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24 Day 7 Recap – 1:00 P.M. to 2:00 P.M. Wednesday, January 28, 2009

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The Following Takes Place Between 1:00 P.M. and 2:00 P.M.


Agent Moss confronts what looks to be his entire FBI office telling them that they need to find Tony and Jack so they can get back the CIP device because another terrorist attack is imminent.  He also tells them that Renee Walker was kidnapped by Tony and Jack.  Sean provides Moss with cleaned up audio of Emerson and Nichols’ recent phone conversation and says they are trying to run a trace on the phones.  Sean implies that she’s dead and there’s nothing they can do and Moss doesn’t take that real well. He gets in Sean’s face and he clearly isn’t giving up on her yet.

We see a bright blue rape van pulling into the construction site where Renee was shot, and that can only mean one thing! The necrophiliac convention is in town! Or Bill and Chloe are there to save the day. Either way.  Oh, guess it’s Bill and Chloe; maybe it could be both.  They dig a bit and find Renee’s lifeless body under the plastic Jack laid down.  Bill tears the plastic and starts performing CPR on Renee; he injects her with a shot of adrenaline but she doesn’t immediately pop up like Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction.  We wait a few seconds and she starts wheezing. Guess she survived.

The bright yellow rape van is also making its way as we get a conversation between Nichols and Emerson about the details of the swap.  Jack asks Emerson how he was able to bring Tony back from the dead and extract him from CTU; and Emerson reveals that Christopher Henderson, a former CTU agent and antagonist of Day 5, was to only make it look like he killed Tony.  Tony gives a little speech about his conversion to the bad guys and how Emerson is his brother; it’s all very blahh.  Jack asks how the deal is about to go down and Emerson brushes him off making it quite clear that there is no trust between the two.  The gang pulls up to an abandoned hangar with a Porsche and 2 crotch rockets inside.  When they start setting up for the exchange and Jack has his back turned, Emerson disarms him and puts a gun to his head. Tony quickly takes out Guy #4 with a shot to the head from about 100′ and turns the gun on Emerson.  Emerson wants to know what’s going on with Tony and Jack and he thinks it’s about Tony’s cut of the diamonds.  Tony says it’s not about the diamonds but the killing of innocent American lives.  Jack tells Tony to take the shot and there’s a bit of yelling and tussle going on with all 3 parties until Tony shoots Emerson in his right shoulder. Emerson drops Jack and looks at Tony stunned; he tries to raise his gun to shoot Tony but Tony shoots him in the neck first.

Chloe and Bill brief Renee about what has been going on.  She wants to know what agency is running the operation and Bill says it’s just them because of the corruption and high level infiltration of the terrorists in the government.  Renee wants to call Moss but Bill won’t let her.  Bill convinces her to play along and stay dead until they can get to the endgame of getting Dubaku and the CIP device.

Segue back to the hangar and Jack is going to inform Matobo of what’s going on and convince him to go along with their plan.  Jack opens up the back of the van and tells Matobo that he’s not there to hurt him and they’re trying to use him to get to Dubaku.

Nichols and Dubaku talk back at their secret command center and Nichols is off to the meeting place to get Matobo and his wife.  Dubaku wants to dispose of Emerson’s team when the swap has been made.  Dubaku thinks President Taylor will give in when she knows that they have Matobo because the resistance movement doesn’t stand a chance without him. He also thinks that Taylor isn’t taking his threat seriously with the CIP device and he plans to carry out an attack with 2 planes in the Washington D.C. area. 01:13:55


President Taylor is in the Oval Office and has just been informed that NSA detected a new firewall breach by the CIP device.  Taylor wants to prepare first responders for an imminent attack but Ethan Kanin thinks they should just withdraw from Sangala and put an end to it. She’s pushing ahead though and trusts that the NSA will be able to neutralize the CIP threat and the FBI will be able to find Matobo and the CIP device.

Tony tries to save a barely living Emerson and tells him that it wasn’t about the diamonds; Emerson crossed a line he wasn’t willing to cross. Emerson will give him no forgiveness and Tony looks a bit disturbed.  Jack asks Matobo and his wife to give up to Dubaku so they can get Dubaku and the CIP device.  Matobo seems willing to comply but he is unwilling to turn in his wife as well. Jack is unable to answer when Matobo asks if he can guarantee their safety; duhh, of course he can’t guarantee it.  But Matobo’s wife wants to give herself up and do what’s necessary for Sangala, so they both agree.  Jack checks on Tony and it looks like Emerson’s dead.

Back at Dubaku’s command center one of Nichols’ people has the FAA controls and is redirecting two flights to crash over Washington D.C.

President Taylor is meeting with Ethan and Tim (the NSA guy) when she receives a call from Dubaku. Dubaku directs her to look out her window to the southwest.  As Ethan looks out the window we hear a large boom and President Taylor sees a large explosion over the Washington Monument with debris scattering everywhere. Taylor calls Dubaku a “son of a bitch” and she looks on stunned and saddened. She asks if the cabinet is still assembled and heads off sternly to the War Room. 01:26:59


Tim provides a briefing to the Cabinet members and the Joint Chiefs about the collision that just occurred over Washington.  There are still 1,300 planes in the air and the Secretary of State wants Taylor to start withdrawing forces from Sangala to prevent an even worse attack.  Tim agrees with the Secretary of State and he’s worried about what Dubaku will do next time.  Taylor says she’s not giving in while there’s still a chance they can recover Matobo and the CIP device and they will not negotiate with terrorists.  The Secretary of State calls her foreign policy reckless and says she will be impeached when word gets out to the public of her actions. She says she’s not changing her mind and he can either join her or turn in his resignation (you’re either with us or you’re against us and all).  He takes her up on her offer and walks out.  He gets all high and mighty and things get a bit awkward in the room for a few moments. Taylor gives a speech to the rest of the cabinet about her reasons for not giving in: 

When I took the oath of office, I swore to myself and to the American people that this country would continue to be a force of good in this world. We’re a nation founded on ideals and those ideals are being challenged today. Now how we respond will not only define this administration but an entire generation. And not just Americans, but Sangalans and anyone else who looks to else for guidance and strength.  I won’t fail them. And neither will you. We’re in for some tough times ahead. Let’s make sure we’re ready. 

It’s all very serious and I expected someone to start a slow clap at the end.  She’s stubborn if nothing else. 01:36:30


Bill’s bright blue rape van pulls up to the hangar and Jack asks Chloe to put a wire on Matobo.  Jack and Renee reunite and she doesn’t seem real happy to see him again. She says he could have trusted her.  Awww, is that what this is about?  Jack asks her if she would have believed him if he told her everything back at the FBI and she doesn’t respond. Burn.  Chloe is going to attach a transmitter to Matobo’s teeth, which is kind of badass actually.  Matobo asks Chloe if she’s with the FBI and she responds, “No, I’m a stay at home mom.” Hehe, snerk. Also, when did she have a baby? Was it with Morris?  Bill tells Jack about the planes that Dubaku brought down over Washington as Jack prepares a giant sniper rifle.  Renee starts getting dizzy so Jack sits her down and they have a little talk.  She asks Jack if he thinks the 4 of them can really stop this and Jack says “[they] have to, it’s as simple as that.”

Ethan and Tim meet outside of the War Room and it sounds like neither of them agrees with President Taylor’s course of action.  Ethan says “they are both on the same side here.” Am I reading into this to much or is he revealing that both of them are in on the corruption?  Ethan suggests they try and get First Gentleman Taylor to help convince President Taylor to withdraw from Sangala.

While paralyzed on the couch, First Gentleman Taylor looks upon Secret Service Agent Brian with disdain.  Brian now has gloves on and plastic bags over his arms and a giant knife that he uses to cut some sort of electrical cord.  Samantha makes her way back to the apartment and Brian gets a heads up that she’s on her way.  She enters the apartment and is distracted by her mail as First Gentleman Taylor looks on frightened with hopeful warning in his eyes. He tries to make noises and gestures to warn her but she is pretty clueless to the fact that he’s paralyzed.  Brian sneaks up on her and stabs her in the back as Taylor looks on in horror.  Brian rolls her over, looks Taylor in the eye and violently and forcefully stabs Samantha in the chest.  Pretty fucking brutal.  Brian gets a phone call from Ethan (and answers it with his bloody gloves still on? What?) and says that he can’t talk with First Gentleman Taylor because he’s meeting with Samantha right now.  Brian places the knife in Taylor’s hand to get his fingerprints as Taylor looks on pissed.  Shouldn’t Taylor have had blood spatter on his arms/hands/clothes if he did kill Samantha?  As Brian withdraws the knife from Taylor’s hand, he is able to clench his fists ever so much. Dun dun dun. 01:48:40


Tony loads Matobo and his wife back into the bright yellow van as Nichols and his team approach.  Chloe and Renee monitor the exchange in the bright blue rape van out back.  Nichols gets out of his Escalade and asks Tony how he’s doing (response: alright) and where Emerson is. Tony says he killed Emerson, Jack, and Guy #4 because he didn’t want to share the cut of the diamond payment. Nichols doesn’t seem real thrilled but what does he care? He was going to kill them in a few minutes anyway.  Tony checks out the diamonds Nichols brought as payment to make sure they were real and keep up the façade of doing it all for the money/diamonds.  Tony gives the keys to one of Nichol’s henchmen and they bring Matobo and his wife out.  Nichols gives a nod to one of his henchmen behind Tony to take him out.  As the henchman draws his gun, Jack shoots him in the chest and Tony stuns one near himself and shoots a different henchman.  Jack shoots at the feet of Nichols with his badass sniper rifle and Nichols surrenders (dance boy dance!).  Tony says to put this behind them and get the fuck out of there.  Nichols complies and takes off with Matobo, his wife, and the one surviving henchman. Bill, Jack, Chloe, and Tony get ready to track Matobo.

Brian drags First Gentleman Taylor upstairs to the 2nd floor of Samantha’s loft (which happens to look extremely similar to my apartment Senior year of college) and starts preparing a noose to hang Taylor.  It appears the paralysis drug is wearing off quite a bit because FG Taylor is able to mumble some words and clench his hands a bit more.  He tries to plead with Brian to not to do it.  As Brian lifts Taylor up and gets ready to put the noose around him, FG Taylor is able to bring his hands to Brian’s neck and start choking him.  They violently struggle as Taylor’s hands are locked around Brian’s throat and the pair rolls off the 2nd floor railing on to a coffee table.  Brian breaks Taylor’s fall and Taylor chokes Brian to death.  Taylor looks on horrified and rolls over.

Dubaku gets impatient and calls President Taylor, “not only stubborn, but insane.” Best line of the night.  He prepares for a new attack on Kidron, Ohio that they project will inflict 18,750 casualties. 02:00:00


Damned good episode and probably the best so far this season. Plenty of action, violence, brutal killings, large scale attacks, seriousness and emotion.  Colm Feore should get some accolades for his wonderful silent acting that conveyed so much emotion with just his eyes and minor facial movements.  Next week looks exciting too.


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