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The City – Episode 11: Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me Monday, March 2, 2009

Posted by Matt_T in the balls.
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Whitney and Olivia are called up to see DVF.  Elle called and is doing a cover shoot for the March issue with Jessica Alba.  DVF wants Whitney and Olivia to pull outfits from the Spring line to get some items.  DVF wants Olivia to take the lead and Whitney to help.

Olivia is looking for something to stand out since its the covershot.  Olivia pulls a couple pieces that she thinks will be important.  Whitney thinks it may be too much, but she also wants to look to see what color they went with last month.  Whitney pulls an outfit and Olivia doesn’t like it, she says its too matchy matchy.  They have 7 outfits, but Olivia thinks they should put one back because Alixe asked for five or six and they should give her that many.  They have a little passive agressive fight over it, but Olivia leaves the jacket in.

Allie shows up at Erin’s and she’s upset.  Erin is letting her stay there while she finds a place.  Allie thinks this break and space could be good for their relationship.

Jay and Whitney are out to eat and Whitney asks what he’s doing about trying to find a place to live.  Jay give some half assed answer.  And Whitney says that he can stay a while longer, but she’s never lived with a guy before and she needs her space.  He doesn’t want Jay to have his privacy and not resent her.  Jay says he respects her and he understands.

Back to DVF and Whitney and Olivia come to see Alixe and Emesse who are hanging some clothes.  Alixe has excellent news for them, she has the first draft of the cover.  And Jessica Alba is wearing the jacket that Whitney liked.  Diane asked who pulled the outfit.  Olivia jumps in and says she pulled the jacket and Whitney pulled the shorts.  DVF and Emesse loved the choice.  Olivia makes up a story about how she liked the jacket.  Whitney says that she likes the shot because Jessica isn’t wearing many accessories and the focus is on the clothes.  DVF is going to throw a luncheon for the cover and tells Olivia she did a great job on the project while Whitney makes a frowny face.

Whitney goes to meet Sam, Allie and Erin and Whitney is sorry she’s late she couldn’t get a cab.  Sam and Erin start making fun of Olivia.  Whitney says OMG YOU GUYS DON’T EVEN KNOW.  And tells them how Olivia took credit for it.  Whitney doesn’t know what to do, if she should say something to her bosses.  One of the girls says Whitney should play dirty, but Allie disagrees.  She said just stay quiet on this one, but now she knows what kind of person Olivia is.  The attention switches over to Jay, and the girls laugh about her being shacked up.  Erin says that Jay better be paying up in sexual favors.  This question seems to fluster Whitney.  She says she’s having problems with the relationship.  Jay is coming home at all hours, and the ‘intimacy thing isn’t there.’  The girls press her and she says the passion isn’t there.  Allie says that he’s a rockstar guy and he’s used to that.  Whitney says she has to figure out if its worth it for her.  Allie advises her to take stock of her relationship.

Adam heads off to some club to meet Adam.  Adam asks how it is living with her.  Jay says that its saving him money, he doesn’t have to take her out all the time.  Adam says he’s not in the mood to be out chasing ass all night.  Jay laughs and says except tonight and toasts to him.  Jay and Adam are scoping out babes and Jay spies Danielle.  He asks how long she’s in town and she says 2 days.  He asks her if she’s ready to get out of there and she says yes.

We head to the Elle cover luncheon, and hey look a Jessica Alba cameo.  Alixe thanks Olivia and she says that she pulled the look and she says that she knew what the stylist would want.  DVF comes up and asks the girls about the cover.  Whitney asks to look at the cover, and Jessica’s stylist says that Jessica looks great.  Olivia says again she pulled the look.  Whitney looks like she wants to throw up.

Jay and Whitney are out and she tells him about what happened at the luncheon.  Whitney says she was ready to take her down.  Whitney doesn’t like how condescending Olivia was.  Jay isn’t feeling well, he was out to 6 in the morning.  Whitney isn’t sure how he can stay out that late and wonders what he’s doing.  Jay says binge drinking.  Ha!  Whitney says that he’s living in the moment and that’s all that matters and they’re both all pouty and angsty.

Next day and Whitney heads to meet Allie at a bakery.  Allie has to go look for places, she’s bummed out about it though since Adam stepped all over her.  Allie says that it may not be what Whitney wants to hear, but Adam slipped up and said that Danielle was out with them that night.  Whitney looks devastated and she said that it make sense, because he was so tired that night.  Whitney says she’s so over all of this.  Allie and Whitney make sad pouty faces and Whitney manages a couple tears.  Cue the emo music.



1. brian - Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Allie and Whitney make sad pouty faces and Whitney manages a couple tears. Cue the emo music.

Perhaps her tears were only alibis.

2. Sofie - Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Do you know the song that is used from the time 05.40?
When allie is talking to erin. And the scene shifts from their conversation to jay and whitney at the restaurant?

3. Billy Koesoemadinata - Wednesday, March 4, 2009

hmm.. i just ‘crashed’ to this blogs, and wondering…
whether the city was a tv shows or what?

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