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Lost: 5.01+5.02 — “Because You Left/The Lie” Tuesday, January 27, 2009

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Wait, what? It’s been how long? Really?

Let’s see, where did we leave off? Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun and baby Aaron left the island and are lovingly referred to as the “Oceanic Six.” Sawyer is continuing his pursuit of Jack’s on-island crushes. Jin is either in one piece or a million little pieces. Locke is now off of the island and is resting comfortably in a casket.

Oh, and the island fucking moved.

Recap and discussion after the jump…

“Because You Left” (5.01)

The season 5 premere started off with an unitentifiable man waking up to an alarm clock set for 8:15am. (Get it? It’s the numbers! HARF HARF HARF!–PQ).  Said man was going through the motions of showering, feeding a baby its bottle, cranking out some Willie Nelson (where the record kept skipping, hmmm) getting dressed and heading towards an office to film an orientation video. This is when it was revealed that we’ve been following Dr. Marvin Candle — of the orientation videos — around. It should be noted that Dr. Candle was referred to as “Dr. Chang.”

In the middle of filming the orientation video for the “Arrow” station, Dr. Candle was interrupted by a Dharma worker who informed him that there was a “problem” with the Orchid. Candle went down to the Orchid station and instructed the workers to stop drilling because any further digging would release an untapped energy that could affect time and space. Oh, and there was a nice ultrasound of the “frozen donkey wheel” and a surprise appearance from Faraday.(Looking confused and worried, as usual — that wuss.)

Jack and Ben were in the funeral parlor standing over Locke’s coffin, discussing what they have to do. Ben explained to Jack that all of the problems that have occured on and off of the island were because the Oceanic Six left. Jack and Ben were then seen in a hotel room sharing an intimate moment talking about Ben’s last encounter with Locke and Ben expressing his guilt about making Locke’s life miserable. The television playing in the background showed Hurley and how the police were after him for murder.

A title card reading, “Three years earlier,”appeared and showed Ben turning the “frozen donkey wheel” which sent the island (or at least its inhabitants) into the time-warp (again).

We were then shown the remaining survivors on the island looking at a bright light and (presumably) through time. Faraday seemed to understand what was happening and told the group that he had to get to something “man-made” that was built before the 815 crash. Juliet suggested the original “hatch.” Sawyer, (obviously acting as the audience’s representative) asked Faraday why they needed to go to the “hatch.” Faraday then told Sawyer that they’ve possibly moved back in time.

Back on the mainland (and present-day?) we saw Kate and Aaron eating breakfast. Two lawyer-types arrived at the house, requesting a maternity test from Kate. Kate refused, shoved some clothes in a bag, grabbed a gun, grabbed Aaron and ran away. (The more things change, the more they stay the same, right?)

Faraday, Juliet, Sawyer, Miles and Charlotte arrived at the original hatch. Sawyer, still frustrated slapped some answers out of Faraday. Faraday explained to the group that the island was like a, “turntable…only now it’s skipping.” Faraday then suggested that the island might not be moving, but that only the people are moving.

Locke is shown on a hill watching Yemi’s plane crash on the island. (Complete with Heroin Marys; collect them all!) Locke goes to the crash site and attempts to climb up the vines and into the plane. Locke is shot down by Ethan. Ethan points his rifle in Locke’s face while Locke tried to explain his situation to Ethan. Locke “jumped” out before Ethan had a chance to pull the trigger. Charlotte, Faraday, Juliet, Sawyer and Miles also “jumped” when Locke did.

Present-day (maybe? I have no clue what time period the Oceanic Six are in. 2009? 2007? Anyone?), Sun is at an Oceanic Airlines ticket desk, trying to board a plane to Los Angeles. She is detained at the request of Charles Widmore. He was upset that Sun “disrespected” him by approaching him in broad daylight and in front of his colleagues. Blah, blah, blah, they then discussed their mutual interest: The death of Benjamin Linus.

Also in the present-day, we saw Sayid and Hurley outside of a drive-thru hamburger stand and running from the police. Hurley was suspected of killing a man (Sayid’s victim from last season). Hurley suggested that Sayid wouldn’t have to kill so many people if Sayid had some comfort food. (I’ll leave it to you all to make your own joke/comment here…) Sayid and Hurley then travel to Sayid’s “safehouse” where they’re attacked by two men. Sayid throws one off of his balcony and kills the other one by throwing him onto the utensil rack from his dishwasher — where the knives were convienently exposed. During the fight though, Sayid was his with a tranquilzer dart. Hurley was photographed on the balcony holding a gun.

Faraday, Juliet, Sawyer, Miles and Charlotte are back at the hatch site; this time the hatch was imploded, indicating that they’re in the future. Sawyer was still pissy and demanding that the group go back to the beach camp on the off-chance that they could warn people to not go to the freighter. Faraday explained the “rules” of time: Time is like a string, you can move forward and back, but you can’t make a new piece of string. In other words, you can’t change the past and you can’t change the future — course correction. (I strongly suggest that you go back and watch “Flashes Before Your Eyes” from season 3 again.)

Locke is shown crawling around the wreckage of Yemi’s airplane. (It’s on the ground now, because Boone went ‘boom.’) He’s met by Richard Alpert who tends to his gunshot wound. Alpert explained to him that he needed to bring back the Oceanic Six in order to save the island. Alpert then told him that, “in order to convince them, you’ll have to die.” Alpert gave Locke a compass and told Locke to give him the compass the next time they meet. Locke flashed out.

Faraday, Juliet, Sawyer, Miles and Charlotte flashed into the past (again…). Sawyer realized that they were in the past and tried to go through the hatch’s backdoor. Sawyer pounded away at the door, trying to get Desmond to open it, but Faraday stopped him and told Sawyer that if Desmond didn’t know him in the past, Desmond won’t open the door. Disheartened, Sawyer gave up and headed back toward the beach with Miles, Charlotte and Juliet. Faraday remained behind and made contact with Desmond (because they’d already met?). Faraday told a confused Desmond that the future-Desmond had to go to Oxford and find Faraday’s mother. Faraday explained to Desmond that Desmond was “special and the ‘rules’ didn’t apply to him.”

Desmond woke up in the present-day in a cold sweat and shaking. He explained his “dream” to Penny and went outside to pull up the anchor of their boat. Desmond told Penny that they’re heading to Oxford.

“The Lie” (5.02)

(It was three years ago today, Jacob told his band to lie…Sgt. Jacob’s Lonely Liars Club Band!) The Oceanic Six, Frank, Desmond and Penny were on Penny’s boat trying to figure out their cover story. They all acquiesced to the idea of lying to protect their friends. Hurley was the lone exception, but agreed to lie as well, but gave this warning: “One day you’re going to need my help…you’re not going to get it.”

Going forward, Hurley and Sayid are still on the run. Hurley can’t drive worth a shit and curbed his truck, prompting a police officer to pull him over. The officer approached Hurley’s vehicle and we saw that it was Ana-Lucia. Long story short; Ana-Lucia told Hurley to pull it together and that, “Libby says, ‘hi.'” (So, does Hurley have mental powers like Miles, Desmond and Walt do?)

Neil Frogurt was introduced to the audience. Neil acted like a dick.

Kate is on the run as well; in fact she passed Hurley when she pulled into a gas station. Kate thought about calling Jack, but opted not to. The moment she closed her cell phone, she received a call from “Unknown.” (Odd, I only get calls from “Restraining Order.”) Kate (stupidly) answered the call and sounded shocked when she realized who it was. She then agreed to meet up with “Unknown.”

Ben (in a move lifted from “No Country for Old Men”) pulled out a box from a vent in his hotel room. Jack entered the room the moment Ben placed the box in his bag and asked Ben, “What did you do with my pills?” Ben told Jack that he flushed them down the toilet. Ben then explained that Jack needed to go home and pack a suitcase with everything that he wants to take with him to the island because he’s never coming back.

Hurley took Sayid (still knocked out) to his parents’ house. Hurley tried to explain his situation to his father, but didn’t give a reason why he was on the run. Hurley and father of Hurley tried to revive Sayid, failing miserably.

Wheeee! We found out that Kate was talking to Sun!

Ben walked into a butcher’s shop seemingly filled with his “people.” It was alluded to that Ben has a team in Los Angeles and is ready to go. Ben told his subordinate, Jill, that she needed to keep Locke’s body safe because, “…if you don’t, everything we’re about to do, won’t matter at all.”

Back on the island, the survivors were trying to start a fire — Bernard failed miserably. Charlotte approached Faraday while he was sitting near the beach. When she was explaining her headaches and fugue to Faraday, she realized that he knew what was happening to her (the same thing that happened to Desmond in season 4’s “The Constant”). Miles walked back to the camp with a dead boar. Frogurt threw a temper tantrum when he asked how they were going to skin the boar if they didn’t have a knife and how they were going to cook the boar if they didn’t have fire.

Frogurt was then killed by a flaming arrow through his chest. (I’ll take “Two Birds, One Stone” for $500, Alex.)

Father of Hurley smuggled Sayid past the police officers that were staking out his house.

Kate and Sun were chatting away when Kate explained to Sun that someone knew that they were lying about 815. Kate told Sun that two lawyers wanted a maternity test. Sun then implied that Kate should “take care of” the lawyers because Kate “is a person who makes hard decisions when she has to.” Kate assumed that Sun blamed her for Jin’s death. Sun told Kate that she didn’t hold Kate responsible for Jin’s death. Then, in a catty tone, Sun asked, “How’s Jack?” (This has to be the best character turn in Lost history. In season one, Sun was depicted as a subserviant wife; now, in season five we’ve seen Sun imply that Kate should kill someone, angrily want death on Ben and probably wants Jack dead too. Oh, and don’t forget that Sun was humpin’ around, too.)

Father of Hurley met Jack in an underground parking garage. He told Jack what had happened to Hurley and Sayid and then told Jack to stay away from Hurley. Jack took Sayid to a hospital and called Ben to tell him that Sayid was in his control. Of course, Ben looked shocked. (We’ll probably get an episode showing us where it went wrong between Ben and Sayid.)

In an utter miracle, Hurley was able to explain the plot of “Lost” to his mother in under a minute. His mother believed him.

Sawyer and Juliet were still running from the flaming arrows and hid in the jungle. They were jumped by two members of the Dharma Initiative.

Jack revived Sayid!

Hurley was firing up a (delicious, yet convenient) Hot Pocket when he was greeted by Ben. Ben tried to convince Hurley to leave with him, but Hurley took Sayid’s advice of “whatever Ben tells you to do, do the opposite” and ran outside and surrendered to the police. Ben didn’t look too happy.

Sawyer and Juliet were getting roughed up by the Dharma Initiative before they were saved by Locke.

(OKAY, HERE’S THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THIS RECAP!!!) In the last scene we saw an older woman scribbling and equation on a chalkboard before entering in data into a computer system. After she’d entered the data, a message stating, “event window determined” flashed onto the screen. The woman stood up from the computer, walked up a spiral staircase and into a church alter where she sees Ben lighting a candle. The woman pulls back her hood and reveals herself as Miss Hawking (the old chick from “Flashes Before Your Eyes”). She told Ben that he has 70 hours to pull everyone together and get them to the island. Ben asked what would happen if he couldn’t get them back. Her response was, “Then God help us all.”

What did we learn?

We learned that Ben still isn’t completely open with everyone regarding the island and his plans.

We learned that Sun is finally interesting. (Kill! Kill! Kill!)

We learned that Miss Hawking is far more important to the storyline that we’d originally realized.

We learned to keep our knives up when placing them in the dishwasher as a defensive measure against a home-invasion.

We learned that Comcast takes its sweet-ass time when replacing a crashed DVR. We also learned that Comcast likes to throttle my bandwith when I’m trying to find a proper, high-quality “stream” of “Lost.” And this was during an off-peak hour.

What did we learn to ask?

What is the relationship between Ben and Miss Hawking and what is her interest in the island?

Who’s more bad-ass? Sayid or Jack Bauer? C’mon, Sayid can kill a man with dirty dishes…let’s see Bauer top that.

What would happen if Ben can’t get the Oceanic Six back to the island?

Shouldn’t Walt be included when talking about everyone going back to the island? And Aaron? And Ji Yeon?

Is Dr. Candle’s baby Miles Straum?

What’s moving? The island or the people?

Well, that’s all for this week. I’ll be back on Thursday afternoon, provided that Comcast doesn’t decide to screw me over again. Leave a comment or two below or send any hate mail to pqcrash@gmail.com. Also, feel free to drop me a line about “Jughead” which will air this Wednesday. Thanks again; it’s been a while so my grammar and syntax will take a post or two to get back up to speed. So, if you’re out there “Grammar Dick,” bite me.



1. mingusmonk - Tuesday, January 27, 2009

” C’mon, Sayid can kill a man with dirty dishes…” all-the-while suffering from a horse tranq to the neck.

2. DougOLis - Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why don’t the Others jump around in time either?

I guess the present day was approximately real present day because Ben looked to be about 3-4 years old and the show started in 2004 right?

Were you at all worried that Sun was going to kill Kate when they met?

If someone ever asks me to explain Lost, I’m going with Hurley’s description word for word.

I’ve wondered about Ji and Walt too but I feel like Aaron has been considered. There’s been plenty of warnings made to Kate to never bring him back to the island.

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