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24 Day 7 Recap – 2:00 P.M to 3:00 P.M. Wednesday, February 4, 2009

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The Following Takes Place Between 2:00 P.M. and 3:00 P.M.

Sean is working on tracking the big yellow van that transported the Matobos to the exchange spot in the hangar. One step and about an hour behind there; not gonna cut it FBI. Janeane Garofolo meanwhile is a bit more on top of it and actually has a lead on Dubaku’s plans to attack the Kidron, Ohio chemical plant. Sean looks on suspiciously but she enlists his help and asks him to “open up a socket,” whatever that means.

Ethan Kanin tries to call Secret Service Agent Brian but he’s obviously still lying dead on Samantha’s floor next to a passed out First Gentleman Taylor.  Agent Moss provides an update to Ethan but doesn’t have a lot to say.

Bill, Jack, Tony, Chloe, and Renee all pull up to the building where the Matobos are brought. Nichols brings the Matobos to Dubaku and Dubaku informs Nichols that they are attacking the chemical plant in Kidron. Dubaku and Matobo confront each other and I guess they met before; Dubaku had offerred him an alliance at the time but he sounds disappointed that Matobo did not accept. They call each other traitors. Dubaku says he wants the names of Matobo’s traitorous co-conspirators and implies he will torture his wife to get them. Renee saunters up to the security station and makes it into the building where Matobo is being held, while Jack, Tony, and Bill climb onto the roof. She takes the stairwell to the roof and lets them in. Bill and Tony make their way down to level where Dubaku is and Jack and Renee climb in an air duct.

Sean says Janeane Garofolo’s lead is pointless and the NSA would have already found what she’s looking for.  She gets snappy with him and identifies the chemical plant. She clearly has a high opinion of herself when calling the plant and gets snappy with the receptionist too saying, “I’m with the FBI, does that sound vaguely important to you?” Janeane Garofolo warns the plant manager, John Brunner, and he says they are having problems with a few safety failures. While calling her “hunny.” Hehehe. They try and shutdown the primary tank but it’s not responding and the tank is building in pressure. “We are looking at atmospheric release.” DunDunDun. 02:14:34


Ethan and Tim, the NSA advisor, are notified of the attack on the chemical plant and they want to get ahold of FG Taylor so he can convince President Taylor to withdraw from Sangala. Wouldn’t the best course of action be to do some manual override at the chemical plant or just take a giant pair of wire cutters to the power/cable line and take that bitch offline? Taylor is going over a speech with a speech writer and she makes a point that she wants “outrage” left in the text because that’s how she (and everyone else) is feeling. Ethan and Tim brief Taylor on the impending attack in Kidron and say the release of concentrated insecticide will lead to 17,500 deaths. I wonder why we’re using such deadly chemicals on our agriculture.

Chloe notifies Jack of the FBI alert on the chemical plant and tells him he has to hurry. Jack uses a scope to check out Dubaku’s control room and determine what kind of resistance they will encounter. It might be difficult for Jack alone, but this should be easy for the 4 of them. John Brunner calls Janeane Garofolo “hunny” again and I’m liking this guy quite a bit more. He’s going to try and do a manual override to at least buy more time. Why would this not work completely? Gahh. He asks Janeane Garofolo for her help because he doesn’t have access to the override schematics. What? You’re the fucking plant manager! Why wouldn’t you know how to do an override? Janeane Garofolo figures out that the chemicals are going to be released into the room where he is right now. Of course they are. A true hero, he seems to have resigned himself to his fate. Of course he has. He calls her hunny again and starts the release sequence. He starts turning some giant valve and it releases chemicals right in his face. He moves on to the next valve.

Nichols gets video of Jack, Tony, and Bill on the roof of the building and notifies Dubaku. 15 minutes late mind you. Great security guys. Dubaku is pissed at Nichols and he wants to know how they followed him. He says he doesn’t know, but it was pretty easy actually. Dubaku should have shot Nichols right there for incompetence. To Nichols chagrin, Dubaku removes the CIP device and wants to get out of there.

The FBI sees the firewall intrusion go away and they are quite confused.

Tony and Bill start shooting their way in through the main entrance killing 2 security guards while Jack blows up some C4 from above and drops in. They start a firefight gunning down all of Dubaku’s men in a pretty badass scene that reminds me of the CIA raid on SD-6 in Alias. Nichols tries to get the Matobos out but Renee shoots him in the back and secures the Matobos for herself. It’s pretty dark and hard to see exactly what’s happening but there’s a lot of gun fire and it appears the CIP device was broken somehow. Jack, Tony, and Bill take out all of Dubaku’s men but Dubaku seems to have escaped. Tony finds the CIP device and it’s been destroyed. Renee is going to escort the Matobos out of the building. 02:28:15


John Brunner tells Janeane Garofolo that the pressure in the tanks is dropping and the automatic shutdown mode is being engaged. He doesn’t seem to be in great shape though and she’s sending in a rescue team.

Renee gets the Matobos out of the building and loads them in the van with Chloe. The guys are still looking for Dubaku though. Dubaku has found Latham (he’s still alive?) and wants him to do something for him. Jack busts through a door and finds Latham, who says “I’m sorry” and Jack notices a bomb on his chest. Jack makes a dive for it and the bomb goes off. No more Latham I guess. Renee tells Jack the police are almost there and they need to get out. Dubaku seems to have the same thoughts as we see him leaving the front of the building.

Agent Moss and Sean are having a hard time figuring out why the CIP device was removed and why the attack was stopped. Moss seems to be just as upset that the attack didn’t happen as if it had. And he’s staring at a computer screen with Renee’s missing info on it. A trace amount of the chemicals were released but the plant is secure. John Brunner did not make it though. Sad Janeane Garofolo. She wants to contact his family and tell them how brave he was; she gets pissy with Sean too about finding where the CIP device was last used. 02:38:16


Tim tells President Taylor that the crisis has been averted and there’s only one casualty. She wants to know why the crisis was averted and she does not seem content with the result. Ethan is worried that he’s still not able to get ahold of Brian and he updates Taylor on all that he doesn’t know.

First Gentleman Taylor wakes up out of his paralysis and sees Vossler, the other Secret Service agent working with Brian, calling Brian’s phone. He tries making a call but the phone is locked. Doesn’t he have his own phone? He stumbles around the apartment horrified and then sees Vossler making a run for the apartment when he opens the door. He tries to get Brian’s gun but Vossler gets to him first. Taylor tries to talk Vossler out of killing him and as he does he receives a phone call from Dubaku. Vossler tells Dubaku that FG Taylor killed Brian and Dubaku tells him to bring Taylor to him. Why is Dubaku riding the Metro? That seems far too public and you’d think security cameras would pick up on his presence. 02:48:08


The gang brings the Matobos back to the safehouse and Jack is worried that their cover is compromised. He suggests they go to the government to get assistance in capturing Dubaku. They still don’t trust the government but Jack thinks Matobo can help get them direct access to President Taylor. Renee and Chloe are with Jack because they know they’re vulnerable now and they need help. Matobo convinces Bill to let them go to the White House. Tony approves.

President Taylor is watching the news again on CNB. She receives a call from Matobo and he tells her they are safe and the CIP Device has been destroyed. He says he needs to meet with her alone and in private; she accepts. She tells Ethan about the phone call. Which may not have been a great idea.

Bill, Jack, and Renee get ready to transport the Matobos but Tony is going to stay behind. He’s worried about what will happen if he’s caught and he might have some Emerson related leads that could help in finding Dubaku. Tony gives his word to Jack that he’ll turn himself in after it’s all over.

We get a split screen of Renee loading the Matobos in the van, President Taylor looking worried, Dubaku breaking in somewhere (that was quick), and Vossler shoving FG Taylor into the trunk of his car.

Dubaku is in an apartment that looks to be his home in D.C. And his bootie call shows up and asks him to dinner (lasagna!) with her sister. Dubaku calls Vossler and tells him to bring Taylor to a Korean grocer. 03:00:00



1. Matt_T - Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Best episode of the season so far.

2. DougOLis - Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The raid was pretty sweet but I liked last week’s episode a lot too. This one was probably more solid on plot though.

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