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The City – Episode 9: Unexpected Roommates Monday, February 16, 2009

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Its Christmas time for the City.  Whitney, Olivia and some other DVF workers are at a table for the Christmas party.  Olivia brags about knowing all of the editors.  Whitney starts to tell a story and Olivia talks over her.  DVF wishes them a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Olivia asks what Whitney is doing that night and Whitney is going to some party with Jay and Sammy and Erin.  Olivia points out its all of her friends.  And Whitney says yes, except for her.  Olivia tells Whitney not to get too drunk and fall down.  Whitney laugh and says she learns something new from Olivia each day.

Adam and Allie are out talking about their scrabble game the night before.  Allie says that it looks like Adam has a lot on his mind.  He says that Jay keeps asking when Allie is going to get her own place.  Allie says she gets it, that she wasn’t supposed to be there, and it was only temporary, and it seems like he wants space.  Adam says that’s not it at all, he loves her and loves waking up next to her.

Duncan is in town and is escorting Erin into the party.  We go inside and Jay and Whitney are making out, Sam is dancing and uh oh JR is at the party.  And as he walks in he notices Erin kissing Duncan.  He looks pissed.  JR comes up and says hello to Erin, and Duncan introduces himself.  Sam looks on nervously as they talk.  JR tells Erin she looks great and hits on her, and Duncan grabs her and pulls her aside and says he’s not okay with JR and he needs to back off.  Erin says that the 18 year old in her will always love JR.  Duncan says its time for her to leave the 18 year old her behind.  Erin agrees, and pulls him in and tells Duncan that she loves him.

Off to Olivia’s and slacker Nevan is on the couch.  Olivia opens up the shades and tells him its time to start looking for a job, and he’s made a mess of things.  Olivia says she has enough to worry about besides Nevan turning her apartment into a college dormitory.  She gives him some water and tells him to get to it while she’s at work.  Toodles, and she’s out the door.

Off to the bar where Adam and Jay are talking about their NYE party.  Adam decides that nows the time to talk to Jay about the living situation.  Adam says that its his girlfriend staying there and he thinks maybe its time for the next step.  Jay says that’s bullshit, it was supposed to be 2 weeks and its been 4 months and now she’s wanting to move in.  Jay says that he sees how they are every day with the bickering and fighting and it will only get worse when they live together.  Adam says that they fight because of the third wheel thing.  Jay brushes that comment aside and leaves.

Off to Erin’s, and she’s making coffee for Duncan and saying how his trip has flown by.  She asks him if he’s had fun, and Duncan says yes, until JR showed up.  He says that it was a curveball, and he wanted to him.  Erin thanks him for being a gentleman.  Erin is confused about the situation.  She says it would be different with him there everyday, but each time he comes she falls more in love.  Duncan says that it is the difficult part of long distance dating, but he needs to know if he can trust her while he’s not there.  She says she can, but its not convincing.  Duncan says he’s not going to be part of a love triangle, and for her to figure it out.  He heads out and grabs a cab, and Erin cries on the couch.

Back to Olivia’s and Nevan still hasn’t made progress.  Olivia says she’s been supportive but its time for him to grow up a little and do something with his life.  She gives him a folder with apartments to look at.  He says he likes her place a lot and this would be trading down.  Olivia says she’s at her end with him.

Erin is at Whitney’s getting ready for the party.  She is going to have fun as a single gal and says the best way to get over a guy is to get under one.  Rawr.  She is worried she’ll drunk text Duncan.

Off to the Party in Midtown and Jay arrives and Adam and Allie give him the stink eye.  Jay tells Whitney he’s had a long day and he’ll tell her about it later.  Jay wants to know what’s up with Duncan and Erin gives him the scoop.  Jay says that at midnight Duncan will be thinking about her.    Allie asks Adam if Jay secretly hates him.  Adam isn’t sure but he was pissed.  Allie says that he’ll have to get over it.  Whitney asks what Jay is going to do about the living situation.  Jay says that worse comes to worse he’ll stay with Whitney.  Before she can answer the countdown starts.  Jay and Whitney and Adam and Allie kiss.  Erin keeps staring at her phone, but Duncan doesn’t call.  She starts crying and Jay and Whitney try to console her.  Whitney tells Jay that if he needs to he can stay with her if he needs to because he’s been there for her.

Next day, Whitney is making some tea and Jay comes out.  He’s hungover and says he’s not drinking anymore.  Whitney wants to know what his other resolutions are.  He says he’s going to work harder on music, and hopefully Whitney will be around while he’s on tour.



1. PT - Friday, September 18, 2009

what is the christmas song that comes on just before they go to the scene where they’re at the DVF christmas lunch. thanks

its starts of with the lyrics

“can you the christmas cheer….”

2. Christian Maertz - Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pleasant post, i for sure love this website, keep on it.

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