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24 on 24 – Day 7 – 8:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. Recap Thursday, March 12, 2009

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The Following Takes Place Between 8:00 P.M. and 9:00 P.M.

  1. The source of disagreement between President Taylor and Olivia came from the President firing her daughter from her campaign. We don’t know why but that’s pretty ballsy to cut your own daughter.
  2. Jack and Bill are hatching a plan to rescue the President by setting off an explosion in the safe room. Jack wants to use himself in a kamikaze mission; I think they should use Senator Red Foreman instead. Nosy little bugger.
  3. Taylor asks Juma to release one of the hostages as a sign of good faith. He agrees but I think he doesn’t quite understand as he releases some male staffer into death.
  4. President Taylor reads a statement over the internet speaking of her crimes against Sangala. The VP wants it shutdown but apparently they can’t. Cause they don’t have Chloe… my theory anyway.
  5. Moss and the VP go head to head about the rescue operation and Juma’s intentions. Moss wants to do a rescue operation because he thinks Juma just wants to humiliate the President and execute her. The VP wants to hold off until they know if Juma has any demands.
  6. Holy Shit! Bill! Nooo! Bill knows that there’s someone on the outside helping Juma and he says Jack is the only who can find out; he makes a run for the panic room and blows the explosives in the door.
  7. Moss sends in the FBI team without the VP’s order. Aaron goes after the President to save her and Olivia. Jack joins the fight and kills Juma, albeit with a few too many bullets. Moss and Renee secure the President. Jack rushes over to the panic room and sits next to a lifeless Bill as his eyes start to water. Silent clock. Fuck. I know CTU Directors aren’t long for this world, but I’m going to miss Bill.
  8. President Taylor refuses to leave to a secure location at Andrews Air Force Base because “the American people need to know the President is in the White House.” Clearly she doesn’t remember the War of 1812.
  9. Hey, we finally get another mention of the First Gentleman. I was wondering what was going on with that guy.
  10. Aaron’s going to be okay. Olivia doesn’t know if she will.
  11. Jack tells Moss someone else is involved at a high level with the attack and the President is not safe. Moss believes him and Jack wants to threaten Burnett to get information but Moss won’t let him. Moss says he’s sorry about Bill’s last wish but he’s taking Jack into custody. Renee disagrees.
  12. Jon Voight is briefed by Slater from Dazed & Confused (or Speedle from CSI: Miami) that the President is safe and Juma is dead. Slater looks pretty upset but Voight “[admires] the damned bitch for not giving up easily.”
  13. The shipment Jon Voight is expecting is some sort of weapon(s), duh, and it should be in within a few hours. He’s now going to identify potential targets. Shouldn’t he have done that ahead of time?
  14. Kanin tells Moss to release Jack and have him question Burnett because he brings the intimidation factor. Moss calls Jack “a wild card” again.
  15. The President wants to bring Olivia back into the administration. Kanin thinks she’s capable and could be an asset but is a political liability.  Apparently she leaked personal information about former President Daniels to the press. Kanin’s going to invite her back as an olive branch.
  16. Hehe, Renee admits that if they would have stayed out of Jack’s way none of this would have probably happened. Moss kicks Renee of his team and tells her to turn in her badge because he doesn’t trust her anymore. I hope and suspect this will not be the last we see of her.
  17. Jack says to leave Renee out of it because she’s the best agent Moss’ got. Moss acts like a douche.
  18. One of Voight’s lackeys identifies several targets for him with high population densities of 10-15K people. Voight says hopefully they never have to find out the kill ratio. So I guess he’s not trying to do an attack for the sake of doing an attack, but what are his demands?
  19. Voight sends someone named Quinn to take care of Burnett and Jack at the same time. Voight calls both Quinn and Jack very good.
  20. Quinn kills some old guy by smothering him with a pillow.  Nurses rush in to the room and he hacks into a computer at the nurses’ station to get Burnett’s location. He climbs into the ceiling.
  21. Olivia goes to visit Aaron and she asks him about Martha Logan. It sounds like something happened after she tried to kill former President Logan.
  22. Kanin asks Olivia to come on as a special advisor.  She calls Kanin a failure for letting the corruption happen in her mother’s administration. She’s out to destroy and seek retribution against anyone who failed her mother.
  23. Jack goes in to talk with Burnett and Burnett starts freaking out saying he’ll talk.  Quinn cuts off the FBI audio and loops their video feed so they don’t know what’s going on in the hospital room; he drops in some neurotoxin container next to Jack which paralyzes Jack on the floor.  Quinn slices Burnett’s neck with a piece of glass and stabs him in the chest, while placing another piece of glass in Jack’s hand.
  24. Quinn disappears somewhere very fast and Jack wakes up. When Moss and company realize that Burnett’s dead they try and break into the room. Jack makes a run for it through the ceiling as well. He calls Moss and tells him that someone was trying to set him up.

In conclusion, Bill is dead; one of the most difficult deaths on the show in a long time. I guess this all points to Jack, Renee, Tony, and Chloe going rogue to prevent the next attack.  But what is the attack and what does Voight want? Is Phillip Bauer somehow involved? He was never conclusively killed at the end of Day 6 so there’s a chance he’s still alive. What’s going on with the First Gentleman?



1. Matt_T - Friday, March 13, 2009

RIP Bill. You’ll be missed.

I know it was never confirmed Phillp Bauer was dead, but he was on that rig when it got blown up. I hope that’s not who they put behind it all

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