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24 on 24 – Day 7 – 5:00 P.M. to 6:00 PM Recap Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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The Following Takes Place Between 5:00 P.M. and 6:00 P.M.

  1. Looks like Sean isn’t the only one who’s working for Dubaku (or Burnett); Erika’s in on it too and freaking out.
  2. Renee is getting emotional about Marika’s impending fate. But! It looks like Dubaku actually was in love with Marika and he still wants her to come to Bolivia with him (she agrees). He tells her that he’s not like the other people involved and that Burnett is a very corrupt man. Nice
  3. Renee and Jack are quickly released by the cops. Oops
  4. Awesome, Jack drives through the middle of park to cut to the street that Dubaku’s on. I am disappointed he did not take out a clown in the process.
  5. Marika proves she is not entirely worthless and attacks the driver of the car, successfully distracting him into another car. The Jeep rolls and does some pretty sweet stunts. I give it +12,000
  6. Jack and Renee catch up to them and Jack takes out Dubaku’s driver. Jack pulls an unconscious Dubaku from the Jeep to the side of the street. Renee is having trouble getting Marika out and she pulls a gun on Jack when he tries to get her away from the now flaming Jeep. He ends up helping her and they drag Marika away but drop her on her head when the car blows up. And she’s dead. Cue Renee crying. 
  7. Ethan Kanin briefs the President and it sounds like things are going swimmingly in Sangala but she’s a bit distracted with her husband.
  8. Bill comes in and briefs the President about the capture of Dubaku. He wants to take her back to the White House where she’ll be safer. Ethan agrees and she relents.
  9. Jack has the paramedics take Dubaku out of his coma and he threatens Dubaku’s son to try and get information. Dubaku says there is a list of the conspirators but starts going into cardiac arrest. The paramedics get interference when using the defibrillator and determine he has a metal plate in his chest (not sure how they came to that conclusion so quickly). Jack threatens one of the paramedics and forces him to cut open Dubaku’s chest where Jack is able to pull out a metal disk.
  10. Jack calls Moss and tells him they captured Dubaku’s list (while Sean is listening in) and he passes it off to some helicopter pilot to deliver to Moss.
  11. Sean tells Erika they have the list and she freaks out. He wants her to crash the servers as soon as Chloe starts downloading the data and reformat the file. Seems like he might be playing her a bit with this as he has to turn on the charm.
  12. Renee gets all bitchy with Jack about Marika dying. She doesn’t seem to care much that Dubaku’s been caught and they have the necessary file.
  13. Chloe is given the drive and she says that it’s a PS17 and it has an auto-erase function so they only get one download. Well that’s convenient for the plot. And a bit nonsensical.
  14. Looks like Erika’s having a bit of trouble reformatting the server. Man she’s annoying. Oh look, she got it to work. Chloe and Moss rush to the server room to figure out who done it.
  15. Sean begins making out with Erika (great timing!), oh, but it’s all a ruse so he can shoot her and make it look like she’s the only one who did it. He shoots himself in the arm and has a nice little story for Moss to pin it all on Erika.
  16. Hehe, looks like Chloe was being her badass self as usual and backed up the files to a remote server as it was downloading. She’s got the list and lets Moss know, who promptly tells Sean himself.
  17. Sean starts making a run for it but Moss finds out about Sean’s involvement before he can make it out and they take him into custody.
  18. Doesn’t look like Rosa’s real happy with Renee. She says that Renee killed her. Wow, that’s going to go over well.
  19. Renee wants to know if Jack feels the same kind of pain that she does and she starts slapping him. He tries to console her but she just gets upset at him. Best exchange of night: Jack – “By the way, that stunt you pulled by the car, you ever pull your weapon on me again, you better intend to use it.” Renee – “I did.” Jack chuckles approvingly
  20. Oh hey, the President’s daughter (hottie Sprague Grayden) made it back to the White House. That took awhile in 24 time. Where’s Aaron?
  21. Bill tells the President about everything that’s happened. He wants her to talk to Senator Mayer about Jack; he thinks he’s taking a personal crusade against Jack and he doesn’t deserve it for all he’s done. She says she’ll take it into consideration.
  22. Woot, Tony’s back and he’s got more information about another terrorist attack that’s going to happen. Tony’s new contact has direct communication with the Juma regime and it’s going to happen at 7:00 P.M.
  23. Ahhh, so we learn that Burnett is Senator Mayer’s Chief of Staff but Tony says Mayer isn’t involved.
  24. Burnett and Mayer are off to meet with the President about Jack. Burnett gets a text that the next operation is on.

Pretty eventful week actually. I was kind of expecting it to be boring but it essentially closed out that storyline with a bang and rebooted the season onto a new problem.



1. Jerkwheat - Tuesday, February 24, 2009

When Renee and Jack were having their “It’s Not Your Fault, Will” moment, I thought, for a moment, that it was gonna result in a little wink wink nudge nudge

2. Matt_T - Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another fantastic episode. But why does Tony always whisper? And how was he able to find out the information about the next terrorist plot?

And when are we going to find out Jon Voight’s involvement?

3. DougOLis - Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ha, yeah, I thought they were going to too Jerkwheat. I was preparing to throw my shoe if it did and I’m quite relieved it didn’t.

I dunno Matt. I’ve wondered that too. Maybe Tony got hit in the wind pipe one too many times? He found out about the next plot from whomever his Emerson connection was. I guess that person was more directly involved and higher up since he had direct contact to Juma. Maybe that was Voight?!?! I feel like we have to be getting close but he’s not listed on imdb until the final episode.

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