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Real World: Brooklyn Recap – Ryan Gets Serious Thursday, February 5, 2009

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The episode opens in the morning with Scott at a modelling agency for a photo test, where he is taking some pictures in his underwear. Later we see Scott and JD in the car talking about Scott’s ex-girlfriend Marissa, and Scott says that he is not interested in “just hooking up” even though he is single. Join me after the jump for the rest of the serious business.

That night everyone is getting ready for a Fashion Week show, and once at the show Scott proceeds to chat up numerous models. Back at the house Scott tells Devyn that he got a girl’s number at the show, and she seems slightly jealous. Meanwhile, Ryan is busy tying everyone’s shoelaces backwards as a prank (including his own). When JD goes to put on his shoes he gets upset and blames the prank on Chet and Ryan. Scott and Katelynn tell him that Chet wasn’t home all day, so he realizes that it was Ryan. Looking to get him back, JD sprays shaving cream into Chet and Ryan’s bedroom while they are sleeping. While they both wake up, all Chet does is spray some shaving cream on JD, but Ryan completely loses his shit.

In the morning JD is talking to Scott about Ryan’s reaction, and Scott mentions the possibility that Ryan is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). While Scott talks to Chet and Ryan about playing pranks around the house, JD is in the car with Baya and Devyn discussing the situation. Ryan and Chet then drive to Asbury Park so that Chet can conduct an interview with the band Hey Monday while they are filming their first music video. Chet interviews the bassist and things go well. He then interviews the lead vocalist and asks whether she is having a romantic relationship with anyone in the band. After that he interviews another band member and asks him about any embarassing or strange things that have happened, and he discusses another band member (a guy) being hit on by a lot of guys on their gigs. A little later Chet’s boss takes him aside and tells him to stop making fun of the band, so Chet goes to apologize but the band members tell him that it was a good interview.

That night Scott brings a model over to the house and shows her his portfolio. Devyn thinks that he is rebounding from Marissa, and that he will eventually admit that he has a crush on her. While Scott continues to show his photos to the model, Chet (who is in the room with him) lets out a fart, which upsets Scott. At the same time we see Ryan get a phone call from home, and he is informed that one of his friends has killed himself. He goes into his room to play his guitar and confides a little bit in Baya about some PTSD symptoms.

In the morning Chet goes to Times Square to MTV Headquarters to see a live taping of TRL. One of the security guards in the building informs him that TRL has been cancelled, which upsets him since his dream had been to host TRL. Back at the house we see Ryan talking about 9/11/01 and his “Killed in Action” bracelet, and he tells the roommates that the attack on the World Trade Center inspired him to join the army immediately afterwards even though he was only 17 (he had to have his mother sign his papers).

That night Scott brings home a different girl, and Devyn goes off to talk to Chet and then to Sarah and Baya about Scott trying to make her jealous. As a joke, Chet puts together a “handout” titled “The Unofficial Guide to Scott Dating.” Later in the night the roommates go to play cards and Scott finds the sheet hidden in the pack of cards. He is not amused, and tells Devyn that “they’re new friends, not girlfriends.”

In the morning Chet decides that he wants to get involved with FNMTV, which is hosted by Pete Wentz, and he calls his boss who informs him that Wentz will be at the bar he owns (where the roommates hang out) sometime in the coming week.

The next morning Baya finds out that several other people will be at the bar to interview Wentz, and she quizzes Chet about his interview questions.

That night Chet gets ready for the interview and dresses with a vest, bow-tie and glasses. The roommates tell him that he looks like Orvill Redenbacher, and to make their point they put up a picture of Redenbacher as their desktop. At the bar Chet meets Pete Wentz and conducts the interview. Things go very well and Pete complements him on having done his research. When Chet asks him about breaking into the field, Wentz tells him that he can hook him up and gives Chet his e-mail address. Back at the house Chet tells Sarah about the interview. Meanwhile, Scott is talking to Devyn about her attitude, and she tells him that he is completely different person than he was a few weeks ago. Scott responds that he is tired of everyone making comments about his social life.

In the morning Ryan calls his friend Darren (from the army) and asks him if he would like to go to the 9/11 ceremony the following day. The next morning they go down to the ceremony and talk about their experiences in Iraq.

That night we see Scott cuddling with Baya, talking about how none of the girls he has brought home have piqued his interest. We also see Ryan sitting outside talking to Chet about the 9/11 ceremony, telling him “I feel like a little bit of a weight has been lifted off my chest.”



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