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The City – Episode 12: Monday, March 9, 2009

Posted by Matt_T in the balls.
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Jay and Adam are at some old movie theatre and Jay tells Adam he’s so excited about going on tour.  Adam says he wants to go, and Jay lets him know he hasn’t told Whitney yet.   Jay wants to be focused on tour and not worry about Whitney.  Adam tells him that he needs to have the chat with Whitney and he has to decide, being single when he leaves or make her wait.

We head to a meeting at DVF and its fashion week.  They are meeting with a big client about their global marketing program.  Whitney’s assignment is to work with the handbags and present for a group of 25.  Olivia is told that she is responsible for editing Whitney’s work.  They’re told they will have to work close together.  Olivia looks fantastic, she has lighter hair.  Whitney says she’s nervous about speaking to that many people.  Olivia says that its no big deal, just look over their heads.  She has faith in Whitney.  I can’t tell if she’s being serious or sarcastic.

Jay and the band are practicing.  They play a little of their Gusteresque brorock about drinking before Jay says to take 5.  He tells Pottsy he’s excited to go away.  He asks if Jay’s told Whitney yet, and Jay says no.  Pottsy tells him he has to tell her.  He can’t do what he did with his last girlfriend, because they are going to be getting crazy.

Jay and Whitney are out to eat and they make some small talk and Whitney points out she noticed Jay’s been coming home later.  He grabs his drink and chugs it down.  Whitney tells him to slow down and asks what’s wrong.  He tells her about the tour and says that he knew before Miami, but he didn’t want to ruin the trip.  Whitney says she doesn’t just want to sit around and wait for him not knowing what he’s doing.  Jay says that she doesn’t trust him and he should have told her a when he found out.  Jay thinks that she’s mad that he’s going, but Whitney says that she’s mad he’s not honest.  She gets fed up and leaves and tells Jay to find a place to stay that night.  Jay looks shocked and asks her if she’s serious.  As Whitney is walking out she tells him to call Danielle.  Boom, roasted.

Erin comes over to see Whitney and gets the details about the fight with Jay.  Olivia gives the :O face when Whitney tells her.  Whitney says she should be focused on work but all this is going on.  Erin says that it was a shitty thing to do.  Whitney lists off all the things that Jay’s done and she says she doesn’t even know if he likes her.  (I doubt it, and this was all to get publicity for his lame band.)  Erin tells her she deserves better.

Back to DVF and Whitney is trying to work on the presentation and talk about the bags, but Olivia is absent mindedly taking pictures of the bags.  Whitney tries to write the presentation but Olivia isn’t really interested, and cuts Whitney off.

Whitney is out on a GNO (GIRLS NIGHT OUT!!! OMG Y’ALL) and she tells Allie and Sam what happened with Jay.  Sam gives the :O face too.  Allie suggests that she give Jay an ultimatum.  Whitney says she wants to be super strong but she can’t stop thinking about him.  She says she always thinks about the first night she met him and was making out with him in public and that’s how she knew she liked him.  Nice.  The other girls suggest that maybe she just liked NY and that was like just a moment, new city, hot boy.  She says she needs to talk to him one last time since she walked out on him.

Back to DVF and Whitney is nervously going over her notes.  Olivia shows up and says hey.  Whitney says she feels sick and Olivia says its no big deal, just pretend its a project just more people watching.  Alixe welcomes everyone to the meeting and passes it over to Olivia and Whitney.  Whitney does a good job with her part of the presentation.  Alixe and DVF look on with approval.  Olivia starts into her part, and she stumbles all over her words, and looks unprepared.

Jay heads over to Whitneys to chat.  Whitney she’s not ready to give up on their relationship.  Jay says that they need to talk about somethings.  He always feels like he does something wrong and he’s leaving for 2 months and he doesn’t want to have this all the time with her being pissed off.  Jay is angry about all of this, she’s the one that always has the problems.  Whitney says they have two different lifestyles, and she’s willing to change but he isn’t.  Whitney says she’s not going to be in a relationship with someone that thinks of her as a burden.  Jay says he just wants to work on his music and be by himself.  Whitney says that basically he is saying thta she isn’t worth enough to try to work it out.  They both start crying, and Jay says he does care about her a lot but its just the wrong time.  He doesn’t really seem sincere.  He gets up and walks towards to door.  Whitney asks if that’s it, he’s just leaving,  he responds with a yes and heads out.  Poor Whitney.

Join me next week for the season finale.



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