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Real World: Brooklyn Recap – I Hate These People Saturday, March 7, 2009

Posted by The NY Kid in MTV, reality TV, undergroundBTO.

This episode opens in the morning with Chet and Katelynn talking about her surgery. Katelynn is relieved that they are having a good conversation, and that Chet is acting mature about the subject. Meanwhile, we see Devyn meeting with some design reps at Jovani (never heard of it) who know her godmother. They let her try on a few dresses, and then she speaks to the co-owner about her career goals, which leads to her getting a job as a PR flack (well, that was easy).

Flashing back to Chet and Katelynn, the maturity hasn’t lasted as he is joking around about her “dilating stents” (which is apparently a device that she needs to use for some time after the surgery to maintain the shape of her new female parts). He tells her that he wants to use one of them for a prank, and she gets pissed off at him. Chet and Ryan then go looking for them, but are unable to find the devices. A little later Katelynn is talking to Baya and she mentions that she had never expected to live this long, and that she wants “to stop fighting” (presumably for acceptance as a post-op transgendered individual). She cheers herself up by going to the LGBT center to develop a resource guide for the transgender community. Done with pestering her, Chet goes off to Atlantic Records where he gets the opportunity to interview the band “Danger Audio” for the website.

That night we see Baya talking to Ryan about the fact that she declined her acceptance from the dance conservatory because it was too militaristic. This sets Ryan off and he says that she is a quitter. Baya goes off by herself, and winds up in the gym practicing her dance moves.

The next afternoon we wee Devyn coming home from her 1st day of work at Jovani and she tells Chet that she is very excited about her job. That night Chet and Ryan go out to see a performance from “Danger Audio” and get to hang out in the VIP room with band. After their set, Chet invites the band back to the house. When they get there Ryan plays some of his songs for them, and all of the roommates seem to have a really good time just hanging out at the house.

The next morning Chet calls Christine, a casting director at MTV (he got her number from Pete Wentz) and sets up a meeting/interview. That night JD helps him out by taking some head shots.

The next day Devyn is at work and Sarah stops by to see her. Devyn mentions that Jovani needs some models and will pay Sarah $600 for 3 days work, so Sarah agrees. That night Chet practices his MTV script for his interview with JD and Sarah, and then they help him pick out an outfit. When Katelynn comes home Chet pesters her about her stents again, and they argue.

In the morning Baya and Sarah go to a free dance class, and Sarah is very impressed with Baya’s abilities. Back at the house, Chet and Ryan are talking about the interview and trying to find an outfit. Chet calls his mother for advice, and she tells him to wear his bow-tie, which he does. When he gets to MTV, he gets a compliment on his bow-tie so he is pumped. When he meets Christine, she also compliments him on his bow-tie, and then she gives him a tour. They get in to the main studio and Chet does some work with a tele-prompter and then some ad-lib work. He panics a little bit and takes some time to regroup, but when he returns he does a very good job with the ad-lib work, and Christine seems impressed. At the same time we see Devyn and Sarah (who has had to use makeup to cover up her tattoos) at Jovani modelling some dresses. While Devyn seems like a natural, Sarah is very uncomfortable with both the clothes and the atmosphere.

That night everyone goes out to a launch party for Katelynn’s resource guide, which has become a website for the LGBT center. Baya is so moved that she begins to cry. Back at the house Chet calls his mother to tell her that the interview went well, and while she is happy she reminds him that he needs to finish college. Once off the phone he goes into the kitchen, where Devyn and Katelynn are discussing their surgeries (Devyn has fake boobs). Chet asks Katelynn about the emotional impact of her surgery, and then tells her “you’ll always be a girl to me.”

NOTE: This season blows, and these people are stealing my soul. In a year where MTV decided not to give the house a job as a group in order to allow them to “follow” their dreams, it seems clear that MTV has stepped in to make things happen for some of the roommates, particularly by steering them towards Pete Wentz’ bar and getting them all sorts of access. Remember when “The Real World” actually used to be about real people?



1. Rebecca - Monday, April 6, 2009

I couldn’t figure out why Ryan hated Sarah so much. Sure she was a little annoying, but he didn’t have to scream at her.

2. Troll - Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ryan is a just a douche bag and the only way he can express himself is yelling and calling girls bitches. But do not blame him for his stupidity and misogyny, rather blame his PTSD. It was not his fault for signing up to go to war, he just needed a book deal.

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