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The City: Episode 8 Monday, February 9, 2009

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Whitney and Jay are out together, and Jay is nervous about a gig that he has.  Whitney says that she thinks she’ll bring Erin and her friend JR.  Jay snarks about her true love with Duncan, but Whitney says that JR was her first love.  Whitney invited Olivia, and Jay doesn’t seem pleased.  He’s not sure if she’ll come because his scene is ‘not her people’

Olivia heads to some fancy restaurant on the upper east side, where’s Blair and Serena?  Olivia points out that Nevan always gets dressed up, he’s wearing a tee shirt and jeans.  He says What’s up Babe to olivia, and she’s not happy.  She’s told him not to call her that, since the yare cousins.  She tells him about Whitney’s invite to see Jay’s band.  Nevan reminds her to smile and clap.  Olivia is having friends over so lazy slacker cousin has to leave for the evening.

Erin and Whitney get a cab to head over to Olivia’s.  Erin thinks that Olivia could be fun, and so does Whitney.  Erin says that JR is coming.  She’s nervous because she still has feeling for him.

Olivia is doing some last minute preparing, re:  fluffing a pillow.  The puppy, Mr. Butler barks his hello, and the girls are impressed with her apartment.  Olivia offers them some “champy” and Whitney wants to decline, but Olivia says that the band won’t go on until Whitney gets there.  Olivia isn’t sure what she should wear, and Erin and Whitney stare at their cell phones to see the time. Olivia thinks she needs to wear all black to a rock show.

Flash to the band getting ready and Jay notices Whitney isn’t there.  His band mate says that they can’t keep everyone waiting and they start playing.

The girls finally get Olivia to leave, and they head to the club.  The band is playing, and from what you can hear, I’m not too impressed.  They sound like an even more generic Guster.  After the first song Whitney and Erin cheer, and Olivia starts clapping and looks bored.  Olivia is worried, because she keeps bumping the person in front of her, but Erin tells her not to worry, its a concert.  JR comes over finally.  As soon as they finish Jay comes over and says he’s glad they made it.  Olivia bails as soon as the show is over and she says that she tried.  Olivia tells Jay and Whitney to have a good time.

Sam comes over to talk to Erin, and she’s freaking out about JR being there.  Sam asks about Duncan and Erin says they are doing good.  Huh?  Sam doesn’t know how she can do the long distance thing and wants to know how to make it work.  Erin says ‘exactly.’  Whitney pulls Erin aside and says that Jay and the rest of the band wanted to know where she was.  Whitney feels bad, but Erin says not too, its Olivia’s fault.  Jay comes over and says forget about it, they need to have fun and Erin suggests tequilla shots to soothe things over.  We fade to commercial with Olivia calling a cab by herself.

Off to DVF and Whitney asks Olivia if she had fun, and she says ‘oh totally.’ And I don’t think Whitney has a sarcasm detector.  Olivia lets her know that her friend is doing a charity thing to get coats for homeless people and the band they had lined up fell through, but she suggested Jay’s band.

Whitney and Jay are at her place and Whitney lets him know about the charity thing that Olivia suggested.  Jay wants to know what kind of crowd it is, he thinks it may be a Neil Diamond type of crowd.  But he decides to do it.

Erin meets JR for dinner and he says so much has happened but since he started talking to her again, they just picked thing back up.  Erin says that he has shitty timing.  He says that she still has his heart, and wants to know what she thinks.  She doesn’t know what to think.  JR asks if Duncan knows they are having dinner, and Erin says yes.

Off to Erin’s and Whitney wants to know what their plans are.  Erin says that JR is bartending somewhere.  Whitney asks about Duncan, and she says that he’s been cool with everything, but she’s not sure.  Whitney says she should go anyways and get some free drinks.  Sam agrees, and Erin says she’s feeling saucy and may suck some face.

Off to Olivia’s event, and Jay’s band is setting up.  Olivia wants to know if they should stand or sit and Whitney wants to stand so she can see.  Nevan rescues Olivia and they wander off.

Erin and Sam head out for a drink and JR comes up and gives her a hug.  Erin says she wishes she didn’t have a boyfriend.  Uh oh.

Back to the charity event, and Whitney is jamming out by herself as Olivia and Nevan talk with Theresa the event planner.  The whole time they are playing Nevan is making fun of them.  They finish and Jay is not happy, he says he wants to get the hell out of there and to keep ‘Bevan’ away from him.  Olivia notices that Jay left without saying bye.  Nevan says that was so disrespectful.  Takes one to know one?

Back to the bar, and JR asks Erin what’s wrong.  They head outside to talk, and Erin says its so weird hanging out with him again, but she’s dating Duncan.  JR says for her to do what she wants to do but he still wants to hang out.  Erin says no, that won’t work.  She’s crying and they hug.

Next day at DVF and Olivia comes into work and asks Whitney what she thought about last night.  Whitney says that it was kind of a stab in the back for her to be in the back and to have Nevan talking trash.  Olivia says that Nevan’s an adult and she can’t be responsible for his actions.  Olivia’s upset that the band didn’t dress up for the show, since it was a dressy event.  Whitney disagrees but Olivia won’t apologize, she says that they should keep their work life and personal life separate going forward.



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