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Real World: Brooklyn Recap – The Inevitable House Meeting Saturday, February 28, 2009

Posted by The NY Kid in MTV, reality TV, undergroundBTO.

This episode opens in the morning with a montage demonstrating that the house is very dirty, followed by scenes of the guys cleaning everything up while bitching about the fact that the girls don’t do anything. After they are done JD sits down to write out a “chore list” for the house, which elicits varying reactions from the girls. Baya laughs at him, Sarah blows him off, and KL blows up, telling JD that he is not her father.

The next morning Chet and Ryan go to Fairway Market to watch the filming of a webisode on preparing turkey. Unfortunately, this preparation of turkey causes the host to use the phrase “just the tip” when describing carving techniques, which in turn causes Chet and Ryan to giggle like 12-year olds. Even when it is time for the two of them to conduct an interview they can’t stop laughing at the phrase, and they are eventually told to leave. A little later in the day Ryan decides to apply to the NY Film Academy to learn more about filmmaking. Meanwhile, JD decides to have a conversation with Sarah about their friendship, and things devolve quickly when she tells him that he is too sensitive. When he asks her to approach him with issues instead of talking behind his back, Sarah tells him “I don’t care enough to come to you” and “you’re not that important to me” (that went well).

The next day Ryan attends an orientation class at the NY Film Academy, and when he gets home he tells all of the roommates about the experience. Later that night all of the boys go out to the bar with Baya tagging along, and as she listens to Ryan talk about film school she realizes that he has an artistic side that is much deeper than just his guitar-playing (sniff, sniff. that’s beautiful, man).

The next day we see JD on the phone with his friend, bitching about the girls not cleaning the house. He asks his friend for some advice, and eventually decides to call a “house meeting.” At the same time, Ryan is in the park making a short film starring Chet and Scott, while Sarah is conducting her art therapy class at the LGBT center.

That night Baya and JD are driving somewhere and he starts to bitch (yet again) about the girls’ attitude about the house, and he discusses his relationship with Sarah. When they get home, the girls all play cards together and they all decide to boycott the house meeting. While Ryan is at school editing his film, Chet gets worried because it is late and Ryan is not home yet. Ryan finally comes home around 2AM and Chet tells him that he was very concerned.

In the morning Ryan is in class to have his movie screened, and he receives a lot of positive critiques for his effort. Back at the house Scott and Chet are bitching (yes, yet again) about the girls, and Scott makes a sign regarding the dirty dishes and puts it on the sink. While the guys bitch, the girls are playing cards (yet again) and Katelynn starts yelling at Scott. He responds by hiding the car keys. When the girls leave a little later, they realize that they have the wrong key to the car and Sarah is pissed off that she is going to be late to her volunteer work. She calls the house and asks Chet to look for they keys, and he tells her that he can’t find them. She comes back inside (umm, if she was just outside, why did she call Chet?) and Scott eventually tells her that the keys will “reappear” when Katelynn has cleaned her dirty dishes. Sarah doesn’t want to be even later, so she does Katelynn’s dishes for her and then the girls leave (bitching the whole time, of course). After the girls have left Ryan goes out to do some more filming, this time acting in it himself.

That night Sarah is again bitching, and she says that she will do everyone’s dishes so that it doesn’t turn into a big deal. The girls all go into the confessional to complain about the guys, and JD overhears everything that they say. Scott and Chet come home, and once again Chet is worried that Ryan is not home yet, especially since Ryan isn’t answering his phone. He finally picks up and tells Chet that he fell asleep on the train, so the boys go to pick him up. Of course, they take the opportunity to bitch about the girls and JD tells them what was said in the confessional. The boys get even more pissed off when they realize that the girls brought the car home with the gas tank almost empty. When they get back to the house Chet asks Devyn why they didn’t fill up the car, and she blows him off. He goes to ask Katelynn and she starts yelling again, which leads to Ryan yelling at all of the girls. Sarah tries to talk to the boys, but JD goes out of control and breaks the glass coffee table that everyone is sitting around. After that JD goes to get Devyn to participate in the impromptu house meeting and she refuses, so he rips the phone out of her hands and throws it out the window. Devyn and Baya both finally come out to talk to the boys and eventually everything gets smoothed over. Ryan’s mantra for the girls is to pay attention to “dishes, trash, sink, and gas.”

In the morning we see a nice little montage of Katelynn doing dishes, Baya taking out the trash, and Devyn cleaning the bathroom. Meanwhile, JD goes to an electronics store to buy a new phone (which, for some reason, has to be a non-cordless phone – perhaps an MTV regulation?). Sarah goes to do her volunteer work with kids, while Ryan edits his latest film efforts and everyone appears to be happy again.



1. Rockabye - Saturday, February 28, 2009

Question I had after watching this: do you think JD had to pay for the table/phone? I suspect the shot of the Boost Mobile sign outside the store means no on the latter, but it would be just desserts from MTV, no?

2. undergroundBTO - Monday, March 2, 2009

I’ve heard rumors in the past that houseguests HAVE had to pay for damages to the house (caused by themselves or friends that they invite in), but that money was taken from whatever paycheck/job that MTV had organized for them. Since there is no mandatory job this season (i.e. MTV wanted them to “pursue their dreams” in NY), I’m not sure if they would still do that.

Either way, it was a total psycho move.

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