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The City – Episode 7: Monday, February 2, 2009

Posted by Matt_T in the balls.
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We start this week with Erin, Whitney, Allie and Sam out eating, and Erin is so proud of everyone for doing good well for themselves.  Erin doesn’t really have anything to do, but she wants to.  Allie says that Erin should meet her manager, and he can help her out.  She wants Erin to send her resume.  Whitney says that Kelly Cutrone is coming in town for a birthday party and Whitney invites the girls to the party.  They are all excited, but Sam can’t go.  Boohoo.  Allie is excited for a girls night out.  GNO!  OMG

Erin heads to One Management and she meets Dan, a model booker.  He takes her to meet Scott Lipps, the president of the company.  Erin says that she’s been in NY 5 years, and she graduated from NYU about a year and a half.  Scott wants to know what she’s been doing, she says ‘unofficial styling.’  Scott compliments her on her style.  Erin says she was very impressed with their website what they are doing.  Scott, says they are trying to combine fashion and music and it will take someone with very good organization.  Erin says that she’s OCD and Scott tells her Allie said good things about her, and implies she has the job.  So now Erin has a fake job just like Whitney!  Yay!

Off to Whitney’s apartment and Allie arrives to the good news that Erin got the job.  Whitney pours them all a glass out champagne to prepare them for Kelly Cutrone.  She warns that she’s very ‘out there’ and says what she means.  Allie says that she likes people like that.  I have a feeling that she’ll change her mind after meeting Kelly.

The girls head to some club for the party, arm in arm, like every GNO! WHOOO! GNO!!! Kelly comes up to Whitney and Whitney introduces Kelly to her friends.  Allie asks Kelly what she thinks about her outfit, since she heard that Kelly tells it like it is.  Kelly laughs and says she usually gets paid for that.  Boom, roasted.  Kelly laughs and says she likes the outfit, but she doesn’t like the leggings.  Allie laughs, but then Kelly asks her if she’s okay.  Allie is confused and says she’s fine, Kelly pushes further and says she looks so skinny and she needs to know if she’s ok.  Whitney looks like she’s going to throw up/cry.  Kelly then pops up and says she is going to DJ.  I think she’s wasted.  Allie is upset and looks like she’s about to cry.

JR, Erin’s ex shows up at the party.  He tells Erin she looks phenomenal.  Allie and Whitney take their leave to go dance.  JR says some more about how great it is to see her blah blah blah, and he wants to get her a shot and a beer.  She declines the beer, but she’ll take the shot.

Whitney and Allie go to talk to Kelly again, and Kelly asks what Allie does.  Allie says that she models for One, and Kelly says that she’s too skinny again.  Allie gets upset and walks out.  Whitney follows her out, and Kelly’s friend snarks that Kelly is so fun.  Allie says that Whitney didn’t have to leave with her, but Whitney said she felt bad, and that was just Kelly being Kelly.

Next day and Erin and Whitney are talking about the night.  Whitney says that it was a bad time for Allie since she just had those problems with Adam.  Erin says that it was weird to see JR, that was her first love and she compares all her boyfriends to him.  She was nervous seeing him.  Allie shows up and the girls ask if she’s okay.  She says she is, she’s used to that, its part of the job.  Whitney asks if she thinks that there’s such a thing as too skinny, Allie says yes, obviously, but she’s healthy and happy.  She does a good Kelly impression and the girls laugh.

Off at One Management and Dan is showing Erin around.  Somehow its fashion week again, even though it was fashion week 2 weeks ago, and like a month before that.  Dan asks how life is, and Erin says that her and her boyfriend are on a hiatus, but she just ran into her high school boyfriend.  Dan says that she’s going to get back with him and Erin says she doesn’t know, but she isn’t trying to put a ring on it.  BEYONCE

Adam and Allie head to a One Management party and they head to a table where Dan, Scott, Erin and Jay are.  Kelly comes to the party and says hello to everyone.  Under her breath, Allie says oh look my best friend.  She is introduced to Jay for the first time.  Kelly apologizes if she hurt Allie’s feelings.  Kelly wants to know where Whitney is, but Jay says she’s still at work.  Allie is upset that Kelly is even there, but Scott doesn’t know.  (Scott looks a little like Will Ferrell.)  Allie and Adam pull off to the side to complain about the situcation as Kelly makes another crack about models not eating.

Off to DVF and its Olivia! Good to see her finally.  Whitney tells her what happened at the birthday party.  Olivia says that its part of the modeling business.  She laughs and says they wouldn’t have Shamu coming down the runway.  Olivia laughs at her own joke.  Whitney says that it was pretty crappy of Kelly.  Olivia says she should let it go, but Whitney doesn’t know if she can.

Adam and Allie are grocery shoping, and Allie says that she wants to ask Scott why Kelly was there.  Adam says he should have said something, but Allie doesn’t want to put Scott in the middle.  Adam says that Kelly just says it to make herself feel better.  Adam says he works with girls that are rain thin, and Allie says that she is healthy so she knows she’s fine.  She is concerned that Whitney confides in someone like Kelly.

We quickly head over to People’s Revolution and Whitney is there to see Kelly.  Whitney starts off by saying she loves Kelly for how honest she is, but Kelly hurt her friends feelings.  Kelly says that she isn’t really sorry, because the fashion industry has made the standard ridiculous for women.  She says that its a new friendship but Kelly says that she had to say something, that honesty isn’t supposed to be nice.  Whitney ponders this, and we get a shot of Adam and Allie walking through the city as the show fades out.



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2. Lo - Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kelly Cutrone is NOT mean, god what would ppl be saying if the woman had said “your so fat”… its ridiculous.

Whit is so cute i want her to be my friend gosh ^^

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