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Lost: 5.04 — “The Little Prince” Friday, February 6, 2009

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So…in last week’s episode (“Jughead”) we found out that Faraday has been on the island in the past, Charles Widmore was a former resident on the island and there’s a giant nuke buried on the island. We also learned that Desmond has the balls to stand up to Penny’s father and is on the hunt for Faraday’s mother (who, I’m assuming is Mrs. Hawking-PQ). Finally, we learned that Richard Alpert is old.

So, place your cold-compress on the back of your neck, put a tissue under your nose, tilt your head back and hit the jump for the recap for “The Little Prince.”

“The Little Prince”

The episode started off with Jack and Kate on The Searcher with Kate asking Jack how they were going to explain Aaron’s birth. Kate suggested that they tell the public that she gave birth to Aaron while they were cast away. Jack then told Kate that they should lie about their survival in order to protect the other 815 survivors and asked Kate to go along with the lie.

Skipping forward, Kate left Arron with Sun in order to meet with the lawyers that demanded a maternity test from Kate. As Kate left Sun’s hotel room, Sun received a package. Inside said package were photos of Ben and Jack, a box of chocolates and a gun. (I’ve seen worse shopping lists…)

On the island, Faraday was tending to an unconscious Charlotte. Juliet tried to get an explanation from Faraday regarding Charlotte’s illness, with Faraday explaining that the time-flashes are messing with Charlotte’s “internal clock,” leaving her with a “really bad jet lag.”

Off island, Kate met with the maternity lawyers and offered her and Aaron’s blood samples in exchange for the revelation of the lawyer’s client’s identity. The lawyer then implied that there would be an “exchange of custody” and Kate would lose Aaron.

Locke told Sawyer that they needed to go back to the Orchid station. Locke said he knew that Ben used the Orchid to leave the island. Locke then told Sawyer that the island’s problems started when “Oceanic Six” left, and he’d bring them back to help save the island, even if it killed him. Locke, Sawyer, Faraday, Juliet, Miles and Charlotte then left for the Orchid.

Jack was tending to Sayid in the ER. Jack left Sayid to deal with the hospital’s administration while Sayid was attacked by an unnamed man posing as a nurse. Sayid choked the nurse using an oxygen tube, got information out of the nurse regarding the nurse’s employer and then shot him with two tranqulizer darts. Sayid pulled an address from the nurse’s pocket — Kate’s address.

Jack, worried that Sayid’s attackers were going after Kate next, called Kate and asked to meet her. Ben and Sayid went to deal with Hurley’s arrest while Jack went after Kate.

On the island, Locke and the rest of the group were walking through the jungle when they saw a beam of light cutting into the night sky. Locke realized that it was the light from the original hatch and that his past self was near the group’s location. Locke then told the group that they had to travel in a different direction. While walking through the jungle, Miles developed a nosebleed (I’m assuming that there must be an abundance of cocaine on the island in addition to the heroin).

Sawyer saw Kate helping Claire deliver her baby. Sawyer looked sad. :( The group then flashed to another time-period.

Jack met up with Kate outside of the lawyer’s office, with Kate waiting to follow the lawyer and find out who his client is. Kate explains her situation to Jack, the lawyer leaves the building and Jack and Kate follow him.

On the island, Locke explained to Sawyer why he didn’t want to go toward the original hatch’s light and Miles told Faraday that he’d gotten a nosebleed. Faraday explained that the nosebleeds were related to exposure to the island. Miles asked why the others haven’t gotten nosebleeds while they’ve been on the island for months and he’d only been on the island for a few weeks. Faraday asked, “Are you sure about that?”

The group had finally gotten back to the original 815 beach camp, with Sawyer looking for a Dharma beer. They found that the camp had been deserted and its effects looked rather old. When they looked for the Zodiac (the boat they were going to use to sail around the island to the Orchid station), they found a long paddle-boat. Realizing that there could be a hostile group around, they took the boat and set off toward the Orchid station. While in the water, they were attacked by another group in a similar boat. Sawyer, thanked God for another time-flash that got the group away from their attackers; the group was then in a monsoon.

Jack and Kate followed the lawyer to a motel. The lawyer gave a folder to an unknown woman; Jack recognized the woman as Claire’s mother. After the lawyer left, Jack approached Claire’s mother and tried to explain why they kept Aaron a secret from everyone. Claire’s mother didn’t know what Jack was talking about, she was only in L.A. to collect a settlement from Oceanic Airlines. (dun dun duh dunnnnnn!)

Ben and Sayid were tooling around in a cargo van with “Canton Ranier” written on the side. (***Spoilerish note*** “Canton Ranier” is an anagram for “reincarnation.”) They pulled into a parking garage and were met by the lawyer that was harassing Kate for a maternity test. The lawyer presented documents to Ben that indicated that there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute Hurley for the homicides he was charged with.

Back on the island, Locke’s group paddled ashore. Juliet and Sawyer were talking when Sawyer pointed out that there was a menstruating-bat-in-the-cave to Juliet (c’mon, I’m getting tired of typing nosebleed). Charlotte pointed out wreckage to the group, stating that it had just happened. Locke picked up a piece of wreckage that had French writing. “Anybody speak French?” he asked.

In the ocean, near the island, a group was in a raft, stuck in the monsoon. They spotted a body floating near them…it’s Jin! (Obviously, the island wasn’t ready for him to die yet.)

Jack and Kate pulled into a marina parking lot. Ben and Sayid pulled up next to them. Jack tried to explain to Kate that Ben was trying to help all of them, when Kate realized that Ben was responsible for sending the lawyers to her house, pushing her for a maternity test. As Kate and Ben were talking, Sun watched them from a parked car, with Aaron sleeping in the backseat. Sun grabbed her gun and left her car.

On the island, Jin woke up on the beach and saw the raft-people digging through some debris. There was a pregnant woman talking to him; the woman introduced herself as Danielle Rousseau.
So, what did we learn?

Sayid is like the MacGyver of self-defense.

Ben can manipulate anything and anyone. (Maybe he’s pulling all of the strings, on and off the island, still.)

Jin is alive!

Canton-Rainier Carpet Cleaners probably specializes in blood stains.

Not much, really. It was a great episode that moved the characters along in the story, setting up future plot points.

So, what did we learn to ask?

Given that both Charlotte, Miles and Juliet have gotten the tell-tale nosebleeds due to exposure from the island, can we assume that Charlotte and Miles have been on the island before? How soon before it happens to the 815 survivors?

Is your nose bleeding?

How long will Jin spend with Rousseau?

If Locke does get to the Orchid and turns the “frozen donkey wheel,” will he stop the island from its time-flashes? Will they stay in the current time-period they’re in now, leaving us to see how Rousseau became the grizzled woman we first saw in season one?

My apologies for missing last week’s episode, I had to find a job. I’m now set up to get these hammered out by Thursday evenings now. So, if you have any thoughts about next week’s episode, send them to pqcrash@gmail.com afterwards or leave a comment below and I’ll make sure they’re included in next week’s recap.



1. DougOLis - Friday, February 6, 2009

“Sayid>Bauer” – them’s fightin’ tags

Why was Ben trying to take Aaron via lawsuit? He needed both Kate and Aaron anyway. Was it just to scare her?

So I guess that pretty much answers the question about Miles being the son of Dr. Chang? Is Charlotte the little girl (or daughter of) that Ben was friends with when growing up?

Sawyer’s was pretty hilarious around the time of the flash in the boat. Who were those people anyway?

Why does Sun want to kill Ben? He wanted them all to stay on the island and keep it a secret; and there’s no way she can know that he’s the reason the boat blew up. Or is she going after Jack?

2. BTO - Saturday, February 7, 2009

Yeah, I think Ben tried to take Aaron to scare Kate into thinking that they would only be safe from that back on the island.

I think Sun has lost her damn mind.

3. ladylavinia1932 - Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ben wasn’t trying to take Aaron. He was trying to scare Kate into giving up Aaron so that she would return to the island. After all . . . Aaron DID NOT belong to Kate.

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