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48 on 24 – Day 7 – 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. Recap Tuesday, March 3, 2009

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Two action packed episodes tonight that should help reinvigorate what is often the boring lull time in a season of 24. So here’s your double recap:

The Following Takes Place Between 6:00 P.M. And 8:00 P.M.

  1. Why is it always so easy for the bad guys to sneak someone into the hospital and deliver a shot of something bad into an IV? And where do they get nurses on their payroll?
  2. Pretty lazy naming convention there with “Sangala City” 24 writers. You should have just left the name out.
  3. Oh shit, General Juma’s in Washington with Dubaku’s son. How’d they get in the country? Man, we should really crack down on this stuff.
  4. For one of the few times I can remember, Chloe is having doubts about helping Jack. I feel like she’s helped him do far worse things than delete a name off a list.
  5. Awww, Janeane Garofolo’s trying to play nice with Chloe now. Doesn’t look like Chloe’s digging it too much though.
  6. Red Foreman calls Jack “Exhibit A” and seems pretty intent on taking him down. Kanin tries to offer a consolation but he just fires back that the President “just walked into a street fight.” What an idiot. Who goes up against the President? Especially when she could easily just pardon Jack.
  7. Jack has gone fucking crazy. He takes out a marine guard and holds Bill hostage to try and get Burnett. Bill wants to help but Jack wants to keep him clean on this.
  8. Renee gone done some good police work and figured out who killed Dubaku. For some reason, Moss does still not approve.
  9. Ruh-roh, Chloe was a bit sloppy and Janeane Garofolo is onto her deleting Burnett’s name. I predict a cat fight coming on.
  10. Jack tazers the shit out of Burnett, knocks the douche off his face
  11. Leave Chloe alone! She’s one of the good people!
  12. Red Foreman is lecturing President Taylor on her power and what a bad man Jack is. Meanwhile, Jack is probably off somewhere torturing his Chief of Staff. The irony is not lost on me.
  13. What is the national tragedy that Senator Red Foreman and President Taylor are speaking of in relationship to torture?
  14. Jack shocks Burnett and Burnett pretends he knows nothing about the plot tonight. Why doesn’t Jack just check his cellphone? Jack: WHERE IS THE TARGET? He is still not running out of time though.
  15. President Taylor’s marine guards bust down the door and detain Jack who goes mano-a-mano with Senator Red Foreman. Best exchange of the night: Foreman: You are reprehensible Bauer. Jack: And you sir are weak, unwilling, and unable to look evil in the eye and deal with it.  /Bam. Roasted. The only way this would have been better is if Red Foreman would have called Jack a dumbass and offered to stick his foot up his ass.
  16. Jack’s taken away and President Taylor wants to talk with Burnett herself. Red Foreman says he knows Burnett and Taylor says apparently he doesn’t. PWNED
  17. Taylor and Kanin offer Burnett immunity if he provides tangible information to stopping the attack. She says he will be tried with treason and receive the death penalty if he doesn’t accept. He still does not want to help.
  18. Renee tracks down the “nurse” who killed Dubaku to Juma’s base of operations. She sees Juma and alerts Moss.
  19. Juma and his men make their way to a boat and Renee jumps on as they take off. In the process she ruins her phone and loses her gun though; might as well give up at that point.
  20. Renee climbs up the boat and spies on them discussing their plans. Why the fuck is Juma here on point with the operation? This makes no sense
  21. Juma et al strap on some scuba gear and dive in to the Potomac.
  22. Renee checks the plans they were looking over and realizes the White House is the target. She is seen by Dubaku’s son and chases her but she swims safely to the shore.
  23. Juma and the other divers start drilling into something and right after the break climb into some sewage system. They went from drilling a small hole to climbing though a giant hole awfully quick there.
  24. The President’s daughter, Olivia (Sprague Grayden), wants to leave and see her father but Aaron won’t let her. Meanwhile, I see: “Special Guest Appearance by Jon Voight” scroll across the bottom of the screen!!!
  25. Kanin and Olivia seem to have an icy relationship there
  26. Renee makes a run for it and tries to alert a Park Ranger so he can call in the attack on the White House, but Dubaku’s son guns him down first. She runs again, he chases, repeat.
  27. Bill pays a visit to Jack in the White House prison (really?) and Jack wants him to get to Burnett and get information about the attack.  Bill says he’s not trained in coercive measures and he can’t do it because it goes against his standards. I would have made fun of Moss for being a pussy here, but I respect the hell out of Bill.
  28. Juma and his team break through into some maintenance/power room and access the secret service’s tracking grid. They identify the President in the oval office as the target. How’d they get from the Potomac to underneath the White House so quickly? They’re not that close.
  29. Juma’s team somehow gets in to the White House really quickly and takes out their first Secret Service Agent.
  30. Normally bad guys are portrayed as being fairly incompetent, but damn are these guys good. They’re efficiently moving through the White House taking out Secret Service agents with single shots.
  31. Dubaku’s son catches up to Renee and she tells him that Juma had his father killed. It distracts him a bit and she takes a shovel to his head. They fight and he gains control, choking her to death. As she’s going down Moss shows up and shoots the son. She tells Moss that the White House is the target.
  32. Moss calls Bill and he alerts everyone that the White House and the President are the target. He releases Jack from custody and asks for his help.
  33. Bill takes the President’s tracker and heads off in another direction. I do not feel good about this. Juma catches Bill and takes him into custody as a hostage.
  34. A gun battle ensues in the halls of the White House as Juma’s men take on more hostages. Jack delivers the President to the panic room but Aaron is unable to get Olivia there in time.
  35. Juma sends out a message to the Secret Service Agents that they have the President and they must retreat or he will kill her. They are unwilling to call his bluff and do so.
  36. Aaron and Olivia know the truth but they’re trapped in hiding while Juma’s men move the hostages to a central location.
  37. Juma asks one of his men if he can open the door to the panic room and he says “Yes, assuming the specifications Hodges gave us are correct.” And there’s your first Jon Voight mention.
  38. Renee and Moss make it to the White House and are briefed on the last few minutes. Renee wants to know what Jack is doing there.
  39. More hostages are delivered to the main room, including Senator Red Foreman
  40. Jack and the President watch from the panic room and see that her daughter is not among the group. But then Jack realizes that they have a crack to get in the room and goes into full MacGyver mode. He shorts out the control pad and they’re no longer able to get the door open.
  41. Jonah Hodges (Jon Voight) makes his first appearance when Juma calls him and wants another way into the panic room.  Hodges is waiting on some shipment from Juma and is coerced to help. He tells him to find Olivia Taylor.  My guess as to the contents of the shipment: Beanie Babies. People still collect those right?
  42. Bill gives Red Foreman a bit of the silent treatment.
  43. Aaron starts leading Olivia out and he wants to create a distraction for her but she says she’s going to stick with him. I really hope this doesn’t end with Aaron getting killed.
  44. Renee and Moss do a videoconference with the Vice-President and he’s a bit of a dick. He wants them to hold-off reentering the White House until he knows more details about the exact situation and if the President is actually safe. He does gain a bit back though by telling off his chief of staff for being a politico.
  45. Aaron gets shot by one of Juma’s men. He tells Olivia to flash Morse Code to the men outside that everything’s clear. She starts to give the “code green” but is taken by Juma’s men before she can finish the message.
  46. Olivia is delivered to Juma and he threatens to cut out her eyes, tongue and eventually cut off her head if the President does not open the door to the panic room.
  47. The President asks Jack to open the door but he refuses. She asks if he has a daughter and he says yes, but he’s not the President. She doesn’t care and orders him to open the door.
  48. Jack eventually opens the door and they are taken into custody.  Red Foreman is pissed at Jack for some reason and Juma slaps the President. He says to get ready for the last statement that she’ll ever give.

An eventful two episodes tonight and next week looks to be even more intense.



1. Matt_T - Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The VP had a horrible southern accent.

I’m still not clear on who Hodges is, is he a senator? How does he have the schematics of the White House?

And it was lame how Janice got the best of Chloe

2. DougOLis - Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I still have no idea who Hodges is either. National Security Adviser? We still haven’t seen anyone in the President’s inner circle be outted yet and that was one of the things Bill had originally said was the case. I feel like we probably would have seen him already though if he was the National Security Advisor. Maybe he’s a high up defense contractor.

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