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The City – Episode 10: Monday, February 23, 2009

Posted by Matt_T in the balls.
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We start out this week with Erin and Allie chatting.  Erin is so excited about the trip to Miami.  Allie can’t go because she has a photo shoot with Nylon, and she’s so excited, she’s shooting with a guy.  Erin wants to know if Adam gets jealous on the shoots.  Allie says that he does, he always asks what she was wearing and how much the guy touched her.  Allie says a little flirting isn’t a bad thing.  Erin points out that he probably deserves it.  Allie says they’ll have a blast since Adam knows people in Miami.

After the intro we are suddenly in Miami.  Along with Whitney, Jay, Erin, Adam, Pottsy (one of Jay’s band mates) and Jess (Pottsy’s girlfriend.)   The girls are in one pool and  Erin wants to know how its going with Jay living with her. Whitney points out its not permanent, and he has 2 weeks while he gets his stuff together.  And it will give them time to get to know each other better.

The boys are in another pool and busting his balls about moving in with his girlfriend.  Jay flips it around and points out that he got kicked out of Adam’s place because his girlfriend runs things.

Back to the girl pool and they are chatting about the incident when Whitney first moved to NY with the other girl.  Jess  says the girl (Danielle) was obsessed with Jay and was stalking him.  Whitney says she may be naive, but she trusts Jay and that was before they were official, so whatevs.

Back to New York and Allie is on her shoot, the photographer is having the male model kiss her and bit her.  They are posing on a bed and Allie seems to be enjoying herself.  They take a break to look at the photos and the male model asks her what she’s doing after.  She says going to the gym.  He says if she’s not doing anything after the gym maybe they can grab a beer or a snapple.  She laughs at the snapple suggestion, but says she has a boyfriend.  Male model, let’s call him Zoolander, says that he tries to be a gentleman, but it doesn’t always work.

Back to South Beach, and holy crap a Dennis Rodman cameo.  They’re out at some club, boozing it up and what do you know, Danielle, Jay’s ex is there with her new boyfriend.  What are the odds on that?  So obvious MTV.  Jay goes over to talk to her and she says she’s single.  Jay wants to talk to her about what happened she was in NY last time.  Jay says its been weighing on his mind.  He gives her a hug as Whitney and the other girls look on.

Adam’s friend points out that there’s 20 girls hitting on him, but he actually doesn’t seem to care.  Danielle goes up to talk to Whitney and she apologizes for all the drama she caused.  She claims that all they did was talk and she was sorry for the drama.  Jay looks on a little worried, while Adam drinks Patron from the bottle.  Jay comes up to Whitney and asks how it went.  Jay says that he needs to know that she trusts him.  Whitney isn’t really believing him and points out that he’s making a big deal about it.

Erin gives Allie a call and lets her know that Adam seems to be having a good time.  He’s drunk and surrounded by girls.  Allie says that sucks to worry about him everytime he goes out of town.  She asks Erin to keep an eye on him for her.   We overhear Adam saying they need to get more girls over there.  Whitney notices and says that Adam is a cheater.

Back to New York and Allie tells Zoolander that she is going to take him up on that drink.  He says he knows a few places.  Allie is worried she’s going to slip on the ramp, and Zoolander asks if she’s a heel girl in her personal life.  Allie says she is, it makes her feel sexy.  He wants to know why she changed her mind about a drink, she just says it was a long day.

Jay and Whitney are back in NY and Jay says so much for the romantic getaway.  Whitney says she had fun, and Jay apologizes again for what happened with Danielle.  Whitney says that its weird that she was even there, but Jay says she’s from Miami.  Whitney says that sometimes when people over justify its that they are trying to hide something.  Jay said he thought they put it behind them, and Whitney does, but she doesn’t want to get played for a fool and she’s starting to feel ill just talking about it.  She gives him the mad face.

Erin meets Sam for lunch and its been so long since they’d seen each other.  Erin says Adam won the playboy award, it was Adam and 15 sets of tits.  Nice, Erin.  Sam says that Adam is running out of excuses.  Erin attempts to make a joke about ahi tuna and something smelling fishy.

Adam goes to meet Allie and he brings her flowers.  Allie says that he didn’t have to do that.  Adam says that Miami was fun and asks Allie how her job was.  She says it was good until Erin called.  Adam says that Erin has no room to talk since she has 3 boyfriends.  Allie says that’s not fair, Erin was looking out for her.  She says that Zoolander was hitting on her the whole time, and after she got the call she wanted to go.  Adam gets very mad, and he wants her to trust him.  Allie says she’s tired of them fighting and she wants to get her own place and have some space.  Adam is confused since she said she wanted to move in with him and now she’s already looking for another place to live.  Adam leaves while Allie cries.

Allie and Jess are out and Whitney asks her what Jay is really like since she lived with him for a while.  Jess isn’t sure if she should say it.  Whitney wants to know, and Jess says she may not like it.  She says that he has a temper, he’s not trustworthy at times, lots of small lies. Whitney is disapointed, and Jess says its always something with Jay.  The sad music takes us out and we’ll see you guys next week.



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