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Real World: Brooklyn Recap – Oh, Rats. Friday, February 20, 2009

Posted by The NY Kid in MTV, reality TV, undergroundBTO.

This episode opens at night with everyone just chilling around the house when we see some uninvited guests – there are several mice running around on the floor, and the furry critters make their presence known. When JD spots them he jumps up on a bar stool, screaming like a woman. Apparently the mice have been a persistent problem, because there are traps laid out. When one of the mice falls victim, Scott takes it out of the trap and brings it into the kitchen to scare the girls (c’mon, man! that’s unsanitary! haven’t you heard of the hantavirus?). Meanwhile, Devyn is on the phone with her “semi-fiance” David when she gets another phone call from Jim, whom she had dated previously.

The next night Devyn shows pictures to Chet and talks about how David pays for everything that she needs. Jim calls, and after Devyn has talked to him Chet says that she is being immoral by leading Jim on. A little later the girls all go out for drinks, and Devyn warns them that when David comes out to see her they have to avoid mentioning Jim. They meet up with the boys at their regular hangout (Pete Wentz’ bar) and JD tells Sarah that she should apologize to him for laughing when he had the argument with Devyn about their educational backgrounds. Sarah says that she doesn’t owe him an apology, and she walks away. JD gets pissed off, but he cheers up quickly when he talks to the other guys about pulling a prank on Devyn by putting a rat in her bed.

In the morning the guys are supposed to meet at the LGBT building, and Katelynn is surprised to see Chet sitting there. After she leaves Chet meets up with JD and Ryan, and they go to the pet store to buy a white rat. Meanwhile, David has arrived in town and Devyn introduces him to the girls. They then go out for a late lunch, and David pays for everything.

That night the guys sneak into the gym to hide the rat from the girls (since the girls don’t use the gym). The phone rings, so Devyn answers it and it turns out to be Jim. She manages to get him off the phone before David overhears anything, and then he goes to play pool with the guys. While David is bonding with her male roommates, Devyn goes on the computer and reads through some e-mails from Jim. Chet reads through some of these e-mails as well, and finds out that Jim refers to Devyn as “sugarbutt”, so the guys start using that nickname to get under her skin. Later that night Devyn and David go out to dinner, and he tells her that he likes the nickname “sugarbutt” (poor sap). He leaves in the morning, none the wiser.

The next night JD hides the rat in his closet in preparation for the prank. Chet’s alarm goes off at 4:30AM and he goes to work, putting the rat on Devyn’s bed. After the rat moves around for a bit, Devyn finally wakes up. When she sees the rat she runs in to get the guys, and Scott and JD come in to “save the day.”

The next night, while everyone is chilling in the house, Ryan puts the rat in Sarah’s bed. He then goes into the kitchen and complains about finding a mouse in his room. Sarah freaks out and goes to check her bed, and finds the sheets are messed up and there is rat feces in there. Then she turns around and sees the rat on the floor a few feet away from her. Sarah then calls her boyfriend, and he says that “it’s very odd that the rats are white.”

In the morning Sarah and Devyn are discussing the fact that it’s strange that the rats are white, and Devyn decides to do some Google research. At the same time, Ryan’s girlfriend Belle arrives. He shows her around and then tells her about the prank. When they come inside, Devyn is on the phone with her mother, who confirms that white rats come from the pet store. Sarah says that since Chet and Ryan weren’t awake during the prank, they couldn’t be responsible, and she blames Scott and JD. Devyn notes that JD was terrified of the little mouse but came in and helped Scott retrieve the big rat from her bed, which is suspicious. JD, at the time, is at Coney Island with Ryan and Belle (um, 3rd wheel anyone?) taking in the sights. On the way home Ryan talks about being on Inactive Reserve, and Belle says that she is terrified of him going back to Iraq. As they are on their way home, the girls are still discussing the possibility that the rat was a prank, since they went to be absolutely sure before accusing anyone.

That night, the girls look around the house for evidence that the rat was purchased from a pet store. They search the gym and then go outside, where they run into Chet coming home. Chet is suspicious since the girls are outside, whispering to each other. He doesn’t pay too much attention, however, choosing to take Devyn aside and once again tell her that she is being immoral by stringing both Jim and David along.

In the morning, Belle leaves. Meanwhile, Devyn writes a long e-mail to David, breaking up with him. He gets the e-mail and immediately calls her, but she doesn’t change her mind. To finish up the “leaving/loss” trifecta, JD takes the white rat back to the pet store. That night the girls finally find their evidence – the container and some of the rat food. They’ve solved the case!



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