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Real World: Brooklyn Recap – The Legacy of Pedro Zamora Friday, March 13, 2009

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This episode opens in the evening with Sarah and Katelynn in the kitchen, with Katelynn lamenting the fact that she bounced two checks. Then we get a morning scene where Scott and JD go to a photo shoot for Scott, where he notes that “I have no doubt I’ll start getting booked.” We then get another night scene where Katelynn is walking on Scott’s back to give him a massage and she says that he is “the big brother I never had.” Then we get another morning scene where a letter is delivered to the house inviting them to a private screening of the movie on Pedro Zamora’s life.

That night the roommates go to the movie premiere (there are about 20 people there) and meet several people from MTV who were involved in making the film. They find out that Pedro was the first HIV-positive gay man to appear on TV, and they watch the film. Katelynn and JD are both very moved, as they identify with the difficulties of being “other than heterosexual.” They meet Pete from “Think MTV” (MTV’s social awareness division) who is launching an HIV testing campaign, and he wants them to put together a screening of the movie for 18-25 year-olds. Chet and Katelynn both want to host the event, but all of the girls tell Chet that he isn’t qualified since he is a virgin. Back at the house Chet goes off by himself because he is angry, and Ryan comes in to talk to him about the situation. Eventually there is a house meeting and they divide up the tasks.

In the morning Chet and JD go online to look for a venue for the screening. Then we shift to the evening where we get Katelynn talking to JD about her new job as a go-go dancer, where she gets paid $100 for 4 hours of work every Saturday night. The next evening some of Scott’s friends arrive, as it is his birthday. Katelynn has to work, but everyone else gets ready to go out and celebrate with Scott. While at his party, Scott says that he is disappointed that Katelynn isn’t there. Cut to Katelynn dancing at the club (in a cage), and she moves like Digger Phelps. After her night is done, she comes back to the house and talks about how much of an ego boost she got from dancing and having everyone stare at her (um, maybe it was because you reminded them of Elaine from Seinfeld).

In the morning Scott is bitching about the mess on the card table that was made by Katelynn, and then he starts complaining about no one putting away the dried dishes so they start to argue. After Katelynn leaves, Baya tells Scott that he needs to be more “diplomatic” but he says that he is still hurt that Katelynn didn’t come to his birthday, especially since she never apologized for missing it. A little later we see Katelynn on the phone talking to her mother, bitching about not having enough money. Meanwhile, Scott and Ryan are playing pool and Scott is still complaining about Katelynn missing his birthday.

That night Scott and Ryan decide to get back at Katelynn, and they take everything out of the living room and put it into her bedroom. They then walk outside so that they can pretend that they are just getting home after the girls arrive. Katelynn comes home and says that she likes the setup and is going to keep everything in her room.

In the morning we see JD still searching for a venue for the “Pedro” screening. Then we shift to that night, where  JD is talking to Scott and Devyn about having the screening at the LGBT center. Most of the other housemates think that this is a bad idea, since straight people won’t come to a “gay” center to watch a movie about a gay man with HIV. The next morning JD continues to lobby for the LGBT center, but the housemates insist on a “neutral” (read “not gay”) venue. Everyone heads out to hand out fliers for the screening, which is being held at the NY Film Academy.

That evening, while Scott is working out, Katelynn tips over every chair in the house. When Scott sees this, he decides to lock up all of the dishes and the silverware. In the morning Scott tells JD about the dishes, and then leaves. When Katelynn sees everything, she goes online to look up information on “cracking” a combination lock, and then she takes all of the pool table balls and hides them. Scott and Katelynn begin to argue, and Devyn interrupts her phone call to come into the kitchen and yell at Scott.

That night Scott goes outside to pout, and then he comes inside to search for the pool balls. Ryan comes home and laughs with him about the dishes, and mentions that it is a “military-style” solution, which leads them to decide on rationing the dishes and silverware. Scott and Katelynn argue again, and finally come to a compromise where she returns the pool balls and he unlocks the cabinet where he put the dishes.

In the morning the housemates prepare for the screening. Although the event is scheduled from 3-6pm, no one has arrived yet by 3pm. Pete (from “Think MTV”) arrives and asks about the crowd, but luckily people begin to show up. JD does the introduction and then they all watch the movie.

That night Katelynn calls her boyfriend and tells him that she needs to come home because she is no longer working as a go-go dancer, and never even got paid for her first night’s work. Once off the phone she tells Devyn and Scott that she is going to have to go home since she has no money. Scott asks her how much she needs, and when she says “$1500” he writes her a check (I guess he has been getting booked for model shoots)..

NOTE: This episode seemed to have a lot of quick transitions from morning to evening to morning to evening, etc. I think it is most likely due to the fact that MTV had to shoot more days of footage to get anything worth putting on the show since these people: (1) don’t have jobs; and (2) are boring as all get-out.



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