant named Starkwood. Starkwood has become more of a security force provider over the years (i.e. Blackwater) and Senator Red Foreman has been looking to shut them down.
  6. Renee tries to convince Moss that Jack didn’t kill Burnett, but he’s more concerned with finding Jack since that’s his assigned task.
  7. Olivia wants the President to give a victory speech saying that her decision was the correct one and tyranny has been defeated. She agrees.
  8. Kanin informs the President and Olivia that he allowed Jack to interrogate Burnett and Burnett is now dead. He makes it seem pretty certain that Jack was the one who killed Burnett and he did it as revenge for Bill’s death. Hmmm.
  9. Moss detains Renee and she won’t give up any information about Jack’s location or his target. He’s pissed that she’s willing to go down for Jack now.
  10. Senator Red Foreman makes it back to his home and Jack is there waiting for him.  Red Foreman basically describes Starkwood as Blackwater to Jack but says there’s no connection to Juma. He agrees to show Jack his files.
  11. President Taylor gives a speech to an applauding press corps about the day’s events. A reporter somehow found out about Jack & Burnett and asks Kanin to confirm. Kanin won’t but accuses Olivia of leaking the information. She denies it and storms off.
  12. Renee did a really good job of encrypting the file she sent to Jack and Janeane Garofolo is unable to crack it. Moss and Janeane Garofolo ask Morris to help them decrypt the file; he agrees to if they provide Chloe with full immunity.  He quickly decrypts it and makes Janeane Garofolo look dumb.
  13. Moss and Janeane Garofolo send out field teams to Senator Red Foreman’s house in Georgetown. They think Jack wants to kill him for the investigation into CTU.
  14. Chloe is pissed at Morris for decrypting the file
  15. Senator Red Foreman (SRF) asks Jack if he really has no regrets. Jack responds that he does have regrets; he regrets losing his family and any innocent lives that have been lost due to actions he’s taken. He says the world he lives in operates differently than Foreman’s life on the Hill. SRF responds that they need to incur certain tragic losses in order to uphold the ideals the country was founded on and set an example for the world. Jack says it’s not that simple.
  16. Jack finds a file pertaining to the death of a Starkwood informant and notices Quinn in the background of a photo. SRF says none of the informant’s leads went anywhere and the accusations were wild (bribery, assassinations, and trying to acquire WMDs).
  17. Jack figures out that Starkwood was developing a Bioweapon in Sangala, and he reveals what he knows about Juma testing it on a village. He says Juma must have provided Starkwood safe haven and an endless supply of test subjects.
  18. SRF offers to help Jack and says that Jack needs to trust the institutions he sacrificed so much for. That was a quick change of opinion for him. Jack agrees to let him help.
  19. SRF opens the door for Metro PD and then realizes that it’s actually Quinn. Quinn guns him down and then starts shooting at Jack who runs through a set of glass French doors. Quinn chases Jack as the real police officers show up.
  20. Olivia confronts the President and Kanin, and she reveals that she confirmed from the reporter’s producer that the leak came from within the U.S. Marshall’s office.
  21. Quinn chases Jack and follows a blood trail that Jack left from a cut on his hand (from jumping through the French doors). He follows the blood into a portable office on a construction site and starts shooting his MP5 all over the place.
  22. Jack tips over the trailer with a dump truck and Quinn climbs out. They fight in what has to be one of Jack’s most difficult one-on-one fights ever, but Jack eventually throws a screwdriver into Quinn’s chest and knocks him the fuck out with a 2×4.
  23. Quinn reveals with his dying breath that the weapons are already here. Jack obtains Quinn’s cellphone that has text message with the location of the WMD shipment. He enlists Tony’s help once again.
  24. Moss finds SRF dead and orders all enforcement agencies to shoot on sight of Jack.

Will Jack and Tony make it to the docks in time to prevent the transport of the WMDs?  Will Moss do something stupid?  Will we get the full intentions of Jon Voight? What happened to the First Gentleman? What happened to Sean?



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