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The Real World: Brooklyn Recap – Well Now Everyone Knows! Friday, February 13, 2009

Posted by The NY Kid in MTV, reality TV, undergroundBTO.

This episode opens in the morning with Katelynn dancing around the house in a pair of short-shorts. Scott and Devyn discuss the fact that they had specifically asked her not to do that, because it’s not appopriate to prance around in underwear (or is it because she used to be a dude? you closed-minded bastards!). When Sarah makes a similar comment to Katelynn, she responds that “I want it to feel as close to home as possible here.” Join me after the jump for the fallout (no it doesn’t fall out – there’s nothing there to fall out anymore).

Later in the day Katelynn, Sarah and JD go to an LGBT center in Manhattan to discuss some volunteering opportunities. They learn about a 3-day bike ride called “Braking the Cycle” which is an AIDS fundraiser, and Katelynn notes that she has lost 3 friends to the disease. Back at the house they tell the rest of the housemates about the fundraiser, and Ryan gets excited when they tell him that the starting line is in his hometown of Gettysburg, PA. That night JD asks Chet if he will attend, and he says yes. Ryan calls his friends and family to tell them that he is coming home with all of his roommates.

The next morning a package arrives for Katelynn (hehe. package), and it turns out to be a stripper pole. While she practices some stripper moves she considers coming out of the closet to the rest of her roommates. That night Katelynn is once again walking around in her short-shorts and Ryan asks her to put some pants on as she is making him uncomfortable. When Katelynn later goes into the confessional, Ryan and Chet eavesdrop and overhear her talking about her hesitance to come out of the closet. A little later Chet, Ryan, Baya and JD are in the car talking about Katelynn, and JD mentions that she went to Thailand to have her operation.

In the morning everyone is getting ready to leave for Gettysburg but some of the girls are still sleeping, so Ryan comes into their room banging a spoon against a pot. This pisses Katelynn off, so she grabs Ryan’s alarm clock and throws it out the window, breaking it. Eventually everyone is ready and the guys leave in 1 car while the girls take the other car. On their way out of the city the girls believe that Scott is driving the wrong way, so they take off on their own. Of course the boys arrive in Gettysburg first (since they had the driving directions, and Ryan knows exactly where they are going), but they are only in time to see the tour bus leave. They chase down the bus in their car and manage to get on for the battleground tour. The girls arrive about halfway through the tour and also manage to stop the bus so that they can takl to the guys. After bitching at each other for a few minutes, the girls decide to do some shopping. The girls get a picture taken in Civil War outfits while the guys continue their tour.

That night everyone goes out to dinner with Ryan’s family. After dinner they move over the “bar” side of the restaurant, and Katelynn decides that she is bored so she begins to pole-dance on a support beam. The rest of the roommates are embarassed, but they laugh nervously while everyone else in the bar stares at Katelynn.

In the morning the guys get up early to go the “kickoff” event for the fundraiser, and they leave without the girls since they aren’t ready. The girls show up late and they are mad that the boys didn’t wait for them. While the main speech is going on, Chet begins goofing off which pisses off Katelynn and Sarah, and Katelynn winds up hitting Scott. After the speech everyone goes back to their cars, with Sarah saying “I’ll lead” which causes the boys to make fun of her in their car. Meanwhile, in the girls’ car Katelynn comes out to Devyn, who responds with “I already know, baby.” They then talk about whether the guys know, and Katelynn says that she is nervous about coming out to Ryan.

Back at the house the girls are in the kitchen talking to Chet about the tension at the fundraiser. Scott comes in mad, asking Katelynn why she hit him, and the shit hits the fan. Sarah and Katelynn both say that they were very offended by Chet’s goofing around at the event, and he mentions that the speech itself was laced with humor in an effort to lighten the mood. Chet then gets pissed off about Sarah and Katelynn being too judgemental and going off on him. As everyone spreads out around the house, Sarah stays in the kitchen crying and she apologizes to JD. For some reason Devyn then comes in and goes off on the differences between boys and girls that have been demonstrated in psychological research. JD gets mad and tells her “I have a degree in psychology and you’re a college drop-out” which offends Devyn.

The next morning Ryan is sitting in the computer room with Katelynn and asks her “you were born a guy, weren’t you” so she comes out to him. Katelynn says that she didn’t tell him at first because she didn’t want their friendship to be defined by that fact, and then she goes on to describe the entire process and her feelings about being transgendered. At the end of the conversation Ryan tells her that everyone already knows. A little later Scott and Ryan are in the kitchen and Ryan tells him that he admitted to Katelynn that everyone knows. Katelynn finds out from Sarah that the reason that everyone knows is because JD told them, which upsets her. She confronts him, and JD tells Katelynn that he had nothing to do with it and she yells at him for lying to her.

That night Baya and Katelynn are in the bathroom bitching about JD. Katelynn then goes to play pool with the boys and they all joke around about her “situation.”



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