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The City – Episode 13 Season Finale: I Lost Myself in Us Monday, March 16, 2009

Posted by Matt_T in the balls.
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Whitney and Olivia go to a meeting with Alixe and they are told that DVF is going to have one of them go to London and work with the team in London.   Whitney’s response:  Oh Wow.

Adam goes to see Erin at work.  He sneaks up behind her and scares her.  He pulls her away and says he needs to talk to her, and it won’t take long.  He says he’s here to talk to Erin about her causing all this drama in her life.  Erin says that she is saying what other’s are scared of.  Adam says that Erin is judging him, and she dates all these guys at the same time.  Erin says that its inappropriate.  Adam says that maybe if she quit worrying so much about him then maybe she’ll accomplish something.  Ooh burn.  He also says that he loves Allie very much.  Erin tells him to quit pointing his finger at her, and she storms off.

Back to DVF and Alixe has Whitney and Olivia pull some outfits.  Whitney is quiet, and Olivia asks her what’s wrong.  While Alixe is watching in the background, Whitney gives Olivia a run down of what happened with Jay.  Olivia looks like she couldn’t care less, and she pulls and outfit while Whitney is talking.  Olivia says that Whitney needs to not bring personal stuff into the workplace and its extremely immature.  BURN!  Olivia’s right on that though.  And Alixe was watching the whole thing.

Whitney gets pouty and goes home and gives LC a call.  Oh what a surprise, LC makes an appearance right before the next season of The Hills starts.  LC immediately knows that something isn’t right with Whitney.  Whitney says that Jay is out of the picture, and she sounds like she’s about to cry.  LC gives us some of her famous :| faces.  Whitney isn’t sure that NYC is right for her.  LC asks about work and Whitney complains about Olivia saying she walks all whoever to move up.  Sorry Whitney, Olivia is actually DOING her job rather than complaining about her fake boyfriend who only wanted to be on tv for publicity for his lame bro-rock band.  LC says that Whitney needs to stay strong, and since LC’s given up dreams for boys she doesn’t want Whitney to do the same.  She says focus on your job and you’ll be fine.  LC hangs up and goes :(.  Whitney hangs up and she goes :'(.

Allie is over at Erin’s, listening to what happened with Adam.  Erin says that she now know how Allie feels when Adam yells at her.  Oh whatever.  Erin is a drama queen.  She tells Allie that Adam did say some nice things about her though.  Allie says she definitely does need to talk to him again.

Off to the DVF show and its fashion week.  Again?!  Is this another fashion week?  Or the same as on a previous episode?  I saw Julia Stiles, Heidi Klum John McEnroe and I think Diana Ross in the crowd.   Olivia and Whitney meet Jay the UK marketing manager.  He asks if either of them have been to London.  Whitney hasn’t, and of course Olivia has.  Her dad has a place there.  The marketing manager liked the cover and asks who pulled the outfit.  Olivia took credit and Whitney stares daggers at her.  Whitney finally confronts her about it when they are upstairs lint rolling some outfits.  Olivia says that next time she’ll give her more credit and say she did the pants.  Whitney says she did the wohle look but Olivia took credit.  Olivia basically blows her off and leaves.  She’s over talking and laughing with Jay while Whitney pouts.

At the show after party everyone is having a good time, but Whitney is pouting by herself and sipping on a drink.  DVF notices and comes and asks what’s wrong.  Whitney says she’s not sure where to begin.  DVF asks what happened with the boyfriend.  Whitney says that he left to go on tour and broke up with him.  DVF says that he’s doing what he wants to do and she needs to do the same.  Be happy, and the most important relationship you have is with yourself.  DVF also told some strange story about fire and wind and love, it was confusing but Whitney looks like its really meaningful for her.


Allie heads to see Adam at the bar.  She wants to know what he was doing going and yelling at Erin.  He says that he’s not saying it was right, but at that moment he was just so fired up about her.  He said he just misses seeing her and being there when he wakes up and he wants her back and he’ll do whatever it takes, and blah blah blah they love each other so much.  I’m glad they were able to work it out before the season ends.

Back to the DVF after party and Olivia, and Jaye are talking, Alixe comes up and says that the show went really well and Jaye agrees.  Alixe tells Olivia that they liked it so much they want her to be the US Liaison.  Olivia freaks and of course she accepts.  GO OLIVIA!

Whitney gets a phone call, and its Jay.  He’s at the party.  And he wants to talk to her.  OMG.  On her way down to see Jay Olivia stops her to say she got the job.  Way to rub it in Olivia.  Whitney is pissed and heads down.  Jay says that he felt bad about the way everything ended.  Jay says he feels like he made a mistake and he wanted to see her.  He says he really loves her and works up some big fake tears.  He gives her a hug.  Whitney says that its too little too late.  He asks if she loves him, she says that she was falling in love with him.  She gives a big speach about how she put so much into them and just met him when she got to the city but he needs to do what he needs to, and she’s going to do the same.  Jay makes a sad face and they walk off into opposite directions.  We get a shot of Whitney walking back into the DVF party and that’s the end.

Well that was lame.  See you guys for The Hills Season 5



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2. chrissy - Friday, March 20, 2009

This is so fake! I mean i love the show, but come on, look at when Whit goes down to meet Jay…at the party she’s not wearing tights, and then when she walks outside she’s in white tights?? It pisses me off because I wish it was real but so many things about these shows just point to anything but reality.

3. sarah - Friday, March 20, 2009

hmm it looks like she’s wearing tights, but i don’t think she is? when she passes the car, the light just makes her legs look really white so maybe that’s why. but yeah, there are a lot of fake things about this and the hills, but i mean there’s no way they can accuratel depict their lives without having to have some control over it. still good though!!

4. j - Thursday, March 26, 2009

reading this was a thousand times more entertaining than actually watching the show. good job.

5. coolbeans - Sunday, May 17, 2009

you have no life.
i like the show and all but come on.
and DVF’s story wasnt confusing at all, it was really profound.

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